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Process name: Windows installer

Product: Windows Installer - Unicode or prjTRCrack or CRACK

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Company: Microsoft (microsoft.com)

File: msiexec.exe

This is Microsoft's Windows Installer program, which processes product installation files in the.MSI format. It normally appears only when invoked by double-clicking on a .MSI file (or having one run automatically as part of an installation process.) Don't terminate this process if it is present, or you will likely mess up an installation in progress.www.neuber.com/taskmanager/process/msiexec.exe.html 

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All comments about msiexec.exe:
msiexec.exe belongs to the Windows Installer Component and is used to install new programs that use Windows Installer package files (MSI). This program is important for the stable and secure running of your computer and should not be terminated. Da_Helpa
update file for installer helpnet.installshield.com/robo/projects/helplibdevstudio9/IHelpCmdLineMSI.htm Antony Abraham
It is a Windows installer file.
its an installer file vital to install applications on windows  See also: Link Ty
msiexec.exe is the executable for the windows installer. This should only be running while you are running an installer. It's also a Windows System File and should be in a system directory. If it is then this application is safe. Akshay.K
this file exists in the windows system folder wherein it used to extracts files such as installers. usually it's icon is a computer image almost just like any other installer's icon. chyzweez
just another annoying windows component
If you're not installing anything then it's safe to end it Mr. Nemo
It is a Windows installer file that checks the internet for updates and online components that are associated with your program install CB
msiexec is just a windows component .. runs when tyou are installing any software.. amateur
i need to know about the msi file for installing the software dakshinamurthy
this file makes some anoying folders in my c: folder when its updating winxp it makes my hard disc a mess windowsterrorist
i am installing Office 2007 now and that msiexec.exe file is runnig and make me carsy. that is all Volkan KAYA
it is a hacker file there are to files called msi 1 is windows file 2 is a hackers file for bf2 and more games msi is dangerous if it looks like this msi.exe do not tick the box on your firewall if it looks like this msiexec.exe you are ok to tick it anubis.uk
Used to install new programs, Poppa Ryno
I have been trying to delete CTFMON.EXE from windows 2000. When it is being blocked the "Installer" window trys to force a function everytime I open internet explorer. It locks up the computer until I go to Task Manager to "End Task" (installer)? Carl F Campbell
omg delete this file. it is malware. seximami
used with diskcleanup jb
It is always running and might use a lot of resources even if not installing anything
also used when uninstalling apps. found in C:\WINDOWS\system32, 78,848bytes denis
Autodown load everytime to use search funtion on start buttom Abjamal
msiexec.exe took lot of memory. I really do not like it, I want to get rid of it. Install Nero V8, get msiexec.exe, computer load everything very slow. TN
Norton AV = Malicious script detected. Object - Windows Script Host Shell Object. Activity - Run. Your computer is halted and needs to do something about this scriot. File - MsiExec.exe. What do you want to do? Action - Stop this script(recommended). NOTE!!! Clicking OK does not stop/remove this script, nor can it be quaranteened!! ALSO: This happened when using Add/Remove Programs to remove eEye Digital Security Blink. The remove attempt does not work. Orville Smith
If you are not installing anything, It can be a virus. genet1cs
if msiexec.exe is deleted, you can not add new software to computer. j. thizz
It is started after you execute an installer. blah
im running a virus scan and this shows up Curious Guy
Shuts down the Windows Installer when trying to install Greeting Card Factory Bob Kelly
if your windows is genuine from microsoft, u need not fear anything... but if you.ve downloaded your windows from some p2p, then chanches ur stucked are above 75%. chandan
when i restart my pc icons n all do not appear so i've to open task manager and have to stop the process of msiexec.exe. after stopping the process the icons n all appear. is there any solution for this problem. Nikki
jz an installer component...malwares may use d name in deir way... 510
This file resides in the %windir%\Windows\System 32 directory and is ESSENTIAL for installing and uninstalling programs which use .msi installer package instead of self-extracting execution. If this program is deleted or becomes corrupted by virus or other means, you cannot add or remove programs. See the accompanying link for remediation.  See also: Link Kevin Cousins
This is the windows .MSI installer and is needed for proper operation of the OS  See also: Link C.A.R.
it says its google update helper but i havent got any google apps installed so i dont know Dj
it gives me problem in installing new programs brixsniper
not dangorous. dj phil
I agree. it is MS file for installer footballboy
It keeps installing things I dont want. Try deleting this folder which has appeared on my computer C:\Program Files\MSN Gaming Zone ricardo
msiexec.exe is the executable for the windows installer,and its needed.if the name its somehow changed like say MsiExec.exe it could be something not so healty for yor pc :) WildWolf
Used to install programs Valerius Donau
download windowinstaller rok
Microsoft Installer. if it has a installer-like icon, it is mostly safe, but if doesn't have an icon, then definately a malware. scan using BD or the like to make sure. and yes even if its in system32 folder makes it a malware (even though that's the original location). it is also in system32\dllcache. Bob
I fixed a msiexec crash by ensuring the PATH environment variable had \windows\system32 first. (A crummy install had inserted their own directories in path first.) A. Webb
