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Process name: AOL Connectivity Service

Product: AOL Connectivity Services

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Company: AOL (aol.com)

File: AOLacsd.exe

A service that allows your AOL software to interface with your broadband connection, the AOL Connectivity Service is a background process automatically installed with the AOL Suite. Prior to AOL 9.0, America Online was a dialup internet service provider that gave you access to many features in addition to browsing. AOL 9.0 was the first version that did not prompt you to dial out before accessing any of their proprietary features. AOL 9.0 and all subsequent versions allow you to access your Instant Messaging application, chat rooms and more without using a dial up service. Founded in 1985, AOL Inc. has gone from being the number four ranked internet provider in the world to switching gears towards being a brand company focus.www.neuber.com/taskmanager/process/aolacsd.exe.html 
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Users Opinions

Average user rating of AOLacsd.exe: based on 38 votes. Read also the 38 reviews.

  • 425 users ask for this file. 6 users rated it as not dangerous. 2 users rated it as not so dangerous. 7 users rated it as neutral. 7 users rated it as little bit dangerous. 16 users rated it as dangerous. 3 users didn't rate it ("don't know").

All comments about AOLacsd.exe:
stops me getting on to the internet alan dunning
AOL spyware Christopher Scheer
Eats 98% of CPU according to Task Manager. Computer User
It can eat up all your CPU resources. Dixon Murrah
it absolutely eats my processor with p2p software running
Get rid of it, this file somehow pegs my CPU at 100%, get adaware personal, and don't click on pop up ads.
Makes my P3 600Mhz PC crawl - Eats CPU Cycles Chris T.
seems to use HEAVY CPU processing
Chews up all you CPU power Dan
aolacsd prevented me from getting onto aol. removed it from the add/remove programs and then removed aol as well. Reinstalled aol and now it works great and acsd.exe runs NOT aolacsd.exe.
when running mailmerge between MS word and excel hangs. Also shutdown takes longer as ome tasks do not want to be killed. twoodlffe
slowly hogs processor from 0% to over 80% after about 5 hours john
Slows cpu speed, I stop it each boot up to increase my speed Ray
This thing is killing my CPU Usage!!
This file's overuse of CPU cycles can be stopped by booting into MSDOS prompt and renaming or deleting it from "c:\Program Files\Common Files\AOL\ACS " directory. Reboot and then use the Control Panel's add/remove software to remove just the AOL 9.0 Security Edition. Keep settings and filing cabinet files entries checked during removal. Then install or use an earlier edition of AOL instead until this problem gets resolved.If you reinstall or reuse version 9.0 security edition the problem file returns back into this directory again-repeat earlier steps to reclaim CPU again.  See also: Link mcsefordotnet
go to add remove progarams then to aol connactivity service click remove then the opyio to repair it comec=s up im sure you can handle it from there
starts computer internet automatically when I turn on computer & takes way too long to log off...gets hung up too mutch Daw
Makes my computer 100% busy so I cannot do anything else until it is terminated. Anonymous
this exe file hogs 100% of my CPU preventing my computor from operation properly elsruoc
absolutely hogs all my resources....hate it! Jon
Caused my computer to freeze! DeadLurker
The process known as aolacsd.exe is a small utility that will attempt to reconnect your computer to the internet should it be disconnected for some reason. It saves you from having to manually reconnect. / I use it with AOL dialler which connects my IE to internet through my AOL account without having to launch OR use AOL 9.0 Browser software..which is great as AOL uses 100Mb and 50CPU and is a load of bull... Snadge
It's an AOL component, so obviously is bad for your computer, but it does nothing to my CPU as previous users have said, the only thing thats wrong with it that I notice, if my computer has been on for more than 3 hours, it slows down the shut down while it has to end. Harry (5yr. AOL user
It seems to prevent logging on to AOL, by repeating itself many times until the CPU is choked. I'd like to know how to prevent it from opening, as I don't mind logging on manually anyway if disconnected from AOL. Rather that than not get on at all! FTA
This thing slows computer and chews all cpu usage.....waste of space....AOL need to look at their products before releasing bad ones like this!!!!!! kraYzee
uses all 100% CPU on 1.8ghz PC. Monitors and reconnects disconnections. A lot of CPU usage for a basic process!!! ScoobyDoo
CPU usage at 100%. PC slows to a crawl. Dump it. AntneR
also i now know.. AOLacsd.exe is AOL's Access Daemon. Is something that constantly monitors your net connection to make sure you stay connected. If you're dropped for any reason it will reconnect you. Shouldn't be needed for using AOL for net access but you just never know.. as they say google is your friend ppl :)  See also: Link venom
Task Manager showed that AOL was using 98% of my CPU resouces while other programs seem to be delegated to a lower priority. I recommend first removing AOL from the Start Up list in MSCONFIG, including the connectivty file itself. Aol of course then tries to reinstall itself later. So you have to turn it off again. Or another option is to uninstall the connectivty program. The main suggestion is simply to use task manager to monitor CPU useage and watch for resource hogs you are not actively using and deactivate them temporarily or permanently based on your need or lack of need for these BaddTeddy
its the aol connectivity services, that uses also the RAS/DUN of windows that's why it eats alot of cpu usage. do look for this service in msconfig then just disable it so it wont run automatically but when you open aol it will run again for you to connect Dildo
AOL connection daemon, if your CPU goes to 100% with this process, it is likely your AOL ACS directory is corrupted. To fix this problem, download the AOL one click and reinitialize the directory. Alfred Wong
takes up 700,000kb of virtual memory angel
reinstall the the old version of 9.0 the new version is going crazy aol fix it mofo
hogs cpu % and prevents linking to web pages by point and click. Web page addresses must be entered manually to access. Joe Weddington
I don't like it. I run a small business & use the same telephone line for the Internet, the Fax, and other services that I use throughout the day. I want to be able to turn off my internet connection so that fax calls can get through. I do not leave my computer turned on during the night & this program messes that up. After reading other's responses, I assume that this is what has slowed my computer down to a "real crawl". It is NOT a good program for my small business. MissAmeal
There are 2 ways to deal with this file.. firstly if you have xp pro disable aol connectivity services there or if you have xp home disable aol connectivity services using msconfig and then in ms config disable the AOLDial in start up..this cpu hogging piece of ****will not bother you anymore. It is basically a reconnection utility at the expense of all your cpu power Andrew
as soon as my comp logged on it would keep poppin up- and rebooting didnt help. was bad. had to delete anything aol. prob gone. mel
if u have one click fix right click the aol icon and click one click fix and scroll down to connectivity/ repair acs and boom no more 100% cpu usage hampsterblade

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