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Process name: Authentium AntiVirus SDK

Product: CYREN Embedded AntiVirus

Support: Help link   Update link   Uninstall tool  

Company: CYREN (cyren.com)

File: dvpapi.exe

An antivirus suite, dvpapi.exe is the runtime process of Authentium AntiVirus SDK, which runs automatically when Windows starts. It provides basic real-time protection for viruses and spyware threats, and has the ability to run scheduled on-demand scans. This software is routinely included by local internet service providers when you obtain their service. In 2010, Authentium's Command AntiVirus division was acquired by Commtouch, a technology company headquartered in McLean, Virginia. Founded in 1991, Commtouch rebranded in 2014 as CYREN.www.neuber.com/taskmanager/process/dvpapi.exe.html 
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Users Opinions

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  • 470 users ask for this file. 24 users rated it as not dangerous. 2 users rated it as not so dangerous. 8 users rated it as neutral. 2 users rated it as little bit dangerous. 3 users rated it as dangerous. 5 users didn't rate it ("don't know").

All comments about dvpapi.exe:
The little proggie that scans to see if your ass is covered by a firewall, virus scanner, and makes sure you've got your microsoft automatic updates. This is part of the security center for windows xp.
dont think its dangerous
from the link below: SAFE Application/Process Description Below is a basic description of the application/process you have selected. This application is safe to have on your computer. Summary : Command AntiVirus for Windows Component, Company :Command Software Systems, Inc., Description : Command AntiVirus for Windows Component, Threat Level (1-10) : 0, Processes :DVPAPI.EXE  See also: Link John Doggett
Anti-Virus for freedom firewall Zeb
This file appears to be part of Cox.net security software Peter C
command softwares dynamic virus protection engine grant lawsky
This is Bundled in with Cox.net security applications. It is apart of cox.net and as trusable as cox.net is.  See also: Link
This is antivirus for Freedom program Nancy
It is part of the LogiGuard program to monitor surveillance on your pc. This is an optional install not spyware. Mark H.
This file is a part of PC Guard an Anti-Virus package  See also: Link Alan Cain
Essential for Cox Internet Security Suite Jake
Component of Freedom Anti-Virus Suite. Distributed free to users of various Internet providers.  See also: Link
came with new antivirus Tina
Stoping dvpapi caused ntl netguard to start without antivirus Granny
I use cox for highspeed internet. After installing the cox highspeed internet I saw this dvpapi in my system configuration utility, under the services tab.
It is part of Windows XP ability to detect third party Antivirus, such as ones from your cable/phone company's internet service. If your third party virus protection is active, basically dvpapi.exe should too. You can still just call your phone/cable company if you still notice anything suspicious about it! Andrew
This is antivirus for Freedom program JR
part of freedom anitvirus
dvpapi.exe is a process belonging to Authentium Antivirus. This process should not be removed to ensure that your system is secure. SuperUserNT
Adrew's comment above is spot on. Austin
This file started to run on my computer after installing Verizon's security suite  See also: Link Bob W.
Dvpapi.exe is also installed when you run an online virus scan from the iolo system mechanic web site ... its kind of strange though that when you run the web site scan it auto configs itself as a local service in your services.msc to always run with your computer ... its possible its a gift but only if it doesnt interfere with your currently installed antivirus(not good having 2 antivirus running because of a high conflict possiblity and wasted system resources).There doesnt seem 2 be enough info about dvpapi 2 find out what it really does or if it conflicts ..look at my link it is unsettling  See also: Link Leaf
gives me random popups of spyware removals yomo
This program is stopping my actual Anti Virus program from running. I never downloaded Authentium and can not uninstall it, control it, or disable it. Causes my computer to freeze. lhaddy
It won't let you delete from your own computer
This is part of Verizon's Anti-Virus Suite. They contract Freedom Internet Security Suite. Also known as RadialPoint Security Service. In Fact if you look at the Freedom Software Icon, it is the same one that shows up on your taskbar.  See also: Link Toraknor
So not dangerous. The key components on ur pc that should be running is... Nvm im too lazy Wootcaker
No idea how my PC got this software . Deleted . Not found in Add/Remove Programs . I am happy with Symantecs and Webroot . KD
seems like it might be part of some of the leftovers cleaned a vestige of symantec out could be the same ABC-ZYX
Part of virgin media pcguard antivirus and spyware
this exe starts on boot up after you have installed MOST ANY third party antivirus software or security suites. That is about all I know of it. Curly
AT&T Internet Security Suite uses dvpapi as well. Snubnose
after i noticed dvpapi on my task manager i looked it up using my search tool deleted it and my laptop ran faster marty
It's part of Bigpond Security Chris
it depends on what it does. sumbody set up us the bomb
flexnet licensing service
Its essential for programs like iolo anti virus to run properly Tom Barbour
its a file that gets installed with certain antivirus, it doesnt come with Windows. also to those who think it may be malware check the spelling closely, along with caps,spaces, file extension name etc Guru
DVPAPI component is also used by IOLO antivirus program. Iolo antivirus program will not funcion without it LordJohn
Exactly what "TB" AND "ssuutb" said. It's a Win sys service or process or whatever the h-e-double toothpick *.exe files that come with Win OS'es do. dvpapi coordinates the windows "system security" center pphhh with whatever security suite (SMP, Norton) you have geezed from your buddy or ripped off. It's dangerous if you find it missing all of a sudden! Curly

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