No problems. You should not allow people to comment on programs they know nothing about . Peter
I found "NDP1.1sp1-KB867460-X86.exe" in my "My Documents" Folder under the Downloads folder. I was curious and in properties the Installer Engine is msiexec.exe Not sure how this got here. KathySue
This is the command line API to the winows installer libraries. msiexec will run whenever you install, modify, or uninstall a program. In a corporate environment, it may be triggered to run in the background. In a personal environment, it should not be running unless you are installing something (as stated before). ZmunkZ
msiexec.exe is a windows installer executable file.In Run cmd, type msiexec/? and u will get list of commands to customize applications Abi
I know this file is ok but I don't know why the clueless comment on here LOL "omg delete this file. it is malware." duesbag
Windows Installer. However, if you see it running all the time it's either a virus or the Windows installer service startup is set to Automatic.  See also: Link xjx
this file is essential for installing new software but the problem is when it appears when no installation is running! HOOK
Absolutly NEEDED per Windows Bubs
irs reload after delete
It is an nstaller file that runs with updates, check that you dont have background updates running all the time  See also: Link menace
Windows Installer, and Unistaller as well, because when I was uninstalling a program, it popped up the CPU consuption on task manager. Aldana
this is an installer file which will be terminated on its own when the installation is complete Shekhar Bhatnagar
Norton Antivir: "Malicious Script detected" filename: msiExec.exe (captal E!) Object:"Filesystem Object" Activity:"CreateTextFile" June19 2010 Zecksy
I have noticed a spelling variation between the legitimate msiexec.exe and malware versions. If the letters of the file are all lowercase there is a good chance the file is safe. All capital or a variation of capital and lower case is mostly likely related to malware. For example MsiExec.exe or MSIEXEC.EXE  See also: Link joelj1964
msiexec.exe on win98 could not run for no setup. Alex Kruzicki
I found it in registry with ask.com bar in it... Carolane
I believe is close related to the Microsoft Security Essentials  See also: Link Barb Welsh
Don't know what to think. Was playing a game when I noticed a slight lag (low fps), and hearing my hdd activity; lights were flashing. Thought somethings up. So checked it out in TM and this .exe using 100% CPU usage. Went like this for a long time, and I didn't see any windows update icon, or noticed any download activity beforhand. Weird... 123abc
It's used for installation. If you see it taking some space in memory and you don't remember starting any installs/updates/uninstalls, end it immediately, because it might be hijacked to silent-install rogues and the like. Suppercut
It started when I updated my BlackBerry and Roxio was uninstalled Chrissy Matteson
all lowercase is an actual microsoft service, you can get by with stopping the service until you plan on doing a lot of software installation. if you're anything like me, i download a new prog or 2 every day. Continue that routine, but don't run the installs until yo "start" the "msiexec.exe". if you're completely comfortable with starting and stopping background services, then do what pleases you. To the previous comment, it's not used for automatic updates (other than the installation part, which your UAC (user acces controls) should be set to authorization before installation.
msi is next generation of exe to install auto application. It is just a batch commands compact in one container to run one by one or standard to execute batch by Microsoft. Before Windows 2000 Microsoft uses exe to install program but soon they realize it is vulnerable to many security risks. So, they set there own standard. Unlink Open Sources deb packagesor RPM such as red hat package manager. It is the same. If you are facing trouble with installation of any application. Just vist MS website. Download Latest Installer and there you go.  See also: Link Nurdeen Charania
Often runs as part of auto update / Microsoft update. (its used to install like everyone says. phil
After uninstalling Logmein.exe I found it running in the background. Obviously serves some function to do with installing and uninstalling. I uninstalled Logmein because, even tho I had disabled it in my startup list, it still insisted on opening every time I booted up. I really hate that. gary courtney
msiexec.exe is not a malware. it is a program used by windows to install and uninstall programs in your computer. based on my knowledge, msiexec.exe is used for updating programs such as adobe reader. i scanned this file with avast 5 and it did not detect anything harmful in this file. if you are having problems with msiexec.exe, your pc might have a virus running in the name of msiexec.exe or it got infected by trojan or a virus. to prevent further problems if your anivirus detects it as a malware, move the file to quarantine, do not delete. just don't run any update using this file. gem khy
Its installer file of world of warcaft, you can delete [email protected] You can still play after that & (not virus or anything) speffc
Msiexec.exe is the wndows installer file that is used for updates as well as any installations on your computer. often with it is working in the background and you arenot installing a probram it is updating your windows system or looking for updates to your windows system or preparing them to tell you they are ready or just installing them in the background without you knowing. so wait and see if you are asked to restart because of updates or you get an update related message you will know. Leslie O
Windows Installer program, I was worried it was some form of virus. Keep in mind, some viruses CAN hide as normal processes, such as Msiexec.exe. LZR
