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Process name: Steam Client Installation

Product: Steam Client

Support: Help link   Update link   Uninstall tool  

Company: Valve Corporation (valvesoftware.com)

File: Steam.exe

A gaming distribution and networking client, this process is the loader for Steam. Steam allows you to download and link over 3,000 PC games through a single username. It allows you to track statistics, play against friends, download updates and modifications, and features anti-cheating components as well. Released by Valve Corporation, Steam debuted in 2003 and currently hosts over 70% of online PC game sessions. Founded in 1996 in Bellevue, Washington, Valve opened up its first European office in 2012.www.neuber.com/taskmanager/process/steam.exe.html 
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Users Opinions

Average user rating of Steam.exe: based on 140 votes. Read also the 109 reviews.

  • 2609 users ask for this file. 83 users rated it as not dangerous. 9 users rated it as not so dangerous. 17 users rated it as neutral. 10 users rated it as little bit dangerous. 21 users rated it as dangerous. 3 users didn't rate it ("don't know").

All comments about Steam.exe:
it is a valve (half-life and allmods) connection control Prog  See also: Link DoNe
Steam is known to use up alot o system resources if your having trouble running other games , it is suggested you close steam Steve
Extreamly dangerous file, may cause fatal errors on infected pc's
just steam... (counterstrike) h2k.nl
Steam is used for games like CounterStrike and Half Life 2. Not dangerous at all. Mike
is for a game counterstrike :)  See also: Link Spongebob Deutschland
Its secure ! steam , valve and most important company of games joyman
uses 46 megs on my machine! Not dangerous but I choose when to activate it RAWBEAR
Completely safe file used by Valve for running their games, like Half-life and Counter-strike  See also: Link Lancaster Silk
User for online gaming. If installed correctly no probs Nelix
Gamers! xD
valve software/spyware/system hog glendor
May cause addiction to games such as counterstrike: Source, other than that its harmless SoltoN
Steam delivers Valve’s games to your desktop and connects you to a massive gaming community Max
absolutely not dangerous, HL, HL2 and CS online multiplayer program, though personally i choose to close it down, it takes up alot of RAM Will
valve software/spyware/system hog
It enables you to play games such as counterstrike and halflife .etc. l0g4n
Obviously not harmless, but can use a lot of system memory. When not playing the Valve/Steam games, I recomend closing it.  See also: Link Darren
if your not playing steam games (ie cs, day of defeat etc..) then it would pay to have this off as it fairly chews through cpu cycles not sure what its doing perhaps relaying system info to valve? elvispelvis
harmless but takes alot of ram i usually choose when for it to start rather then it starting it self. uses alot of bandwith Adam
valve software/spyware/system hog but necessary to play Valve game... :( (Counter-Strike, Hl²,...)
Valve client, seems to be patched regarding vuln. Nemorb
Game Produkt! M2K
allows access into your puter in which tampering can occur greylines
Steam is used to launched all of Valve's games, and is required. It is not harmful in any way, but may use up resources. Can be completely uninstalled or not used.  See also: Link Michael Monzon
Steam... Used to play Half-life, Counter-Strike and other Valve products!  See also: Link Cyrius
Cs = counterstrike Valdi
it says something like steam.exe. unable to load media library ths happens in half life 2 after the installiation of all 5 cds ujjwal bhalla from indi
Valve product needed to play online with its games  See also: Link HellSpawn
für gamer die cs spielen is das erforderlich, aber sie müssen wissen das infos zu valve gesendet werden (z.b.cpu tack....) dies is ungefährlich, nur blöd das ein port geöffnet wird über den auch trojaner auf das system gelangen KARTAR
Its for Half Life and other games, but can also be a spyware for the creators. also a gateway to your computer for trojans etc James
It cannot be deleted and causes slowdown on over java applets, never install it, i have had two different computers which had steam on and they both crashed after installing it. Toby hs
steam.exe hs become a hidden program how do i make it visible rambo
Valve product launcher, but is using way more resources (including network access) than it should be. Spyware likely.
Steam is a program that allows your computer to connect to the internet to play games associated with Half-Life. PZS
user friendly anti-piracy software (what an oxymoron!)
Valve software to run games. Absolutely harmless, though it can take up resources (about 45 megs).
steam is a online gaming file that connects you to a network for gaming and also a downloading system, however this procces can be used by malware.  See also: Link no one
not dangerous at all, jsut lets you paly DAMN good games.
steam.exe prevents itself from being terminated by Task Manager. That's damn suspicious and antisocial; remove it (from the registry keys listed above) unless you are actively using Valve's update service. Who knows what exploitable bugs it has? David Hopwood
As stated, it is installed when you install a legit copy of Half-Life 2. However, it sets itself to auto run with the modifier -silent which is just irritating.  See also: Link NecroNeko
This is Valve's program to manage all steam games. It's safe. Zippy
