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Prozess Name: System Prozess

Produkt: Windows

Firma: Microsoft

Datei: system


Der Sytemprozess ist zuständig für den Systemspeicher und komprimierter Speicher im NT Kernel. Dieser Prozess ist ein einziger Thread, der auf jedem Prozessor läuft. Er ist zuständig für viele Treiber (Netzwerk, Festplatten, USB). Die dazu gehörige Datei ist C:\Windows\System32\ntoskrnl.exe. Der Systemprozess in Windows 10 hat eine zusätzliche Aufgabe: ungenutzten Arbeitsspeicher zu kopmrimieren um mehr freien Speicher zur Verfügung zu stellen. Deshalb kann dieser Prozess sehr viel Speicher verwenden. Wenn der Systemprozess mehr als 30% CPU benötigt, dann siehe diese Microsoft Anleitung. Der Systemprozess hat immer die PID 4 (Process Identification) im Windows Task Manager, anderenfalls handelt es sich um einen Schädling. www.neuber.com/taskmanager/deutsch/prozess/system.html 

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Beachte: Jedes gefährliche Programm kann sich sonstwie nennen - deshalb sollten Sie überprüfen, wo sich die Dateien der laufenden Prozesse auf der Festplatte befinden. Befindet sich eine "nicht-Microsoft" .exe Datei im Ordner C:\Windows oder C:\Windows\System32, so ist die Wahrscheinlichkeit hoch, dass es sich um einen Virus oder Spyware handelt! Überprüfen Sie es hier.

