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Process name: Java Quick Starter Service or Java TM Quick Starter Service or Java Quick Starter

Product: Java™ Platform or TurboTax or Java SE Runtime Environment or Java™ Quick Starter Service or Java 7 or Starry Night Enthusiast

Support: Help link   Update link   Uninstall tool  

Company: Sun Microsystems (sun.com) or Oracle (oracle.com) or Oracle America or IBM (ibm.com)

File: jqs.exe

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All comments about jqs.exe:
This is a valid program  See also: Link
Just Java stuff Arran Fortuna
Java Quick Starter. Generally speaking it's not needed at all by normal users and is really only of benefit to people if you're using Java regularly, i.e: more than once per day. Basically it's aimed at those who use Java almost constantly for whatever reason. There is no harm in doing an 'End Process' on it or alternatively under Start Control Panel Java then Advanced tab and the 'Miscellaneous' section it can be disabled there by un-ticking the relevant tick box. Saying that, it was found to be running as a system process even though I didn't have the box ticked to enable it. Cameron
garnichts deswegen C!b3r
Jqs.exe is the Java Quick Starter which was designed to improve the startup time of Java applets and applications by prefetching Java Runtime Environment files frequently into memory.  See also: Link Mario
JQS = Java Quick Starter. Useful, especially if you spend a lot of time online  See also: Link Firefly
Java Quick Starter: Just to open java apps quickly. If you want to disable it: Start- Control Panel- Java- Advanced- Miscellaneous- Java Quick Starter- Apply  See also: Link Thodoris
Unless you use Java apps quite a bit this is not needed  See also: Link Ryan Nerd
Runs (briefly) by itself sometimes. I show file size of 153,376 bytes. apostrophe
It's just sitting in the background, waiting for an java applet to run.Disabled it because it's not critical for those applets to run.See link from "Thodoris"
Jqs.exe is the Java Quick Starter I recomend turning it of due to prefetching Java Runtime Environment (JRE) files frequently into memory if you want to disable the Java Quick Starter process you can do that in the Windows Control Panel. You find a Java entry there which will open the Java Control Panel. A click on Advanced and the selection of Miscellaneous will display the activated Java Quick Starter entry. Uncheck the box to disable the process. This will be visible in the Windows Task Manager immediately. kai rudi schantz
I had a program that wouldn't open, kept giving me this error to report. I tried to open about 5 times to see if it's just my computer acting up. So I opened my task manager to see if by any chance that program was still open so I could just force close it. I looked into my task manager and I never seen jqs.exe before. That was totally out of the blue and the only new task that was running in my processes tab. I only forced closed the jqs.exe and ran my program again, and all of a sudden could open now. So I am not sure if it's causing this mishap. but I will have to keep an eye out on it. The program I tried running was a mp3 converter, that had nothing to do with jqs.. Tek
Java stuff. It can be useful. ThisIsMyName
java quick starter. The programme periodically reloads all java classes in the file cache. This causes IO, generally degrades system performance and prevents effective caching of useful files. With respect to these unwanted effects and it being installed and activates automatically one could also label it as "malware", but in itself it's not a threat to your system only to its performance. I strongly advice for deactivating it.  See also: Link Jack
I got qurious when I saw in the task manager that it had accumulated a very high count of bytes read. More than 30 times more than the second ranking process George Soulis
stepped into a smelly exe, and next thing I see is a brand new jqs.exe hitting 95% cpu. Removing it seems hard. Removed Java altogether, disabled java browser plugins, removed all related files.. Keeps coming back. Quiet when network is disabled, very busy when not. Do not know about your file, but mine is definitely a virus. 1.114.112 bytes on disk. Nick
Also, this link will tell you how to disable JQS, if you really want to -- if you are running on Windows Vista/7/8 (or better, in the future), these versions of Windows have their own pre-loader for Java and other programs; however, Windows XP and 2000 benefit a great deal from JQS, and it doesn't take up very much space, so I'd recommend letting it run.  See also: Link EnosEugenius
According to Oracle and java.com, Java Quick Starter pre-loads about 20Mb of files in memory, which makes Java start-up considerably faster. If you visit web pages that use Java -- like many games, multimedia sites, etc., such as RuneScape or the U.S. government's official time page -- jqs.exe will help these pages and applets load much faster.  See also: Link EnosEugenius
jqs.exe is the Java quick starter. It doesn't do much harm, but it does access the disks a lot. How to disable jqs.exe for all users of a computer: Press the Windows and R keys at the same time to bring up the Run command (or click ‘Start’ and then click ‘Run’) Type services.msc and press OK to load the Services configuration window Scroll down the list of services until you find ‘Java Quick Starter’ and then double click it to open the Java Quick Starter Properties window In the General tab, change the ‘Startup type’ from ‘Automatic’ to ‘Disabled’ then press the OK button Close the Services window – after you next restart your computer jqs.exe will be disabled and will no longer run, whereas doing this via control panel doesn't always work.  See also: Link timtjtim
Another automatic annoyance, but seems little more than that. Any Java update/upgrade will bring it back, and you have to go kill it again from the autostarts and Java controls and Explorer autoloads.
Useful for WindowsXP when the system requires quick-start access to Java operability. That's what JQS means: Java Quick Start! It was added to Java in release Java SE 6 update 10. Not harmful but probably pretty pointless for Windows7 and above, as these newer systems come with their own Java prefetch anyhow. On WindowsXP, if you're tight for CPU cycles or the extra 20MB RAM just deactivate it... START CONTROL PANEL (you might need to "Switch to classic view" in the top-left) JAVA (click on the icon) ADVANCED (click on the tab) MISCELLANEOUS (you'll need to scroll down) JAVA QUICK STARTER ...simply uncheck the box! You may want to restart your system once this has been done, just to be clear. Hope this helps any confusion and makes you feel safer about this JQS.EXE file. It's not harmful, just a bit of a performance drag if you're not on the web.  See also: Link Mike Graham
Java stuff -
seems to block Java from updating Justin
This cannot be good for the service life of your SSD. Richard
Java Quick Starter. Part of Oracle Java distro. Jobbi
I found in Task Manager that jqs.exe had "I/O Read Bytes" of 17GB - the most of any process by far - even more than my Antivirus (10GB). That seems very suspicious. But when I went to Start Control Panel Java then Advanced tab and the 'Miscellaneous' section and disabled it, it disappeared, so I guess it was legit. But 17GB!! Eric
WinXP - Huge IO byte count in taskmanager. More that 100 times higher than AV program. Save your HD and disable this piece of clutter Scratchy
It's annoying, but it's not dangerous. Boggy

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