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Process name: SiS Compatible Super VGA Keyboard Daemon

Product: SiS Compatible Super VGA Keyboard Daemon or Launch Manager or Control Volume

Support: Help link   Update link   Uninstall tool  

Company: Silicon Integrated Systems (sis.com)

File: keyhook.exe

keyhook.exe is a part of the Super VGA Keyboard Daemon software from Silicon Integrated Systems (SiS), an OEM chip maker. It inserts itself into the processing sequence for keystrokes coming from the keyboard to enable hotkeys and support the proper operation of certain multimedia keyboards. It also implements a system tray icon to enable quick access to configuration options.www.neuber.com/taskmanager/process/keyhook.exe.html 

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Users Opinions

Average user rating of keyhook.exe: based on 89 votes. Read also the 83 reviews.

  • 1286 users ask for this file. 47 users rated it as not dangerous. 3 users rated it as not so dangerous. 21 users rated it as neutral. 4 users rated it as little bit dangerous. 14 users rated it as dangerous. 9 users didn't rate it ("don't know").

All comments about keyhook.exe:
Part of SIS VGA driver Windy
its a program for the SIS (usually with ASROCK) motherboard drivers. safe
Not enough... What does it do , exactly? mts0n
Sis keyboard VGA Daemon. Probably for hot keys as mentioned in the link below. Concerned party
SIS graphics cards related: "Super VGA Keyboard Daemon" - hooks into the keyboard processing chain in order to enable hotkey settings.  See also: Link Master
keyboard spy Johnny
this allow miltimedia keyboards to work with the SIS audio drivers turd flop
It enables the hotkey's on Logictech/MM keyboards David from Australia
its using a lot of processor but for what reason I don't know... sure I have SIS installed but nothing to do with my keyboard. stressedout
might have been nicer if they called the file "SiS-keyhook" oslt...
Probably SIS related, definately harmless Bruce
might be harm- (and use-)less, but older versions ar forcing some programs to crash (eg WordPerfect12 and QuattroPro12). Disabling and/or updating the SIS-driver solves the problem. Michael aus Deutschland
for acer laptops your owner
sis driver
removing it from msconfig has no noticable impact.
Not sure for one thing, but you have to be careful it doesn't cut you off the Internet.  See also: Link EclipseWebJS2
one of Acer notebook drivers MiMo
Part of SIS driver, definately harmless Hugo
its a keylogger... i play ragnarok online and get hacked up to now ive disabled the file, and ive never been hacked since Martin
its safe ! Foodear
it's a keylogger
enable hotkey settings  See also: Link why?
SiS driver
keyboard logger edgeist
unneccessary keyboard hook, potential security risk moe120
SiS Driver Dein Papa
try this: go to taskmanager - process - search for keyhook.exe. when you found it, press 'down' on the cursor keys. the display is now upside down.
its Related to SiS Super VGA Keyboard Daemon (harmless) -m3k0
smal red icon with sign "hot" gotcha
can be used to spy your keyboard but the original file used by Sis is not dangerous.
Acer Laptop multimedia keys. Detects when you hit one of your special laptop keys. Nothing dangerous at all. Michael Santangelo
It causes my Acer laptop to freeze up, and I can't connect to the Internet. Ending the process frees up my laptop. Ash from Canada
part of SIS vga driver, identified under file properties/version. Found on installation disk of motherboard. But fi you don't have an SIS chipset on your motherboard... MyMaidMary
ACER Laptop SIS VGA related. Safe, but sounds ominous. Chris Calgary Canada
it's a program that works with Acer Systems Bjkliboy
It seems to be attempting to broadcast info Ged
Sis driver for hot keys/buttons. Provides functionality for my email/browser etc. buttons on my laptop codem0nkey
Divx used to come bundled with Gator which was spyware, it looks from the icon to be an unwanted freebie Geoff
Keyhook.exe is harmless if your have SiS VGA Drivers Installed. Dated 08/2003 If not you should worrie. Bob
sis component, not needed much, safe to remove. Neil
Its a mainbord process but still it can be infected Martijn
Its totally safe. not a virus/spyware, mark
Keyhook.exe is used to allow multimedia keys on Acer multimedia keyboards to function correctly. If you stop this process all of the 'normal' keys on the keyboard should still function, but the multimedia keys will not. Only stop this process if it is causing instability to your system. Refer to the link. Hope this helps guys!  See also: Link eklegein
That name sounds evil...too close to 'kernelhook.exe' Groucho Marx
this is so that all the multimedia keys on a Acer multimedia keyboard function proberly, this does not effect the normall keys  See also: Link Ed from UK
Non essential process that supports the SIS utility Brad
