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Process name: LogWatNT

Product: Computer Associates LogWatNT or Event Log Watch or Data Transport Service or CA LogWatNT or CA Licensing

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Company: Computer Associates (ca.com) or Computer Associates International (ca.com) or CA (ca.com)

File: LogWatNT.exe

This program is actually an "active patch" -- a software correction that, rather than modifying a program on your hard drive, runs along with it in the background. It corrects memory leaks and errors associated with Unicenter line of products from Computer Associates; if you are using any of these programs, the process is necessary for proper operation.www.neuber.com/taskmanager/process/logwatnt.exe.html 

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Users Opinions

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  • 1145 users ask for this file. 21 users rated it as not dangerous. 4 users rated it as not so dangerous. 9 users rated it as neutral. 5 users rated it as little bit dangerous. 4 users didn't rate it ("don't know").

All comments about LogWatNT.exe:
"Event Log Watch" - this can be a part of Computer Associates' programs
Essential software fix issued by Computer Associates to users of Unicenter products. It corrects memory leaks and access violation errors in the licensing modules of the products involved (for example : CA Visual Objects 2.5, ControlIT, Remotely Possible). Roman Yankin
Part of eTrust Antivirus  See also: Link
This is a file that helps your pc from memory loss and keeps you upto date mostly used in the datavase of eTrust a friendly companion to keep you free from viruses Patch
Stays on system even after CAs eTrust Innoculant is uninstalled... Claus Erichsen
From Computer Associates, Real Time Monitor
it's part of CA innoculate it
stays resident and pretends to be a system process even after removal of pestpatrol, how lame is that. only way i can see to remove it is reinstalling windows pika unforgiven
Dr Watson Log file
part of eZTrust anti spy program..to rid PC of this error you need to delete anything named "Computer Associates" or "LogWatNT.exe" you can do this with Regcleaner and from windows search. I prefer using Spybot Search and destroy, Adaware SE etc. anti-spy
comes from eTrust.. lingers after uninstall.. annoying... tried with regcleaner but still trying anti spy
C:\Program Files\CA\SharedComponents\CA_LIC\LogWatNT.exe Running As A System Service REG Path HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\ControlSet001\Services\LogWatch Run Command Line Enter 'net stop LogWatch' This Will Stop It. Next Delete Reg Key This Will Keep It From Starting Up Next Time. Kevin
CA says this is a run once program to install a patch... why does everyone have it?? why does it keep showing up on slow cmpts? I thinks there is more to this..  See also: Link David
its part of CA innoculate it juan colmenares
It is associated with Computer Associates, computers running etrust antivirus typically have this program installed Kasual Quent
Crashes My PC Occasionally Bob
CA's BPWin for example licensing service  See also: Link fx
Makes it impossible to install McAfee suite Wim
hidden process,still autorun after the software been removed yuan
i m unable to delete this file, i downloaded a trial version, the period is over so i m trying to download again, its becoz of this file i m unable to download, it still lingers.... Geeek
I have a SOLUTION to delete it !!!! It really works !! Click on START- RUN- Type REGEDIT - Ctrl F- Type LogWatNT....right click and delete it...serach again u will find 3 more LogWatNT files....delete all of them...ITS GONE FROM UR COMPUTER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Geek Mania
Part of CA UniCenter which is suppose to clean up memory leaks ? Come on CA, fix the problem, dont patch it ! Program takes over the processor when it chooses to run & if the processor is 1Ghz nothing else will run on the server until it is finished JLee
A relict of a deinstallation of CA Innoculate IT, i deleted the registry entry
It is part of a program by Computer Associates, in my case the ERwin Data Modeler program. It's totally legit and not at all dangerous (but there's no reason to have it running if you rarely use the Data Modeling program.)  See also: Link Joe, experienced Technical Support rep
on my computer it came from erWin data modeler from CA. It seems this process is introduced by CA to safeguard their licensing interest. It should not be dangerous but , any virus spyware etc can run in disguise.. amir
It is installed with a CA product. Even after you remove the producty it is still running and you are uneble to delete the CI_LIC folder bcause there is a lic98.dll there in use by the process. The service name is Event Log Watch started automatically. Put it to manual or disable. Livio
The file isn't dangerous it's just a pain in the @$$. Tried Geek Mania instructions - still won't delete. CA needs to get their act together, it's stuff like this that makes people go to a more reliable company. It's all about the "word of mouth"! Bob Jones
Came to me after a clean-out. etrust was here from last owner. what a pain every time i log on. I will delete relic CA files, let you know Jenny
Still after installation (and following removing) ERWin AlRight
Part CA/Etrust; lingers so at command prompt: sc delete logwatch Scott
This file might be essetial for programms using it, so remember what you do! If you do not know just give it a try disabling it. Preventing the process from starting can be performed with standard window's tools. Registry hacking, manually editing is not necessary. You can go to the "services" and *SIMPLY STOP IT* and change the start options. Type to prompt: "mmc services.msc" (just tried on XP), lookup "Event Log Watch" (deutsch: "Ereignisprotokoll-Überwachung") and change the state. See taskmanager to confirm the vanishing of the process "LogWatNT.exe". Nobs
Installed w/ CA software for Licencing; doesn't uninstall when sftwr removed EScott
simply end task on lic98service.exe and then rename the CA folder and re-install the product  See also: Link Proptop
Can be prevented from running by disabling Event Log Watch service Derek Hansell
Part of CA Arcserve Backup, stayed after Arcserve removed. Disabled it.

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