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Process name: SPBBC Service

Product: SPBBC or Symantec AntiVirus or Symantec SPBBCSvc or Symantec Client Security or Able2Extract or Adobe Photoshop Elements

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Company: Symantec (symantec.com) or Your Company Name

File: SPBBCSvc.exe

SPBBCSvc.exe is a core component of the Symantec Internet Security Suite, and is part of the overall functionality of that program that helps to protect your PC from various Internet threats. It should be left running if you are using the Symantec Internet Security Suite; disabling it may compromise system stability.www.neuber.com/taskmanager/process/spbbcsvc.exe.html 

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Users Opinions

Average user rating of SPBBCSvc.exe: based on 61 votes. Read also the 56 reviews.

  • 506 users ask for this file. 41 users rated it as not dangerous. 2 users rated it as not so dangerous. 12 users rated it as neutral. One user rated it as little bit dangerous. 5 users rated it as dangerous. 10 users didn't rate it ("don't know").

All comments about SPBBCSvc.exe:
symantec ?? Elwin
Symantec RoL
Norton AV 2005 (aucun problème) Symantec Pascal
part of Norton Antivirus 2005 A Helpful Tipper
Symantec Internet Security Service Kaptain Nemo
Symantec norton antivirus Erik Larsson
Part of Symantec Norton Internet Security suite  See also: Link Georg
has something to do with Norton Antivirus or something, it's harmless Dries
The spbbcsvc.exe process is a core component of Symantec Internet Security. This process will attempt to prevent unauthorised access to your computer from the internet. You should leave this process running so that Symantec Internet Security is able to secure your computer effectively. Buck
SPBBCSvc.exe is a part of the Symantec Internet security suite and assists in keeping your computer upto date from Internet bound viruses. This program is important for the stable and secure running of your computer and should not be terminated. AK
Norton antivirus
part of Norton Antivirus 2005 Brent
It appeared after installing norton antivirus 2005 Baldy Gitt
Part of Norton System Works AV by Symantec Graham
Related to norton anti virus, Symantec corporation Mohammad
NAV file
Belongs to Symantec (in my Case: System Security) maybe also included in private Antivirus Products from Symantec/Norton baetmaen
i already have a firewall. i dont need more stuff taking up memory
Also included as part of Symantec Antivirus Corp Ed v10  See also: Link Bob H.
Part of Norton Antivirus 2005
all I know is that it takes up a lot of memory, I dont know what to do. I just bought norton 2006 and I guess its part of that dianne
Norton systemworks 2006 tech
Symantec Tamper Protection executable, like an intrusion detection process  See also: Link Bill
symantec--things like this aren't "stuff tang up memory" if u are concerned about that get a processor that runs...
Located in program files/common files/symantic shared. Obviously a Symantic file. Roy
Symsntic loader file  See also: Link steve
Part of ISS from Norton 2006 suite  See also: Link TejasDMT
Component of Norton Antivirus 2005. Norton includes a lot of extra baggage that ultimately slows down your machine. Erwin
This is taking up too much CPU useage & has caused to lock up my machine. All ok when its un-installed. Amrat P
It´s an block up your computer (used 600MB of RAM on my machine!) Andy
symantec nav lemon
just norton antivirus update service gopedjoe
It' part of Symantec AntiVirus Corporate edition. Don't know any more details. jas
Used by NAV for virus updates. Coms on every 3 hours to check. DO NOT TERMINATE! PROTECTS YOUR COMPUTER!!  See also: Link Callum A. R
Eats Memory when I am not even online, what is it doing? Dave
It is running even after uninstalling norton antivirus
Anti virus
It's the absolute worst thing ever!  See also: Link l33t h4xxorr
All i noe that it takes up much memory and slow down cpu time. Sigh
It's eating up my memory, in under five minuets it's gone from five hundread kilobites to one hundread. it's still climbing! the hell do i stop it! my mem is only so big!! it's eating more space than the swap file!
it takes a lot of memory so it slows down th system and we can't do anything remy
It took up 800,000 K in my mem Usage. Whyfish
this file seems to be from samantec but is fireing up my CPU and taking 50% of it guten
norton systemworks nicole
This service prevents the user or any process (malware or otherwise) from stopping Norton AntiVirus and/or Norton Internet Security by any means other than either the Norton user interface or the Services MMC Console. It also prevents tampering with any registry keys that are related to Norton AntiVirus and Norton Internet Security. The main purpose is to protect the Norton software (and your PC) from malware. Nils
Its a Symantec Service needed to update the virus definitions Alan
It stifles the system without offering any explanation of what it is doing as a core component of Symantec's AntiVirus Software Dave
It is part of the Norton Suite, it uses far too much resources. Steven
It's eating into a huge part of my memory - slowing my computer down!! Kaleidoscope
The is services which run the Symantec Tamper Protection, If you want to modify any thing in Symantec, you need to diable this service. Madhu V
The is services which run the Symantec Tamper Protection, If you want to modify any thing in Symantec, you need to diable this service. Madhu V
Got error on startup. Stops boot. Isolated PC. Nuke the damn thing soon mistyman56
NAV Internet Protection Saravanan
Whenever Symantec release a new version, what they do is only adding in more selfish process that make your hard disk busy!
A symantec file.. dont use NAV or symantec if u have a low memory on ur PC.. jhejhe
too many use memory resources oblor

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