Video Game called counter strike. Mitchell osborn
Steam is a program use for online gaming. CS HL CSS DOD John
Steam is for cs and not that dangerous, unless if the valve steam people wanted to make their subscribers and purchasers sue the hell out of them Wilson
Gaming engine, completely harmless, but takes up space xarealpersonx
Its just a gaming platform, very useful, fun, and smart. ninjaPANDA
You have confirmed my belief that Steam includes a keylogger. Unfortunately I have also discovered that it is impossible to turn Steam off. Even if I remove it from the automatic startup key in the registry, it still finds some way to start itself (silently), and then whenever I connect to the Internet there it is in my firewall log "phoning home". Worse yet, even if I tell my firewall to block all traffic it still manages to get through somehow. So, given that it is capable of monitoring all keyboard and mouse input , and that it can't be barred from the Internet, I would say it is dangerous. Informer
A Valve program for online games  See also: Link William
it always messes up my mouse but i had to reinstall it cos i wanted to play EMPIRE Total War. I dont know if it needed it to work properly or not but it seemed to install intself. but after that it knocked out my wireless net connection and messed up y mouse. but when i stopped the steam.exe task (task manager) it seemed to have resolved the problem. deen
It lets you play solo and online games through steam servers. not dangerous, but if you dont know what it is DO NOT uninstall it because somebody might have bought and installed games through it. uninstalling would result in hours of re downloading. cyleleghorn
Steam games application, is not malicious in any way whatsoever. Arran Fortuna
It's an online gameing program friendslist/store/demos/Team Fortress 2. SAFE!!!! St-Jimmy- SinoSamba's Lover
It's Counter Strike boomss
Used for games great service never harmful  See also: Link Kieran
Steam client used for most games. Not dangerous. Ph0en1x
Bloatware from the Valve Corporation which is only needed to play games which require Steam authentication to play. Uses the internet even when in idle state. Anonymous
Downloading files from servers can be dangerous depending on the server Bob Dole
Online Games. Does use a bit of memory, but completely safe. Firzen777
steam.exe is the program for games like Counter-Strike and Day of Defeat that the game won't start without. It is not harmful as long as it's a legitimate version from Valve. It is what allows the games to update their version over the internet. thisguy
Steam is a online, product community application made by Valve that can let you make friends online throughout Steam Internet, its rather NOT dangerous, it does chew space. But rather worth it.  See also: Link Fomor
Game content Downloader. Some Game servers may be dangerous bot this file is totaly safe! Boboon
Steam's main process, takes up to 110mb of memory, shut down if u aren't using. T
I rated that dangerous because you may get serious addiction. Other than that stop trying to fool people its safe (although uses 91 KT) YouAreReadingMyName
It forces yout o reset your computer on Vista if it crashes, because the process name in task manager cannot be deleted!
It's nessesary for some online games  See also: Link Robin Noort
This file is used to run the aplication Steam (From Valve Corperation) which is the largest online PC gaming platform out there. It is completly safe and can never harm your system. I have bought 400$ worth of games from Valve and Steam. If used my credit card too. ITS SAFE. USE IT. GET CSS,DODS,L4D2,L4D,HL2,HL2EP2 Ect  See also: Link Kitteh
Used to launch/play games not dangerous at all Norton 2010
Steam is a gaming portal for many online games, especially those made by Valve Software. If downloaded from the official Steam website, this application is harmless, though it does hog system resources.  See also: Link EyeSeeYou
This is a wonderful program however if you take part in beta testing you may gain "*FAKE*" wich can cause problems if you enconter this all you have to do is turn off your virus scanner its aproved by the valve company and turn it back on once done  See also: Link GEN.Admin (a steam user)
file name: wft.exe *32 Description: under processes in task manager its called: Steam (It mascarades as the Steam videogame engine app by Valve). It comes up as different windows, one which imitates security center, others which prompt you to download “Vista Anti-Spyware 2011”. location: C:\Users\Owner\AppData\Local size: 316 KB (323,584 bytes) Trevor
A virus going by "steam.exe" poses as Vista Home Secutiy, prevents programs from running, shuts down running programs, forces user to pay for "antivirus protection"
Most of the time is it a Steam game loader, for online games, buy sometimes it is also a hidden virus, steam.exe tricks a user to think that it isn't a virus, but is is gateway for trojans. Steam.exe stops regedit.exe from working, and also your taskmanager.exe. If you dont have steam, and u have steam.exe, it is a virus. Serge
For all you people claiming it's safe, yes i have steam and i know what it is, but there also is a virus called steam.exe and i don't know anything about that one. CueCappa
It's not dangerous at all. The virus you're talking about is NOT actually steam. It's just named steam since it's a common file Toy
Steam is the online game manager for most games. Yeah, it tends to chew up a chunk of resources (usually 20-45MB)...but it keeps track of all of your games for you, so you don't have to keep disks around.  See also: Link Shroud
