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Process name: bdss.exe

Product: BitDefender or BitDefender Scan Server or BitDefender Internet Security or BitDefender Antivirus or BitDefender Antivirus Plus or BitDefender Professional Edition

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Company: SOFTWIN (bitdefender.com)

File: bdss.exe

This is a core component of the BitDefender antivirus product, one of many antivirus programs available to protect your PC from viruses and other malware. This process can consume a great deal of CPU time when BitDefender is scanning files in real time, and should not be disabled or the protection offered by the program will be compromised.www.neuber.com/taskmanager/process/bdss.exe.html 

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Users Opinions

Average user rating of bdss.exe: based on 55 votes. Read also the 36 reviews.

  • 371 users ask for this file. 40 users rated it as not dangerous. 4 users rated it as not so dangerous. 5 users rated it as neutral. 6 users rated it as dangerous. One user didn't rate it ("don't know").

All comments about bdss.exe:
BitDefender Antivirus
It is installed when you install BitDefender.
Seems like the BitDefender News Agent, totally not dangerous ! Selecta
BitDefender Antivirus file,
BitDeffender Scan Engine Klemen Kova
it just started running after i had Bit Defender installed and my cpu temp is up 15degees F over normal. Could barely get computer to boot up and once I disabled bdss.exe.......at least I could hobble on on over to Panda's online scan Using 45% cpu resources accordin to task manager. Apparently it's part of Bit Defender, but i've had BD installed for a week and only this morning did it become a problem. It seems that once i disabled bdss.exe things a re back to normal with this machine.Wreaked a LOT of havoc, so far. Anne
Takes a lot of memory Tom
It is part of the bitdefender antivirus suite
it is safe! patrick
it's BitDefender Scan Server; try disabling the virus shield(while offline, ofcourse). you'll see the CPU usage will return to normal. it scans all accessed files. even if you aren't doing anything it still scans files randomly. but it's still the safest antivirus+firewall IMHO. if this bothers you so much try NOD32. but you'll have to install a firewall then :) w-i-c-k-e-d
It is used in any antivirus or spyware software. It is safe but how can something so safe cause so much havoc? Needs to be refined. Parsival
Installed when installing Bit defender Sudheer Das
Part of bit defender firewall, powerful component not for low spec computers, barely touched my resources and keeps me safe. If you disable it bit defender will not work properly.  See also: Link th30r157
Important BitDefender Process Xylomn
Part of BitDefender. Does not use too much system memory. Better leave it enabled. bl0ke
part of Bit Defender, but chews up my CPU also
Bitdefender, sometimes takes a lot of cpu MHauge
I think anything that uses up all your resources is pointless. Might as well have a virus. slickwilly
Bitdefender related file, installed with BitDefender Antivirus  See also: Link bezicto
it can take till 90cpu if u scan ur pc for viruses its harmless but memory killer :) Amril Bullet
bdss.exe is a file used by Dit Defender antivirus and is part of the active shield that helps make this a very resource hungry but seemingly very good antivirus...I rate it in the upper 3 top choices Steve" Soseeapath "Rucker
Programs are slow to load since I installed BitDefender and I am looking for a reason why. The problem could be something else - not sure yet. TTurner
BitDefender Scan Server. Comes with Bid Defender. It start's to project the CPU usage through the roof when BD starts scanning.
It's a component of BitDefender... but it uses a hell of a lot of resources.
I think this is the exe file for Bit defender antispyware Padre
It makes my tallywacker hurt. Bill Clinton
Bit Defender Scan Server
this file is 100% secure  See also: Link BitDforum
Part of BitDefender, have had problems when booting by it slowing down the CPU had to end task. Select
Part of BitDefender. Awesome antivirus but can use up alot of cpu. tipsy
sometimes stays at 40% to 55% of cpu for a few min. Paul Byrley
A critical process required for BitDefender Antivirus to run, this process carries out realtime scanning of accessed files, so dont be alarmed if it chews up your CPU when you open files and programs. It is a harmless process, but it could cause your CPU to heat up due to it's excessive resource hunger. Asim Saleem
Hogs up CPU for over 10 seconds at 100% for things that use to happen instantaneously. More problem than a virus Bill S
Claims on task manager to be using 18 percent of resources, but the computer was unresponsive. Ended task and everything went to normal. MarkF
I bought BitDefender software

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