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Internal Windows system process Alex
RunDll32 cmicnfg.cpl,CMICtrlWnd
this process is very odd. it doesnt seem to affect anything memory wise but it opens a port to microsoft.ds and other websites. when it is closed it doesnt have any ill effects but i have found i can never remove it completely because it doesnt seem to exist! more mystery from Microsoft. :
This is just something for the CPU to "do" when it has nothing to do. DO NOT BE ALARMED IF IT SAYS IT'S USING 98-100% SYSTEM RESOURCES. This is normal, it's not slowing your computer down, as soon as more processes open, it releases those resources.
Harmlos. Nur wenn das viel CPU benötigt heißt das, dass ihr einen schneller Rechnen braucht. (das selbe Problem hat auch meine Schwester - kein Wunder mit ihrem scheiß PC :Þ ) SyndroM-666
RunDll32 cmicnfg.cpl
People seem to be mixing up "System Idle Process" and a process called "System". "System Idle" is good, and doesn't show up as CPU usage in Task Manager Performance panel. But "System" process shows up as actual CPU usage and slows down the machine. Allan
I have noticed it can be a good indicator of a CPU problem, I had a pc a good few years ago where the process was constantly on 100% and everything would have a big lag. When i changed the CPU the lag ceased and the process read 99% Tribal
The System process is generally not a problem itself, but if using a lot of CPU time, can be indicative of something else; fault driver, USB port or device. I recently had problems with a Win2003 svr, with higher than normal CPU usage. System process was using a lot of resources, ejected the USB flash card reader attached, dropped like a stone back to normal BOB
This process is a single thread running on each processor, which has the sole task of accounting for processor time when the system isn't processing other threads. In Task Manager, expect this process to account for the majority of processor time. HOWEVER see link for trojan with same name!!!  Siehe auch: Link VampireBorg
dise datai ist wichtig für windows seuert prozesse und so also harmlos auf keinenefal beenden kann zu systemabstürzen füren dermaster2004
Uses the c:\windows\system files and runs critical processes, from what I know this cannot be hacked. If you are suffering a constant drag on processor usage (0%-35%, 0%-35% etc), disable any ZIP drives and/or external drives. Your computer constantly reposts information on external drives, especially if you have them in a quick launch bar on your desktop. JoHnNY ChRoNIC xX
Bei mir braucht das Sys auf einmal 13-80%, da ist doch was faul aber ich denke eher ein hardware problem aber was,wo,wie und warum immer mir ; ( KingOrgasm
es kann sein, dass ein spion hinter diesem namen versteckt, falls ihr es 2X habt, startet den PC neu und trennt erstmal alle internetkabel, dann lasst ein antispy-programm laufen und dann neustart-kabel dran und dann sollte es weg sein, oder auch nicht :-)= Hidenboy
I noticed that "System" was just taking up a lot of resources. I found out that it was because of a faulty USB product. After I removed the USB product "System" no longer did anything. The USB product was the WifiMax. g)-(ost
I am having a problem with CPU process time being eaten up by a series of spikes that repeat every 90 seconds, showing up under Image Name as "System". It seriously affects the operation of my PC. Any ideas? Bill
The system process is not the same as the system idle process. If system process is using cpu time, then there is something wrong. System idle process with lots of cpu time is good... System process with lots of cpu time is bad! Peter Pan
well, as it uses network ports that were being reported as vulnerabilities of windows... of course i panicked. "System" is different than "system idle" process! It literally slow down your PC!! Can anyone remove this? system
For the System (not system.exe) process if it is taking up too much cpu (100 or about) just restart. If it takes about 10-35 it would be normal or a usb device is plugged in. Although it might? be infected I once had a c:\windows
This is causing me a lot of problems recently. I never recall it being there before. it takes up about 50 % of my CPU and freezes my system for about 15 seconds until it releases. It craps whatever it is upset
System Idle Process isn't using 99% of the processor...it indicates that 99% is FREE (DOING NOTHING). To prove this: 1) Open Windows Task Manager 2) Verify that System Idle Process is registering high (80-99%). Now open a program that you know takes some time to open like a compiler, MS office (anything from Microsoft) and watch the System Idle Process shoot down to ZERO or NEAR ZERO. See, now that it's doing something, it is no longer "Idle". Travis
cmicnfg.cpl bei der windows start FEHLT!! und nach par minuten hängt es. Iyik
This is NOT the idle process! If the process "system" has much CPU use you may have installed some Norton products like "internet security" or "anti virus". It's the norton product that slows you down. Get rid of all norton products! You have to use a special uninstaller because the norton uninstaller is crap and does not really remove the products.  Siehe auch: Link Digital-fol
Wow, just as g)-(ost said, it was my WiFi Max. After removing it, "system" went down to 0%. Perhaps everyone's problem is with some sort of device that is having issues. Though after I first installed my WiFi Max, I did not have this problem. Perhaps a recent update from Microsoft has caused it? AltoidBox
"System" is just a generic processor term, "System Idle process" is just what processor resources aren't being put to use. As a gamer, I noticed a significant slowdown one day and believed the "System" to be the culprit from the taskmanager without knowing too much about it beforehand. Reading from this site I fumbled around with my usb mouse. I put it into a different usb slot and noticed no problem immediately afterward. bec
it keeps using 50% of my CPU. Will ppl stop posting about system idle process, that is seperate, we're talking about system. its usin 280k of memory, under the user name system an it jus starts up randomy takin all my processin power. What do i do to stop it, its so irritatin Ali
i don't know what it is but i've never seen it before today and it's eating somewhere between 90-99 percent cpu, and my computer is lagging and when i open some small program (firefox or word or aim or taskmanager) it takes most of 2 or 3 minutes and it's never done that before, also system idle process is still on my task list seth
there is little cause to run your computers merely b/c you arent familiar enough with a process....someone might destroy their machine based on some of the posts here while missing the helpful ones altogether...that type of mass hysteria over the unknown is humanity's greatest weakness....educate yourself, analyze the facts and react then, but for goodness' sakes, learn enough before jumping to conclusions. :) and btw thank you all for the wonderful help that's been made available here....truly an aid! yvette
I know that is a windows process, it is not the system.exe (trojan) in my PC charges 200Kb, but the strange thing is that it tries to connect to a remote I.P address but I can't kill it. I don't know but at the moment I blocked with my firewall its attempt to make a connectio. Cause would download something bad. Despite my firewall says that is a Microsoft trusted app. DogSon
The System process and System Idle Process are not the same. The System Idle Process shows how much CPU time isn't being used; on the other hand, System process uses to appear when you have a software problem (malfunction USB devices, incorrect device drivers, etc). To drop the CPU usage, try on disconnecting your USB devices one by one and/or uninstalling the programs/services recently installed. Quiqus
There's a LARGe difference between "system" and "system idle process". However, if "system" is running it means some other secondary program is running that is using up resources through system, such as a memorex traveldrive U3 program for a USB drive or a pdf running on firefox/internet explorer. The System file in those cases may be spiking spontaneously (every 1 or 2 seconds) but once these processes are stopped it should go back to normal. System idle process is a measure of how much memory is not being used, however, if system idle is at 90%, then the little green screen should not be lit Nemo
"System" v. "System Idle Process" Dave
Sie gehört zum System - auch wenn esunscheinbar ist. Henry
Wenn dieser Prozess zu viel CPU verbraucht, ist ihr Comquter zu sehr zugemüllt und sie sollten dringen mal formatieren...
system idle process
system idle process
system idle
vary probably some periferal conections tarP
Internal Windows system process
system idle
Der Kernel des Windows-Betriebssystems. Verantwortlich u.a. für das laden von Treibern, und auch ansonsten so ziemlich allem. Im übrigen ist das NICHT der Leerlaufprozess. Justin
Eating All My CPU Up

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