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Process name: Calibration Manager

Product: Adobe Systems, Inc. Adobe Gamma Loader or AdobeMANAGER or Project1

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Company: Adobe Systems (adobe.com) or Adobe (adobe.com)

File: Adobe Gamma Loader.exe

Adobe Gamma is a software utility that allows you to control the brightness and color temperature (tint) of your monitor. If you use this program, the Adobe Gamma Loader.exe process is run at startup to make the necessary adjustments. You can disable this by turning off the program if it isn't needed (such as if using alternative monitor calibration software.)www.neuber.com/taskmanager/process/adobe%20gamma%20loader.exe.html 

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  • 683 users ask for this file. 38 users rated it as not dangerous. 3 users rated it as not so dangerous. 15 users rated it as neutral. 13 users rated it as little bit dangerous. 20 users rated it as dangerous. 6 users didn't rate it ("don't know").

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The Adobe Gamma Control Panel is used to eliminate color casts in a monitor's display. This allows for accurate on-screen previews of an image as it will appear on a variety of other devices.  See also: Link [eDDv]
photoshop process, no dangerous kindlyss
I've heard too check it out Mic
Any I just saw this - it seems totally harmless. Dave
As mentioned before, it is a program for calibrating your monitor using ICC profiles. See Document 321608 on Adobe Support Knowledgebase (the link below) on how to remove it and what impact it may have on your system.  See also: Link Holger Levy
I disabled this one. Just stop it from loading... it doesn't seem to be corrupting anything. Rose
installed with Photoshop - process for color control Trockey
This is a very useful util put out by Adobe which allows you to create a customized ICC profile for your monitor so you can edit pictures with acurate colors. You would only have it on your computer if you have purchased the full version of Adobe Photochop, there is a control panel aplet that allows you to manipulate it  See also: Link Dion
I've this file, it is gamma correction program, that loads some profile when system starts to correct the gamma. DexS
The Adobe Gamma Control Panel Shalianahe
Read more about Adobe Gamma Loader on Adobe's website.  See also: Link Raven
It uses IE to 'dial home' (can be seen when you request IE to show a popup before transmitting information). That's enough for me to remove it. Markus
There is a program that's written in VB6 and goes by this name. It is installed by crack-inf.exe that is found in some zip files containing cracks. It installs itself in the startup folder and is not currently detected by Symantec Antivirus or Adaware. The program itself tries to access a PHP file from nexoa.com. A desktop firewall should alert you to its activities. It appears to be very recent (feb 2006). Dave
I Deleted it because a) I don't have photoshop installed, and it wasn't where Adobe said it should be (actual executable was in a user Start Menu Startup folder) - therefore might have been an impostor! Andrew Hicks
AVG anti virus picks it as a virus john
Watch your screen while startup. You might notice a slight change of the colors while windows starts up. This is the gamma loader adjusting the color setting according to the display it recognizes. As this is finished at once, this process probably does not waste system resources. I kept it. Pete
photoshopphoz van faszfejek  See also: Link patye
Very harmless gamma correction tool, runs in autostart. HArmless kotte
For some reason it makes a connection to a nexoa.com website very strange
Found it on my PC one day out of nowhere, as in I never installed an Adobe product! My "open source" PDF reader, image editor, etc. were installed months ago long before this process started. Could this AdobeLoader be packaged with other software, like Trillian or Flashgot? Because my Firewall says Loader's calibration manager is transmitting to the 'net, and I hear lots of backround browser clicking. :( HELP! Andrew
Not dangerous at all. With adobe gamma you can calibrate your monitor color, and with this loader.exe, your custom color profile will load with windows startup. Ari
I had this program in my ...Start Menu\Programs\Startup and Eset NOD32 (definitions updated 5-24-2006) detected it as a Win32/VB.AMI trojan. Apparently the trojan was named Adobe Gamma Loader so as to look like an innocent startup program. Now that doesn't mean the Adobe Gamma Loader on your computer is a trojan. If you have Adobe Photoshop installed on your computer, then it probably isn't. But there is no way anyone here can tell you for sure whether the Adobe Gamma Loader.exe on YOUR computer is a virus or just the non-harmful program by Adobe so only a recent virus scan can tell you that.  See also: Link JohnSmiley
Norton Antivirus classifies Adobe Gamma Loader as a Trojan downloader. Julia Wise
Loaded right after Windows startup, a virus intaller application usually downloaded from websites with software cracks and hacking! Emy
