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Process name: DLL Module Loader

Product: DLL Module Loader or NVIDIA ForceWare Network or Sun ODF Plugin for Microsoft or PANTONE® colorist or Waves GTR Guitar Tool Rack or VADIS Config

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Company: Creative Technology (creative.com)

File: DLLML.exe

DLLML.exe is the DLL module loader of the remote control of creative sound cards featuring the use of IR-based remote controls. This is installed as part of the drivers of the sound cards like Audigy Pro and X-Fi range of cards and enables use of the remote control with the hardware.www.neuber.com/taskmanager/process/dllml.exe.html 

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Users Opinions

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  • 1136 users ask for this file. 20 users rated it as not dangerous. 2 users rated it as not so dangerous. 13 users rated it as neutral. 2 users rated it as little bit dangerous. One user rated it as dangerous. 4 users didn't rate it ("don't know").

All comments about DLLML.exe:
Creative software Remus
Creative Probramm
It was installed with my soundcard software. TC
a part of Driver of Creative SoundCard
It stems from creative labs sound blaster XFI Platinum  See also: Link Russ
just because its not windows core and is loaded at startup in the background doesnt make it 55%dangerous!!! you must be making the virus community millions with that kind of scare tactic,but i forgot thats the whole point isnt it! As for the comment about malware camouflaging itself as this file,well thats just totally misleading,malware can use any file it likes.My question to u guys who are asking what this file is,just run good firewall and virus killer,nuff said..If you get rid of this file then certains parts of your sound system will be disabled,you´ve been warned! Mr Not paranoid
creative useless process O_O
one of the few items causing my pc to slow and crash since yesterday when I installed Sound Blaster X-Fi extreme music
This is a service used by Creative soundcards with IR remotes. Causes shutdown issues with Nforce 4 chipsets running RAID. Disabling fixes the problem, but also disables remote capability of the soundcard.  See also: Link Vulturius
dummy program that eats up memory bigsexy
Not spyware but its known to cause issues with windows often blue-screening windows
DLLML stands for DLL Module Load. It is used by Vreative to load modules such as remote control or mixing. Yeah, Creative could have use the common method to load dlls, it would have avoid many problems, like 1 min to shutdown windows xp with last version of entertainment center on Audigy 4 Pro. It is buggy (or some Creative dlls are) but it definitely not a virus or anything suspicious. Removing it will lead your Creative apps not to work. draxar
Its a Creative Program, i.e Sound Driver Syndicate
It came with X-Fi Sound Card Software and is sucking up all my CPU usage. It sucks
it's using 50% of my cpu as a running process when nothing should be running. Corbs
Creative Entertainment Center: Remote Control Would Not Work Without This jvboy_17
DLL Module Loader - Can slow system down NevTheTech
Creative Labs DLL Moduler KoM
I found I had two instances of it running, both installed by Creative Labs. It or they were causing my machine to totally lock up during the last part of the boot process. The problem was solved by removing the "RUN" entries in the registry. Russell D. Johnson
not sure, uses a lot of resources at times Randy
Installed with Creative Sound Blaster 24-bit External USB sound device
creative Sounddriver loader . Duckman
Its the module loader for your Creative X-Fi sound card :-) Yes it has a problem with making your computer hang. I'm going to try updating to the latest drivers on the creative website to see if it will aide the problem. Its NOT malware!!!! John S, USN IT, 3
Creative Trojaner
not much, it slows my pc down to nearly unuseable, if i cancel the proces in task manager, my pc then runs fine. I do have a SB X-Fi card installed. grip...
Creative Xfi process
Part of Creative drivers. Safe.  See also: Link Rokas
Creative manager for remote control, only usefull if you do have a creative card with remote control. I've just removed it (my card doesn't have remot) and everything works fine vbk
It is a resource HOG taking sometimes in excess of 20% CPU time! It is not required to run creative sound cards even when installed by the software. While it might have some use I can't acertain that it has made any difference when I shut the process down. Chris Singletary
wird mit der Soundblaster X-Fi Software installiert.... jedoch war auch ohne die Datei ist ein Moduswechsel oder Einstellungsänderung mögliche, genaue funktionsweise offen // it's a part of the x-fi software from creativ the cardruns normal after killing respond to mode or propertie changes i wasn't able to find out what the DLLML.exe is up for... Figo
DLLML.exe - DLLML.exe is the executable for the Creative X-Fi DLL Module Loader  See also: Link Link Harvester of Eyes
dllml.exe is a process belonging to Creative DLL Module Loader. "This program is a non-essential process, but should not be terminated unless suspected to be causing problems.  See also: Link Crapper
Creative program use for the remote control and popup info screen. Part of the creative enternaiment center program. Choum

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