A lot of people say that "steam.exe" is a dangerous file while it isn't!!! If you downloaded steam at http://store.steampowered.com/ then it's a safe file. Don't believe the others claiming otherwise. It may take a bit of CPU but it's hardless.  See also: Link Skyrider
Steam is not spyware. Its not a gateway to viruses. It is made by Valve. Valve is not collecting computer info, what would it do with millions of peoples computer info? If it uses up all of your computers resources you need a less crappy computer.
steam keeps crashing im going to install to se if i can fix the problum 196cogaming7kid,fran
Steam is made by Valve to distribute games (For a fee although Some are free.) It also has the ability to download some mods and tools,and a SDK (Hammer Editor) is included with some games. All connections are safe, Https://  See also: Link Loper324
It's a program by the company of Steam (located online at SteamPowered) which is the client program running in the background to any games downloaded from their website. It's harmless if it's from the real company and just their way of syncing to install updates and add badges gained while playing any Steam downloaded game.  See also: Link Ashengrad
Very Dangerous, software that has invaded plenty of gamers computers posing as the popular game sharing program Steam, Users that are infected usually see a .exe after Steam, the usual Steam does not contain a .exe, recommend full system restore to recover.
this is a game engine for Valve nope.avi
Most buggy "support" system I've ever seen. I've had to restart my system 54 times because of it and counting. Only use if you really need it. D. Besançon
Steam is used by a majority of well-known game companies to distribute their games, along with the games that Valve makes. It is used by millions of people and will not harm your computer. A person
This is part of "Steam" on-line gaming software. It is NOT dangerous. IcemanGJ
People who put as Very Dangerous are either reporting the wrong Steam.exe or are just retarded. THIS Steam.exe is referring to the game managing platform made by Valve. It is also home to the worlds most popular game, Team Fortress 2. The platform also has social capabilities much like Facebook or Twitter, but also keeping far away from a direct copy of the two.  See also: Link Joseph
Steam is a program that allows you to play games, and if you have any friends that have Steam, you can connect with them and talk to each other, even while playing different games. If you want, you can even use Steam just to chat. ValVe
Good if installed properly but it is a resource hogger
really dangerous!! it gives your credit card info to gabenz  See also: Link Challenger-2
It is a part of the Steam, which is a store for games. Steam manages all games you purchased from it automatically.  See also: Link Alison
Steam is a gaming client created by Valve Corporation. Valve is well known and has made many hit games.  See also: Link chris
i have it myself and it uses your pc for mining
steam.exe found in designspark folder, using 100% cpu resources. doesnt register with avs as virus or malware, not part of valves steam. stewart
Steam is a software distribution program used mainly for the selling of video games over the internet. I use it every day and can say it is 100% safe to use.  See also: Link Blunote
Steam app, uses a lot of CPU while gaming, if you get low FPS try without internet. Offline mode is still connected to internet and using CPU. M
As soon as I installed steam, my computer crashed and when I log back on to the start screen, I just see black. It worked for several hours, now its just broken. Matt
safe raimack
bit coin minining virus maybe more  See also: Link neil
There are two steam.exe ONE is simple for gaming. But other one is very dangerous , It takes your cpu to 99% usage Wakar
stream.exe belong to ImageMagick Display module developed by ImageMagick 6.4.7 2008-12-04 Q16  See also: Link bing_bing13
It is a program of Valves that runs in the backround tracking data like your game stats, it is not a virus but like a lot of software can be used to piggyback unwanted code. Paul
You can not close steam when playing offline; it just restarts. haroldo
It's an application used to buy, download, and play games GabeS
Some days ago my PC gone slowly.I saw it when i played CS:GO so my FPS goes under 20 while matchmaking and about 30-40 while i am in menu.I tried to update windows and drivers,but no results.This problem was also in Dota 2. About steam.exe*32 (i have it in control panel) and i don't know that is there a big diference but i also have Steam.exe*32 (with big letter "S"),so i have a link wich can be helpful for both of us,but i'm a little afraid to stop steam.exe*32 function (maybe it can cause major issues in system) so guys PLEASE HELP if you know what to do !  See also: Link Denny
its just a program for downloading and playing games with friends. nothing dangerous whatsoever. if anything its safer than most anti-virus software itself. Alexis
Steals memory, runs in background while being almost impossible to terminate, can be used to keylog, monitor your system and install more malware, and very difficult to uninstall. Never install Steam, it's not worth it. Jack
Why would you think this was a virus?? it has no virus and is just for gaming
steam is good for online gaming app rko420

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