Adobe Gamma Loader. EXE is a TROJAN. It resides in the startup folder of Windows. The real Adobe Gamma Loader is actually a link, not an EXE file. If it is the EXE file, it is a Trojan using Adobe's name to avert attention. This Trojan causes advertisement popups. It can be disabled by simply deleting it. WebmanX
My anti-virus software states that this is a trojan, and it was disguised by the "Adobe Gamma Loader" name.... Wes
It's usually installed with photoshop and other adobe programs... not dangerous
I get mad popups until I terminate the process Rockinwestpalm
There is a new variant of Project1 virus that installs on your hard drive using the file name "Adobe Gamma Loader.exe" and shows up as "Adobe Gamma Loa" in processes, and as "Project1" in task manager applicaitons. yomomma
I know that it is used to calibrate something. Mine however, was being used to run the project1 virus and somehow screwed with my sound card. The sound would constantly not work, and often after I had ended the project1.exe program,and re-installed my sound card drivers, it would work again. But I would have to do that everytime I started my computer. I deleted the Adobe Gamma Loader file, and now I have no more project1 and my sound works. You tell me if its not a dangerous program. lumiveanima117
definately photoshop app and it is quite handy if your into that sort of thing
it installed itself when my computer was infected. it seemed to disable some of the fonctionalities of my windows explorer. must have taken the name of the real gamma loader.
Yes there is a version out there that is spyware, mine was located in the startup folder in the start menu. The actual EXE has the generic VB icon and is around 20K. If you have your sound up, the default IE "click" sound will occur even when you have no IE window open. Andy
There is a spyware how there that is named just the same as this file, it's not very dangerous but it seems to call http requests. If the file is about under about 30k, then it is probably the spyware, especially if you notice it without having photoshop installed or any other adobe product other than Acrobate Reader. Rambo
I know it loaded a process called "project1", which stopped responding and halted some applications I tried to run. I didn't find any danger in it, but no real purpose for it either. PS- I do NOT have photoshop or any Adobe photo software on my system Rob
my virus scanner doesnt like itand neither do i look at it in process explorer and look at its handles
I don't have Photoshop installed on my PC, but this exe keeps executing everytime i start up windows. I have ZoneAlarm and the alert message says Project1 is trying to access the trusted zone. It's very strange to me. Pablo
this one can be harmless but IF u got 2 copys of it in auto-start, one might be trojan.adclicker.. i had it n it infected Adobe Gamma Loader so watch ya back Trojan.Adclicker
Another version of the file going around with Trojan Hose VB.Q. Raised suspision as didn't have any adobe software on laptop! DanceTec
This Program just loads up as project 1, as process Adobe Gamma Loader, it eats up about 92+ percent of my CPU and im running a 1.4 ghz proceser John
It's is for Gamma correction and seems to be installed with Acrobat as well. It causes big delays in the boot up of XP. rols
It lets you set the LCD panel (my case a 2405 24" Dell to the proper color without using their confusing "user CD".  See also: Link EB
Normally, AGL is a helpful little tool belonging to Photoshop. HOWEVER, there most certainly *is* a virus (associated with Nexoa.com) using the Adobe Gamma Loader.exe name which stores the actual executable file in your StartUp folder. You can and SHOULD stop this program from running, permanently delete it off your machine, run your anti-spyware software, and scan for viruses. Reboot. (Note: If you do happen to be one of the few infected persons who actually has Photoshop installed, so a search for Adobe Gamma Loader and you'll quickly see you've got one that's legit and one that ain't.) PhotoshopKing
It is a masked trojan that starts in your startup file. It relates to the "Project1" trojan which is a Remote Admin Terminal. easest way at the moment to tell if it is or not. start the "Adobe Gamma Loader from your start menue and then look in your proc. window under whats running and you will most likely find "Project1" running... they are related Charles
Could be a danger if you don't have Adobe Photoshop or other related products bob
Found a file named Adobe Gamma Loader.exe in C:\Documents and Settings\All Users.WINDOWS\Start Menu\Programs\Startup that had overwritten my Adobe Gamma Loader -shortcut. The file was a VB6 Project and everytime it ran, there was a Project1.exe and Adobe Gamma Loader.exe in task manager. Tried to make contact with nexoa.com. AJ
Probably an imposter; it deletes the IE history and tries to connect with nexoa.com Mike Houlder
If process manager displays program called Project1, found in start menu as .exe file, then it is some virus, delete it. Kuba
In my case these file is a worm or something, sometimes is double-click heard abraham2ooo
it is complied in vb6 and my antivirus picked it up as a virus it was downloaded when i downloaded a crack from a website it is dangerous remove it asap shea