It consumes 4MB, way too much for a keyhook. arjan
It is just a driver for the SiS VGA..Totally harmless. Hiyy11
Harmless. For multimedia keys on a keyboard. Hoylake Computers
It isn't detected by any anti - virus or anti - malware and it doesn't affect my computer thegameplayer
Acer Keyboards Multimedia Hotkeys Dusty NZ
This program detects when you hit the shortcut keys on your keyboard. Not dangerous. may cause poor system performance. if you don't use the hotkeys on your keyboard regularly, i'd suggest removing it from your startup items. if you don't know how to do that, you can seriously screw your computer if you mess with those too much. Otter from Florida
i have an acer laptop with this display driver. one day, quickbooks started crashing. i found that if i stopped keyhook from running, no more quickbook problems. i think it's harmless, but obviously it can cause conflicts. harvey
Monitoring our network router - huge traffic load. Killing this server stopped traffic flow. Whatever it is, it's moving tons of data out to the Internet. Paul
reinstall your keyboard driver, you'll probably find the error warning go.
i though it was a key logger so i killed. but when i did my keyboard stoped working...can anyone explian that? SKY
Driver for SIS keyboard daemon JuanKa
related to SiS driver, but may cause troubles with other software (e.g. Visual Studio, TeXnicCenter) Erkman
ACER Laptop SIS VGA related. Not dangerous turdface
it can be keyboard spy Infotec...
caused "Multiview2000" to crash on acer laptop/disabling in msconfig fixed problem (fix was found while trial/error killing non-essensial tasks and retesting multiview, when i killed keyhook multiview began working instead of crashing at logon/diabled keyhook in msconfig and multiview hasn't crashed since) -i do note that the path in msconfig was c:\windows\system32\keyhook.exe - am unsure if this is correct loc for acer keyhook so i may have had a trojon(?) andygee51
SIS VGA Driver for sure. Just fixed a comp w/ keyhook.exe, while reinstalling sis vga drivers, I actually saw the "keyhook.exe" being installed Archangellus
Part of SiS VGA driver Sony
Its an Acer Laptop/notebook driver, dont disable it. FlYrAtEr
possable logger but avast rated cleen Adam
gererate a log file on c:\ with your activities. possible malicious prog using same name of sis vga utility. gabriel
Don't have an Acer, have av Averatec with SIS and keyhook.exe is on my system Paul from Texas
It crashes MyLabel Designer 9 on Acer laptop. Turning this process off solves the problem. However, older version 3.0B of MyLabel Designer is not affected by the keyhook.exe. MiK
the link i gave has something about keyhook.dll that you may want to know  See also: Link
This is for the SIS Video - but nice that trend micro flags it as questionable michel
if it is not dangerous, whe doesn't it show up on sis.com Jeff
does exactly what its sound like. its basically a driver and is used by lots of programs for keyboard shortcuts Luke Cann
Re-install Sis vga driver - works fine for me. Gus Hennings
Default when reloading Acer, but known issues with keyboard and mouse input. Locking up Acer Aspire 3000. Can be safely disabled and renamed in c:\windows\system32. After doing so, no issues are experienced in performance. TechJosh
Dangerous for online gamers (login information). Deleted once and some how it came a few houres later back. Fredosh
It's for Logitech Keyboards, it is safe. Disable it if you think it is causing you problems. or just disable it to test if your special keys on the keyboard work or not with it disabled.
It is a normal process but it can be reconfigured as a key logger. If it appears to be running for no reason, remove it.
Its harmless, the problem is its name is similar to something harmful (a keylogger). It comes from an older era thus the name is associated with modern spyware etc, thats the nature of that type of programming, they try to hide it as something you should have. SiS video drivers, Acer launch and keyboard hotkeys use the file name. I have all three of those, and have the error message at startup after trying to update the video driver direct from SiS website. "The file Keyhook.dll is not in the SysAp something or other".  See also: Link
SiS driver Fresh installes system without internet connection Installer
Either a keylogger, or a hotkey program Caffeinecoder
a part of the Super VGA Keyboard Daemon software from Silicon Integrated Systems (SiS), an OEM chip maker rbaev
everyone keeps saying acer, logitec, I have none of those on this computer, aopen keyboard, Microcrap mouse, generic MB, only thing is sis video card drivers, that shouldn't have anything to do with my keyboard Tirreal
part of the Super VGA Keyboard Daemon software from Silicon Integrated Systems (SiS) Ima Spy

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