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Prozess Name: Windows customizing folders file

Produkt: Windows

Firma: Microsoft

Datei: desktop.ini


Desktop.ini ist eine Windows-Systemdatei, die Informationen zu benutzerdefinierten Ordnern speichert. Sie können den Ordner-Hintergrund oder -Symbol anpassen. www.neuber.com/taskmanager/deutsch/prozess/desktop.ini.html 

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Kommentare über desktop.ini:
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Its not a virus. The desktop.ini files are safe to delete, they are just desktop (or window) configuration file/settings that you could edit and do things like change the picture of the desktop (or even window) manually. The deletion of Desktop.ini will fail if it is locked because it is in use by some application. To delete those files use program called "Unlocker". Alex
It's just used to customize the way a folder looks that it's located in. James
Normally, desktop.ini is a safe Windows system file. BUT since malware can hide itself by wearing a safe file name mask, it is important to note where the file is located. I just discovered 402 instances of desktop.ini on my computer, including attached to my music files... That's pretty obviously the work of malware. So don't automatically regard it as safe if you suspect something is wrong with your system. But you might simply be seeing your normal file(s), and hopefully that's the case. Kris
not a virus, every folder has it and can be deleted RommoR
In so gut wie jeden Ordner enthalten. Markus Montario
normal desktop.ini files are fine. but there is a desktop.ini virus and it will destroy your OS. see link:  Siehe auch: Link Nweilbacher
The desktop.ini is just a harmless little file for custom folders. If you make a custom folder, there will be an invisible desktop.ini to make it look like it is. Beware of imitations in wrong spots as those can be viruses. Kaytie
Mostly harmless. Still, if you do not use custom folder Icons, localization, etc. you might want to delete them. But Note that if you delet desktop.ini in Folders with a non standard icon, or folder that are provided by your system, you might break the icon or localized names andsoonandsoforth. Tristan Lobb
Potentially a virus & difficult to remove Joe
It is just a file for custom icons and most cases and is usually harmless. CCat
It depends on the icon of the desktop.ini file. If it looks like a little sheet of paper with a gear on it, it is a virus. But don't worry, it is a pretty easy file to remove. First of all, DO NOT OPEN IT. It's like a worm, so if you open it, it will start spreading around your computer and bad things will happen. So what you do, search desktop.ini on start, right-click it and select delete. Then, proceed to delete all the files of it in your computer. If there are icons of it on your desktop, delete those too with the same method. If you have already opened the files, contact Microsoft or your computer provider. Then ask them about the virus, and they should help you. Stella
always delete these files ABD
Its fine Desktop.ini is on desktop. and It only consists of 5 lines of code which even If it was a virus Its a very useless one. like targeting MUILink.exe which is pretty much bloatware Victor
Diese "desktp.ini" Dateien sind bei mir mit dem Trojaner Artemis aufgetaucht. Den Trojaner konnte ich entfernen aber jetzt stecken in jedem Ordner diese komischen desktop.ini Dateien Frederik Beimgraben

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