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Process name: Automatic LiveUpdate Scheduler Service

Product: Symantec LiveUpdate

Support: Help link   Update link   Uninstall tool  

Company: Symantec (symantec.com)

File: AluSchedulerSvc.exe

An automatic updater from Symantec, the Automatic LiveUpdate Scheduler Service runs as a background process. It follows a schedule set by you to perform various tasks for LiveUpdate, primarily when to download security updates and patches and is distributed with Symantec AntiVirus. Symantec AntiVirus (distributed as Norton AntiVirus since 1998) is part of a larger suite of programs including Norton Internet Security. Introduced in 1991, Symantec is the leading provider of Antivirus software in North America.www.neuber.com/taskmanager/process/aluschedulersvc.exe.html 
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All comments about AluSchedulerSvc.exe:
norton antivirus process MIGI
belongs to symantec live update  See also: Link anonamouys
its a harmless updater for norton antivirus. Its made by symantec who is a trusted company. However if you dont have norton it could be malware. S. Kirby
Apparently this was used by 2 copanies - 1 to "slam" my phone bill and the other to write an e-check on my checking account! Since I no longer use (& have uninstalled completely) Norton products off my windows machine, AND I set a firewall with an "ask Permission" setting (most are simply higher settings) and I'm still seeing this, as well as my computer turning itself on (another issue), I'm scraping Windows altogether and going to LINUX. Windows is SO vunerable and insecure, AND there are SO many viruses, scams, etc. winblows is no longer worth it AND LINUX is free for everyone!!! :) anonymous
Symantec LiveUpdate Scheduler Viper
Live update Drxray
Symantec Corp Live Update (common norton internet/antivirus)  See also: Link Todd Morden
or more specifically, the process which prompts Norton's Live Update Ian
aluschedulersvc.exe is a process belonging to the Symantec LiveUpdate service which updates your Symantec products periodically. This process is important for your Symantec software to keep your virusdefinitions up to date and for removing bugs from the program utitility. SiteFactoryRoy
My properties say it is an "Automatic LiveUpdate Scheduler Service" for Symantec anti-virus software in the Symantec\LiveUpdate folder Gary
It's a Norton Internet Security file Pietro
Updates virus library - looks for new virus patterns on Symantec web site  See also: Link Ken Randall
liveupdate scheduler for Symantec products
Runs in the background even when automatic live update is disabled. Seems to run every hour; noticably slows fast system creating long pauses. paintdog
I've unistalled Norton because it was so useless, but this file won't go away!
as said, automatic update, but personally I have it disabled, so I don't know why it still runs. Mikey V
aluschedulersvc.exe is a process belonging to the Symantec LiveUpdate service which updates your Symantec products periodically. Wild01
Nothing except It's pissing me off that Microsoft doen't tell us what files we need and what files have been added by others. Michael Muhammad
used for upating norton anti-virus (liveupdate) tracdoor
Symantec LiveUpdate for SAV Mauro
automatic live update scheduler. Supposedly can be turned off, but whenever I do, my computer reboots minutes later. J
If you want to disable AluSchedulerSvc.exe permanently dont just end process in task manager, it will be back every time you restart your machine, instead go to: C:\Program Files\Symantec\LiveUpdate doubleclick on LuConfig open Automatic Live Update tab and unmark Use Automatic Live Update (be aware that from now on you need manually check for update in norton products, just click on Live Update in your product ), hope this helps. kizo973
To permantently disable go to your C: disk , then program files, then Symantec, then LIVE UPDATE, then AluSchdulerSvc.exe and delete.
Automatic Live Update Scheduler Service. I no longer use Norton/Symantic so I don't want this file. However I cannot delete it from Task Manager. Problem is if you have anything from Symantic on your computer, Symantic thinks they own your computer and wants to dictate how you operate it. lk
I unstalled Norton 360 but this thing keeps lurking in the background and want to run every 5 minutes. I t will not let me delete it because of it's protections. It stops anything I'm doing until I tell it to SHUT UP ! Someone please tell my how to kill the DARN thing. Dennis Noethens
To remove the file highlight it, right click on it and then "send it to...." Recycle bin, Incinerator etc. Steve
Symantec Live Updater, to the "Anonymous" person below me, don't blame Windows for your lack of protection, maybe if you didnt uninstall Norton you wouldnt have had your information stolen...lol...its a harmless file, to see if its malware simply check to see if its in the Symantec foler or System32 folder, if its in the latter, its malware. Jeff S.
it freezes my pc
If you have this; it probably means you have Norton Antivirus/Internet Security installed. This means: You've got the Wrong antivirus installed. Download Avast! or NOD32. Chiphead
It has been exceedingly difficult to rid myself of Norton Antivirus 2006 (I've switched to the free Avast). To prevent this particular service from being run at startup, I went to \Control Panel\Administrative Tools\Services, found the entry for Automatic LiveUpdate and disabled it. I found the other Norton entries with starting words of LiveUpdate and Symantec. In addition, there were several startup programs I disabled at HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run (I suffix .exe with the word Obsolete), besides which I disabled two entries in \Control Panel\Scheduler  See also: Link Csaba
dont have any norton products but its running, con internet Arthur Clifford
Aluschedulersvc.exe is Automatic LiveUpdate Scheduler Service for Symantec anti-virus software. It is not DANGEROUS at all. Itís just there to update your virus definitions so Symantec AV can protect your computer from all DANGEROUS virusesí floating around the internet, or your hard drive. I no longer have Norton AV installed on my computer, but I do use other Norton products (Ghost). However, I do not need the service running to keep Ghost updated. Therefore, I have disabled the software from running in SERVICES, (\Control Panel\Administrative Tools\Services). Rick

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