If the file is in "Program Files/Common Files/Adobe/Calibration" folder Then its REAL if not its a trojan.. Anthony
its obvious were talking about two different programs.. some people seem to have a "fake" Gamma loader ... that is infecting ur pc. Car
This file is either: the adobe useless crap or an spyware that connects to www.nexoa.com (spyware and spam company). I recommend you delete it. Billy
If I understand correctly, then if "Adobe Gamma Loader.exe" appears in the processes list on the windows task manager and there is a "project1" in the applications list, (use alt+control+delete), this is just adware attempting to disguise itself. You can get rid of it by deleting "Adobe Gamma Loader.exe" in the windows startup folder. It is not a shortcut, it's just a plain EXE sitting in the startup folder. It comes with cracks. If it's not project1, then this is just a program used for the video output to compensate for CRTs and sRGB-adjusted LCD monitors (to have linear colour output) Andrew
It was placed in my startup menu items after running a shady executable. I know for a fact the one I had was not the photoshop executable, but I deleted it before I could see what kind of damage it did. Fraser
Found a 20kb executable in my Start up folder, dated june 1 2006, tries to access some websites
The legit version of Adobe Gamma Loader.exe is useful and definitely a keeper. The real version lives in the "Program Files/Common Files/Adobe/Calibration" folder (from the adobe website http://www.adobe.com/support/techdocs/321608.html). There is a Trojan version of the file with the same name. It hijacks IE and visits the websites www.nexoa.com, www.bitamo.com and www.xitamo.com amongst others (including porn sites). Some people will actually see these sites in thier IE history while others will just notice inexplicable audible IE "clicks" even when they are not using thier browser. When I e qualal
Malware often uses legitimate filenames to make you feel comfortable about them being there. Use good protection SW that quarantines any suspect items so that if it is OK you can restore it. Better to get rid of it than leave it just because it "looks" ok. Large Portions
My AntVir warned about this file and I dont got any abode programs Simon
As for any process and exe file, it might be the legitimate one or a forgery, reason why I marked it as "neutral". To state whether it is good or evil is simply a matter of common sense and history of your computer. Note that the legitimate Adobe Gamma Loader is for calibrating a screen, to get better reproduction of colors. It uses to self install upon installation of some Adobe products as Photoshop, and to place a shortcut in the startup menu. The default target should be "C:\Program Files\Fichiers communs\Adobe\Calibration\Adobe Gamma Loader.exe" (to be continued) XonXoff
If you have Adobe Photoshop installed and "Adobe Gamma" in your Control Panel, try it. It might help you to get a calibrated screen. If it does'nt make any difference, just remove it from your startup folder. If you don't have Photoshop or Acrobat it is a trojan Olle Sandgren
Required for Photoshop usage phx
Not just for adobe photoshop - i installed Adobe Audition 2.0 full version and it has the file. Will try to remove it to see impact spikeee
The original Adobe Gamma loader is a tool for professional photo editors.
That's true. There's the program from Adobe, which comes installed with Adobe Photoshop (which is a harmless colour correcter), and then there's the trojan program, which connects to sites, including porn ones. You can usually tell which one it is by looking at its location in the "Startup" folder. If it's anything other than something related to Adobe, I'd say delete it from startup and scan your system with your Anti-Virus/Spyware programs. Ss
Just did a virus scan after deleting it from my start menu, found the project 1 as a virus, i recommend deleting this is you don't have photoshop, and even if you do (like i have) check anyway. Ben
Have Adobe Gama Loader .exe and Adobe Gamma both in the Calibration file and both in Startup. Seems to be responsible for long start up times
There is two variations. One that eat up memory and opens backdoors on your computers for viruses (trojan). And there is one Gamma Loader from Adobe. Did your computer run well before you had it? If it did, then you can certeinly delete it from your startup folder. You might aswell lookup where the shortcut is going to. Right-click, properties and the file path. If it's not Adobe/Photoshop directory, beware! Antivirus Mike
AVG picked up a virus so did Norten when i scanned it. James
if we remove this one can't we execute any c programs rekha
Should be there if you have any Adobe products. If not delete it. iiTz iRoNiK
I unchecked this in msconfig in the run startup menu catagory. Before I did this my Common Files Folder would always open at startup! Joe
I am able to open the Games in WinRAR nayan
Contrary to statments listing it at DANGEROUS, below, Symantec has confirmed it as a 'false positive', that is, it is SAFE.  See also: Link Rico
Used for Adobe products for colour ajustments
Adobe Sach

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