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Process name: ISafe Service or CA ISafe Service

Product: Computer Associates Antivirus or ZoneAlarm Security Suite or CA ISafe or ZoneAlarm Anti-virus or eTrust EZ Armor or ZoneAlarm with Antivirus

Support: Help link [1][2]   Update link [1][2]   Uninstall tool  

Company: Computer Associates International (ca.com) or CA (ca.com)

File: isafe.exe

This component is part of the Computer Associates eTrust firewall program that protects your computer from unwanted access by threats on the Internet. It is also associated with the ZoneAlarm firewall product, since it appears that CA licenses the ZoneAlarm technology. This service is required to ensure proper protection of your computer.www.neuber.com/taskmanager/process/isafe.exe.html 

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Users Opinions

Average user rating of isafe.exe: based on 86 votes. Read also the 81 reviews.

  • 191 users ask for this file. 67 users rated it as not dangerous. 2 users rated it as not so dangerous. 7 users rated it as neutral. 4 users rated it as little bit dangerous. 6 users rated it as dangerous. 6 users didn't rate it ("don't know").

All comments about isafe.exe:
This is an Computer Association company Anti-Virus program. Monitor for any virus activities.  See also: Link Kev
This Is Part Of Zone Alarm Security Suite Ver.5.0 SpLiG63
Not dangerous. This monitor is part of Zone Alarm Security Suite version 5.0 and higher Parsifal
Confirmed - Belongs to EZAV Program from Computer Associates Dominick
known proesses (ZoneAlarm)  See also: Link cyberblob
It's Safe James
Runs as part of the CA Etrust Anivirus package
ZoneAlarm psycho
definitely part of Zone Alarm damniel
Spawned into existence when I installed Zone Alarm  See also: Link Roy Triesscheijn
Zonealarm file, so not dangerous marcel leeraar
Confirmed safe. Part of EZ Armor from Computer Associates bibelot
Part of Zone Alarm User
part of zonealarm security suite---isafe keeps your private PIN, passwords ebay-passwords etc in a "safe"...no problems keep it running elTunisiano
It's part of Zone Labs Security Suite ZyLoR
Runs with zonealarm for me too Bobby Banjo
find it interesting it is from Zone alarm and alert advisor in Zone
This file is not of any part of the Zone Alarm line of software. This comes with the Computer Associates "EZ AntiVirus" software.  See also: Link *Don
Part of Computer Associates antivius system. Comes with ZoneAlarm with AntiVirus UppyJC
It's from Zone Alarm Antivirus & Antispyware from ver. 3 towards  See also: Link Rafael Bebelacqua
its a part of zone alarm amit
zone alarm component bobb67
internetsafetyvideo brendan
Yes it is an AV package,but evethough I chose not to install it,it is still runing as a process and listening on ports 1026 and 1025 which is also used by trojans such as Netspy or Remotestorm. Akbar Tavaghoee
Providing you ZoneAlarm security Suite 5.5 or later you should have this! DSF
i don't want it in my dam start up i want an option to disable it Tzighy
its part of zonealarm and ezav also has it too (ive had both) famkee
apparently part of my new Zone Alarm Security Suite
safe zone alarm
I just disable it in services, 1 less thing running... RoDog In Massachusetts
part of CA anti-virus lung
All I know is it wasn't in my system processes until I installed Zone Alarm. LanaB
part of zone alarm firewall nick
Zonealarm Service
Component of ZoneAlarm Security Suite. Not dangerous at all.  See also: Link m0rph3us
Zone Alarm & EZ Antivirus (common)
It is part of the zone alarm anti-virus and does help. Dude
This is the system file for my anti-virus E-trust from Computer Associates Kambui
ez trust av
Why is this process listening on Ports 1025, 1026, 1027, etc. VEH
I have had zone alarm for a while, then I formatted my computer, and reinstalled zonealarm and installed the CA antivirus program. I did not see it when I had zonealarm before, but when I installed the CA antivirus program, I saw it. Anonymous
zone alarm hjb
when you do a search in you owon computer this file link to zone alarm tony
used for CA eTrust AntiVirus
Part of Computer Associates eTrust EZ Antivirus Component, and Zone Alarm Zachary Taylor
It's a good file..anti-virus..but it takes up a lot of RAM MIKE
Zonealarm process Garila
sticks around after install, stays in the services, boots with windows Adam
part of Zone Alarm Billy
Isafe service - runs with ez armor - mike
just installed zone alarm and it came up, its zone alarm for sure! Ryan
This is a ZoneAlarm's stuff. Disabling this Isafe service makes my XP launch applications a lot faster. But I don't know yet if it's essential for ZoneAlarm's antivirus to run properly. Any idea? pimpim2005
zone alarm part file Vedranijus
If you trust ZoneAlarm...you will keep it. Panda1402
it came as my securit center with the pc not dangerous at all virus removal ian
It is E-Trust Computer Associates Anti-virus which is included with the Zone Alarm Security Suite (as opposed to the simple firewall package).
It listens on those ports because it is so good. mikey
It was running before i installed Zone Alarm Security Suite Ken Stewart
It is part of the zone alarm anti-virus and does help. Woof
After reading the comments, I would also say "SAFE". From what I have read here, mine came with EZ Antivirus. Garry
Its from ZoneAlarm. Rex
This process won't allow ie or firefox to open. Their processes will appear on task manager, but the windows won't actually pop up until I close THIS process.
This file creates a copycat Zone Alarm tray icon. I have always had the latest version of Zone Alarm and have never had this second Icon. The font looks slightly different than the real Zone Alarm tray icon too. It resides in the Zone Alarm folder. When I try to delete it with Hijack This it pops right back in. I'm certain it's a virus. Trust only content from ZONE LABS. Jay
using this will greatly increase startup time
Part of your Zonealarm Suite or CA Antivirus, if you don't have a ZoneAlarm with Antivirus, it will not exist there. Fabian De Rango, fabiodrn.com
Part of ZoneAlarm xk0der
Part of ZoneAlarm security suite. Listening on port 1042 and 1043. Maybe part of the mail scanner? lucent
zone alarm masta_pupa
it is part of zonealarm internet security nothing to worry about zonealarm internet security suite is the very best i have had no virus what so ever what anti virus can do what zonealarm internet security suite can do none at all if you dont want virus use zone alarm internet security suite. it really is the best marie
Confirmed safe. Part of EZ Armor from Computer Associates xtega
Appeared after "upgrading" AT Yahoo service Jake
Part of Zone Alarm barefooter
Computer Associates Antivirus program
I removed EZ Antivirus from my PC, however the iSafe.exe remained. Matt
CA anti-virus file for me. Seems Zone Alarm shares it if you have it also (I don't). sean1973
i have this on my computer for unknown reason, looked at most comments and found it comes with zone alarm.. . i dont have this kiIIbot64dad
i dont know much but i know about once a week it will take up 98%of the processor and freeze up my computer to the point where the mouse doesnt move. it may be nothing but i completely erased it anyway. no problems since. jw
well i download minecraft and then i looked on the desktop and i had iSafe Christopher
Part of total defence Kodi
It's intrusive and pops up continuously William
This tool is almost impossible to remove. As Administrator I'm trying remove it a I get error that I need Administrator rights?!? I removed it's registry files and my Internet connection got blocked! DO NOT INSTALL THIS THING! Angry_User

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