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Process name: Lexar JD31

Product: Lexar JD31

Company: lxrjd31s.exe

File: LxrJD31s.exe

lxrjd31s.exe is part of the software for Lexar's JumpDrive USB thumb drives. These drives have additional features and functions compared to standard USB drives, and so require more software to enable them to be properly configured and managed. This should be considered part of the drivers for this hardware and not terminated.www.neuber.com/taskmanager/process/lxrjd31s.exe.html 

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Users Opinions

Average user rating of LxrJD31s.exe: based on 31 votes. Read also the 33 reviews.

  • 1064 users ask for this file. 19 users rated it as not dangerous. 2 users rated it as not so dangerous. 8 users rated it as neutral. 2 users rated it as little bit dangerous. 5 users didn't rate it ("don't know").

All comments about LxrJD31s.exe:
it's tied to your jump drive  See also: Link scubacrossing
lexarmedia sofware for lexar's usb key didier
Lexar Jump Drive Driver IpodHappy
supports encrypted partitions on lexar usb drive  See also: Link ddekreon
It is a file used on Lexar secure jump drives Michael D Meek
Software for the Lexar Jump USB thumb drive  See also: Link DB
It is generated in c:\windows\system32 when JDSecure31.exe is executed. JDSecure31.exe is a software come with JumpDrive Secure from Lexar.  See also: Link
Like already stated: Lexar JumpDrive Process. It has never attempted to access the internet through my firewall. So I'd say it's O.K.  See also: Link RackAttack
lexarmedia sofware for lexar's usb key
sofware for lexarmedia jump drive phasma_dominus
jump drive from Lexar
Lexar USB Key for license application EsriUser
Lexar Jump Drive Bubba99
Yes I agree, it's the Lexar jump drive software. Harmless. tkhaj
Allows access to the secure password protected area of your lexar jumpdrive
It is just a utility for Lexar thumb drives, no real threat. Greg
Lexar driver
This software installed itself onto MY computer without permission when I copied a file from someone else's Lexar Jump Drive. I didn't appreciate this.
Appeared with new jumpdrive
smokes rocks  See also: Link Bill
Can't say what it is, but why is it running when no one is logged in, from the Windows system directory? forcedfx
Lexar's USB Key
Showed up after USB lexar used
Only that it appears in my running processes and what I see here. wm1837
Driver for USB Software security Key Michael
Needed for my 512MB Jumpderive
It installed itself without permission! When will companies learn nugatory
Lexar Jump Drive software, very badly written (no info, runs as svc, etc) Mark Moos, TaosNet LLC
Jump drive software that put itself on my computer when I used a friend's drive. Not cool. Matt
USB secure "jump drive" service, can be disabled in services  See also: Link Fernando Kleinschuster
It is running in the background keeping CPU 100% Muni
Driver for USB Software security Key To those that are all up-tite about it installing -- well windows somehow has to install the driver in order for the machine to read the data on the device - if windows didn't install the driver windows would not be able to access the stuff on it. As for the installed without my permission ... ya plug in a plug & play device windows recognizes the new device & installs the drivers for it to work. Completely normal. Tam

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