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Process name: Watson Subscriber for SENS Network Notifications

Product: Microsoft Error Reporting

Support: Help link   Update link   Uninstall tool  

Company: Microsoft (microsoft.com)

File: dwtrig20.exe

A background process, the Watson Subscriber is the application that launches the Windows Error Reporting Window. If your operating system encounters an issue, it will prompt you to send a message to the Microsoft team. The process can be disabled through the Services console. Microsoft has been utilizing error reporting since Windows 2000.www.neuber.com/taskmanager/process/dwtrig20.exe.html 
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All comments about dwtrig20.exe:
Part of a Service Pack for MS Office 2003 including Sharepoint, Project, Visio. Check link for full details.  See also: Link PC
fairly certain this is a temp run command for office 2003 that is used when an office app is opened in safe mode. Usually due to a service being turned off
This is a legitimate file (not spy/malware) which sends error reporting information to Microsoft if a programme crashes. It will ask your perfmission before sending. Recommend leaving the file in place.  See also: Link Kevin Sangwell
installed with office 12 prerelease Criminet
Was added as startup process after I installed PhotoshopCS2. I DO NOT run Office2k3 - only OfficeXP. Not really needed if only reports on crashes. Boughto
office 2007 as well CrownRoyal
installed with office 2007 beta 2 for error reporting Tom
After 3 weeks this meesage comes up on my xp system. I do not have office installed. Peter K
It's an error sender program for Microsoft Office 2003 and some others MS applications. Mauricio D'avila
Its nothing to do with Office, i had office installed for months before this thing cropped up... though i'm not sure, i think its something to do with Dr. Watson, which sends debug info to microsoft and notifies you of serious errors.. most probably, this one comes in with Windows Defender or IE 7's SP patch.
I have none of the MS applications mentioned by other users here. This process is activated at boot time when an application previously failed to install. After the report has been sent to MS, the process is unloded. BlueJay
It's installed with some of the newer Microsoft Applications. It prompts you to send error reports back to Microsoft. I recommend sending them. Once the report is sent, it will remove itself from startup, untill more errors are generated by some applications. David S.
It stands for "Dr. Watson Trigger", probably version 2.0 or something. Dr. Watson is Microsoft's error reporting tool. Recommended not to remove it unless you know what you're doing. Gus
office 2007 error
in addition... (also the server does not have Photoshop installed) Danny T
it's just an error sender... it will be gone when it has finished its task wich is to send errors from a Microsoft program... that's all... no need to run a spyware or whatever... jOsefuz
It's definitely nothing to do with Office or IE7 - I have IE6 and OpenOffice.org. Created 2002-08-29, first run 2007-09-20... blacklisted the program and nothing bad seemed to happen. Tigz Mordan
I can`t reinstal office 2007 without this file enachead
When I open an Office 2007 program it attempts put into the registry (start when windows open) this program. I use Mike Lin's StartupMonitor so I can control such behavior. I have disallowed this without any bad consequences. I highly recommend StartupMonitor and Startup Control Panel by Mike Lin I have used them for many years now on all Windows OS except Vista (will try to avoid that OS for a long time)  See also: Link Peter Osterberg
I keep getting Spybot pop-up that a registry item, DWQueuedReporting, has been changed. mike
Tried to install at boot when I logged into Hotmail; It didn't ask permission & contrary to many other opinions, I think it is hostile MS spyware used to analyze network connections (like to Hotmail/MSN) Skip Bogard
It is an error report for Microsoft. Tracks recently crashed programs and lets you send them CJ
Microsoft error reporting for MS application. queues error reports and asks for permission to submit them to microsoft. The user also have the option to disable error reporting completely.
After installing Office 2007 Service Pack 1 this file is loaded every time you start the PC. Chrissi
Spybot detected after I clicked on Office Diagnostics part of Office 2007 tools Jim
Mine came with the latest patch of IE7 and is simply an error reporting process to Microsoft. debra penn
Not part of Office. Related to Windows Service Packs. Doctor Watson to send report errors to MS Arvy
It's definitely a Microsoft error reporter, although not necessarily just for Office. I noticed it after a few (non-Office) updates failed to be installed properly. Bullet1001
MS Office error reporting that runs in background at StartUp, harmless, only Microsoft will be disappointed if you delete, your PC can run optimally without it.  See also: Link Link Link Edmund W. Russell
Since its been poppin gup, my internet is very* slow. Mic
you are not installing original windows on your system,office 2007 can only installed on original operating system nun0
any how u need it to install office 07 on your system
Popped up on TuneUp utilities start up list. Report on errors sent to Microsoft. Program dissappeared from list. No problem Phil
office 2010 error AAt
office.en-us dwtrig20.exe tanvi
Virus with Patch Bifrost IMAD
System crashes and problems since came onto my system! Springer
office 2007 setup file. xyz
it is file for the system folder ansaf
Causes Software Conflict with programs that interact with th e desktop, disabled it from startup and issues went away.
Slowed my computer and screwed up the connection to the monitor Horus
Watson Subscriber for SENS Network Notifications (no virus, no spyware, no malware)  See also: Link nibo1978
Its a addon to IE8 for Office intergration Dave
It only occurs in my startup if I have done a windows update and one or more of the files have failed to install and i have rebooted. After the reboot and a report is ready to send, it changes it's name to dw20.exe while waiting for a response to send the error report. After sending, it removes itself from the task manager. Lyndsey R.
This file appeared during the last two MS monthly updates - never saw it before in the Process viewer. I have had system instability ever since. This is on a Windows XP SP3 machine, with Office 2003 & Windows Defender installed. This file was not on my machine before. I wonder if MS used BITS again to secretly install this software, separate from Windows updates. You can remove it from the AUTO RUN settings. This almost seems as if it is some sort of monitoring program, not related to Watson or Defender. Skip
It is a part of Dr Watson related to crashes and/or failed MS system updates from MS to send the info to find out why the System updates failed. Electeical_Banana
Some other sights note that viruses use it to track your site visits to tie to keylogger for you ID's and passwords. Quick
i have this file in my source folder but i am unable to select it while installing the ms 2007 AMIT KUMAR SHUKLA
that a dll file .that one support ms office arun
My computer was infected with lot of Sality viruses. And dwtrig20.exe was also infected. It was launching a shutdown countdown at startups and was blocking the Taskmanager and the Registry. (I found a way through CMD to kill this monster) Kardaw
saw it running and eating my processor Watson

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