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Process name: Cisco Systems VPN Client

Product: Cisco Systems VPN Client

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Company: Cisco Systems (cisco.com)

File: cvpnd.exe

This process runs in the background to service the Cisco VPN Client. It allows for both encrypted and non-encrypted VPN communications from client to servers. A Virtual Private Network client is a utility that enables you to connect to a private network through a public connection to the internet. Based in San Jose, California, Cisco Systems is the world leader in network hardware.www.neuber.com/taskmanager/process/cvpnd.exe.html 
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All comments about cvpnd.exe:
Part of Cisco VPN client software Peter
CISCO VPN Client used for remote to office connectivity.  See also: Link Amir Gilboa
Cisco VPN Client Software Jason
It is the Cisco VPN dialer. It stays memory resident for ease of use.  See also: Link Jay
Point to Point Transport Protocol. Allows tunneling through the Internet w/security. (aka: Virtual Private Network) Steve
Ciscio Client needed for VPN Dave
This is a dangerous trojan horse posing as a vpn client Paul A.
Allows Cisco VPN to make an encrypted connection to a remote computer. Kelley
Cisco VPN Client. If you have Cisco VPN installed for access to office/client networks, you would know. If you know nothing about it, then disable the service in Computer Management, as it could potentially be a trojan horse. Aussie Ben
Cisco VPN Client Mike
Installed with VPN client used to connect to a network remotely (usually for work). Worry only if you don't use/have installed VPN for remote access.
VPN Client from CISCO
Cisco VPN client Robin DP
VPN Client Help: Cisco VPN Daemon (main daemon), which initializes client service and controls messaging process and flow...but I don't know why it must run at windows startup ??? Zoltan K.
cvpnd is required for cisco vpn client to be used on your computer Abhay
This file is safe if i is executed from Cisco Systems folder. Required to connect to Cisco VPN. IT Student
Needed by the Cisco VPN Client subsystem to function properly. Removing the file may cause your VPN client to malfunction  See also: Link FuRaNzU™
Your Cisco VPN client uses this process so you can access your office computer remotely. Not a resource hog, just bothersome. Daniel
trojan trying to write into secure memory segment Mounty
I use Cisco's VPN client, and it only shows up when I activate it, and then only for the period of time between initial login and when autheticated and connected. After that, it goes away. If it displays any other activity, or if you are not using Cisco VVPN CLient - get rid of it FAST. cnejack
Not dangerous. Required for Cisco VPN
Legitimate File provided by Organization for VPN GaryD
Part of Cisco VPN client software Llyd
The file on my workstation tracks back to the Cisco VPN Client. This is a known-good file and should not be considered dangerous. Rick

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