msiexec.exe is a process necessary for your computer to run .msi installations and uninstallations. If you corrupt this file or remove it, you will be horribly defiling your system. As for those people that are having problems with it, have you installed anything recently? Several viruses and malwares hide their process behind the same name. So if you thnk you are having a problem, then its time to scan your computer. Richard Elliott
msiexec.exe in windows\system32 is safe. However, had a malware version attempt to run, from an "Unknown Publisher" from C:\Users\*username*\AppData\Local\Temp so be sure you know where it's coming from before allowing it..
All I know is it won't go away. Always comes back on a restart.Scared to allow the program to run. turbofied
Sometimes it goes crazy and eats up more than 1 Gigabyte of virtual memory for paging. AshesnDust
I don't really know alot about it. It just happen for the first time to me 10mins ago. it wont not stop so i put it in safe mode with intrent and it ask me about systerm restore and I cllick conutine and i let it do its thing and every thing looks good so far. PS i did not allow it to come in Molly
If it's a PROGRAM it's safe. But any FILE name msiexec.exe is malware. I cannot delete it unfortunately.
Found the file in my personal folder. Downloaded itself, and would automatically attempt to run. Windows requested administrative access, but clicking "no" would just pop up another window. Found in C:/users/nick/msiexec.exe. I understand there is a legitimate file with the same name, but this particular one was malware. Nick
Norton 360 gave my a warning of cpu usage, found that "msiexec.exe" was the file causing it. Ralph Locke
After re-windows on my computer, all updates, and then my anti-virus... my anti-virus identified this file when "Groove Monitor" was trying to set itself up to run on startup. HP
Hey guys/Gals. I've had the same problem, i figured it was the brouser trying to update info. a day or so after i clicked yes a screen popped up saying i had viruses and needed to buy this anti virus package to get rid of it. I could not say no, for the screen woudl keep popping up. I tried to uninstall it but everything i did a screen would come up saying..what program do you want to open this? Had to restore in SAFE mode. Virus gone but flashing blue bar remained. Did full scan, Avast found it and removed it. Comp. works fine...for now. Paul
Usually it is a normal file, but not always! One way to tell is to go to the process in the task manager, and open the location. Right click on it and show the properties. If it is by Microsoft and is all lower case, it is fine. If it is by any company other than microsoft, it is most likely malware. Look up Malwarebytes and dowload their free trial. They will remove the file for you if it is a dangerous version. I use Norton, but it didn't think it was dangerous; Malwarebytes did, and I just found out that they were right, because the real msiexec is still in its proper place, not gone chatmanmat
Randomly request my permission repeatedly and persistently. Last time I gave in and gave it permission I was hit with the GoogleRedirectVirus and had to download $30 software to fix it. Meghan
it keeps asking me if i want to allow this to make changes to my computer! i keep denying it, but it pops back up right after! Vickosgirl
it kept poppint up and when I allowed it avast caught and killed 2 instances of malicious files
As 123abc said, it is using from 70-100% CPU, and I always spend time (like 15 minutes) after start of PC because I have to switch it off over, and over, and over and over again. f*ckmsiexec.exe
msiexec.exe is a Windows installer program. In my case, cause turned out to be my Anti Virus program updating in the background automatically, may well be that the other instances of the program running were other applications on your system updating themselves. Bri.
It is the Windows installer. When you run an MSI package, this program runs to display the setup wizard. BenN
It's the windows installer. what the hell is wrong with you people? delete this and you've deleted the WINDOWS INSTALLER. This program may execute malware but that doesn't mean this file is infected..... lachlan
70-100% CPU usage by this file when it was looking for hacker tool --- Norton 360 Alert. san
updates with the .net framework that comes with games and smokes your memory bus george jetsaid
This file is not inherently a threat. This file, as many have said before, is responsible for handling the extraction and setup of .MSI installer packages. .MSI = MicroSoft Installer. Msiexec.exe = MSI execution handler. If this is showing up as malware, it is because your system is infected and the msiexec has been corrupted by a virus or malware. Patrick
only runs when you install a program with an MSI extension. totally safe. Janice Cho-Chu
This is a process or program used to install the software package from .msi file, ie microsoft software package. its system process, and NOT dangerous. Thank You Lovepreetrupal
I found it after downloading the latest version of Free AVG , I think it is a windows update installer
You should not delete this executeable as it's the windows-installer used to install .msi files. When you're installing/de-installing something it will also show up as a process on your pc.
 See also: Link Rodger
Part of the windows update
Runs to install Windows Updates (keeps your computer safe and secure with latest updates) Ryan
it is just another backdoor for the NSA snowman
safe, basic installer  See also: Link Jonáš
Fine, unless it hangs and and consumes all available memory John
I had 2 of these, stopped the biggest memory user and computer crashed Win XP Poul
this file is a virus and located at C:\Windows\System32 it will hidden all files at your cool disk
This is just an Windows Installer to help install software Murphy
Seemed to hang around for ages trying to install something. I terminated the process with no harm done. JVC
This file can be windows installer if it's on C:\syswow64/msiexec.exe but if it's on C:\Windows/System32 please do a scan of Virustotal http://virustotal.com  See also: Link Korim
Necessary Windows Installer component for running automated installations.

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