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Process name: Apache HTTP Server or NVIDIA ForceWare Network Access Manager or CCcam_info.php or SI Stand-alone Application

Product: NVIDIA ForceWare Network or Apache HTTP Server or NVIDIA nTune or marvell or Marvell or NVIDIA ForceWare Network Access Manager

Support: Help link   Update link   Uninstall tool  

Company: Apache Software Foundation (apache.org) or GM Service and Parts Operations or NVIDIA (nvidia.com) or The OpenSA Project

File: apache.exe

Apache is one of, if not "the", most common Web servers used on the Internet, and apache.exe is the process that implements it. You will see this running if you explicitly set up Apache on your computer to provide Web service capabilities. It may also be installed by commercial products that ues it; for example, Nvidia's firewall program is known to use it. It is not system critical but disabling it will cause problems with any software relying on it.www.neuber.com/taskmanager/process/apache.exe.html 

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It is used to run the Apache server, basiclly if you code in PHP and dont want ot upload to a server to test this allows it, si one way of explaining it, the offical site explaisn it better  See also: Link Ava3ar
Apache Web Server
Use for Running a php server
Apache Webserver, "harmless" as all webservers, not needet by windows  See also: Link Mirrakor
Apache Web Server Pr
Apache web server  See also: Link Raven
Apache Core Web Server - Belongs on your system only if you installed it, or as part of another application hosting web services. Review the httpd.conf file for the ports it listens on.  See also: Link
Webserver, can be "hacked" Chris Miller
Part of Nvidia Forceware on all Nfoce 3 & Nforce 4 chipsets both socket 754 & 939 This allows you acces to the chips hardware firewall & ehternet  See also: Link Michael Beranger
You have installed it along with other software. Its not a threat. I found it cam e when I installed my nvidia firewall for my nforce 4. ACEBRAVO
Webserver. If you didn't install it, don't panic... many apps with web based adminstration install this (such as Nvidia's Network Access Manager) and normally the settings are for local access only. Bobby Hartsfield
Apache Web Server as others said. My Apache Group files are located in my NVIDIA Network Access Manager program folder. zaphod
Is launched by the control panel for the NVIDIA hardware firewall feature found on some nForce-based motherboards. ALP
I have this on my XP, keeps respawning, but NO webserver installed. Definitely not right. Jerry Lowetz
Used for running a PHP webserver
If u never installed a web server, then it is Nvidia Forceware, of course it can be as the "smart" guys say: Apache Web Server... löl
Apache webserver  See also: Link zilpher
Bundled with Mobos as Nforce chipset modifiers Sc
Apache webserver  See also: Link Somethief
apache webserver, very secure, just let it run... BK
Apache Web Server - Can be hacked, can cause problems... Slam
I don't think it's apache. It's not apache2.x anyways. My apache runs under httpd.exe. Maybe apache 1.x is run under the name apache.exe? My friend has this running and he uses the nvidia firewall that was given with his nforce mobo.
absolutly harmless, had it on my comp for years and have never had any problems, just the occasional error, which is expected for a windows program David
Apache HTTP Server needs to act as a server with Nvida Forceware. It's not that important if you're not using the forceware in full capacity. On the other hand, as Michael B. noted, it allows this allows you to have access to the Nf firewall (Armor) that Nvidia installed. This will cause conflict if you decide to install a "BETTER" firewall. Sollution: Deny server rights and uninstall "Armor" firewall. Hence, you'll have no need or worry about Apache. Bottom line: Harmless! Talk to Nvidia Support to calm your nerves :-)  See also: Link Rick Gillespie (Driftek Computer Systems)
Normally the (self-installed) Apache Web Server, but comes also along with the NVidia Web Access Manager (which is part of many ASUS Mainboards, especially the M2N series). puckelhontas
It is safe -proven- J3FF
nvidia forcware. scared me at first too  See also: Link tg
If its the nvidia related Apache.exe stop all processes in the task manager, search your harddrive for it, right click the exe and set compatability for 98 apply, ok, then double click and all is well! Cyber
the only thing i know about apache.exe is ; it is dangerous enough for me to stay away from it. Tayfun Esmer
APACHE.exe is part of the nVidia nForce 3 & 4 chipsets [firewall]. What is important , is to see where it is located, it's main function, size, and how it is running. Normally being part of nVidia's Forceware, causes very little problems. It also is important as to what kind of Firewall YOU are using. I use Jetico, and I do NOT let most programs out! Apache.exe is also on my PC, but it is rather dormant, because it can NOT go out. If it is allowed, then it IS possible that it may [attract] some unwanted [side-] affects. Basicall, it IS a toss-up. Do you NEED it? Again, yes and no, John Ellis
It is the application file for NetworkAccessManager NVIDIA Corporation Yodler
Apache.exe is part of NVidia Firewall in my computer. Aty Red

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