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Process name: IAdHide

Product: BackWeb IAdHide or System Alert Popup or Windows Safety Alert or WeatherBug Download Manager or Logitech Desktop Messenger or Safety Alerter

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Company: BackWeb (backweb.com)

File: IadHide4.dll

IadHide4.dll is a component of a program called BackWeb AutoUpdater, which is used by many companies to automatically look for and deliver software updates. BackWeb is used by PC makers like HP and Compaq to update their computers with patches, and by other companies such as Logitech to update drivers. It can be disabled, but some computers may experience errors as a result. See also: IadHide5.dll, TempIadHide3.dll.www.neuber.com/taskmanager/process/iadhide4.dll.html 

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Users Opinions

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  • 1493 users ask for this file. 23 users rated it as not dangerous. 4 users rated it as not so dangerous. 15 users rated it as neutral. 5 users rated it as little bit dangerous. 12 users rated it as dangerous. 7 users didn't rate it ("don't know").

All comments about IadHide4.dll:
Part of virus-backgroundscanner (F-Secure)
Apparently its a part of Logitechs BackWeb utility ob
Trojan! (Blackweb) Sebastian Albrecht
BackWeb is a component of Logitech. I installed some of their hardware and this process is commonly shipped with their software.
Part of F-Secure. Back Web client for displaying the pop up notificatiob balloons STM user
part of Logitechs backweb rolf
It is used by Logitech, HP and other vendors to update their software, but it can be used to spy you out to !!! Gobi
Apperd installing Logitec wireless Muse and Keyboard Kenneth Molthon
F-Secure Backweb  See also: Link Zerg
Part of F-Secure Anti-Virus. Licensed from Backweb. Used to auto-update client antivirus database and virus news bulletins of F-Secure John
fsecure - charter high speed security suite uses backweb for updates, do not uninstall backweb if you use this product see fsecure's website, this is a very respected company al
Part of Logitech,. Not dangerous at all
Logitech-webcam Anwendung. PMNTS
You can rename the DLL and reboot your PC and then you can delete IT.It is recreated when I run MS word XP. I get document corruption errors in word . Phill Morris
Not enough to make a valid comment. I also have a Logitech product so I am not as concerned Tom Johnson
F-secure backweb Eric
F-secure backgroundscanner jimborn
Comes w/ F-secure 5.xx and w/ Client Security, not harmful
Part of F-Secure  See also: Link Foxie
Process that comes with Logitech Desktop Messenger  See also: Link Michael O'Donnell
Comes with software of HP, Logitech and others to keep software up-to-date. Downside: There are spyware versions of the same file. William
Part of Logitech Backweb Desktop Messenger. Poses no threat. ickis9
Element des claviers Logitech Nord Micro
the name implies malicious intent to me ..Quarintine it!!! Richard Tiano
Backweb is used by f-secure. It is also used by Trojan builder's to collect info and bypass processes. This one, seems to operate by installing hooks. I had one from backweb inc. that forced the f-secure AV to always register clean on scan but crash the AS as well as spybot. This particular varient I got from Logitech. It was dropped 2 weeks after installation which makes it a dropper and a logic bomb.
trojan / ad-aware - comes with BackWeb - should remove  See also: Link Am
appeared recently, i don't have logitech's software and been using f-secure about a year so can't be f-secure. Everything implies that it is trojan or worm Enigma
This file comes up with google information from this site, but the other backweb file that runs with it doesn't. All Logitech devices work fine with out it. Quarintine it and it's little evil friend.
basically if you recently aquired a loagitech file its fine
It's a part of backweb, which is a "legitimate" background updating tool. Backweb isn't an issue, though the program it is updating may be. If you find you have backweb on your system then I suggest that rather than worrying about backweb, you worry about what installed it... and make a decision based on that particular program, not its updater. Robert Moir (Microsoft security MVP)
F-secure backweb Stefano
used by logitec; if you dont have or havent used any logitec ahrdware i suggest you uninstall it [can be used as spyware] but otherwise if you do have any logitec devices, keep it, cause then its most likely valid[and they wont work properly if you uninstall it]
It loaded when I installed the pilot and utility files for my new mouse Logitech MX1000 Laser. Phil
I agree with the 2 who said it is from Logitech as it appearred on my computer when i installed my Logitech WebCam Deb
part of the logitech wireless media
F-Secure concerned. pass
Keyloggers use this to get into your computer. DELETE IT! Michelle
Seems that 'Security Task Manager' won't work after (it rates it to 67/100) you quarantine it. Part of Security Task Manager. Came on when installed that program. Zidane
If U don't have a logitec mouse/keyb or f-secure installed (or removed from your pc) this should be maliciuos and U have to remove it Phenoman
Logitech camera
If it's not a problem, then why is in a temp folder, not system or system 32? BLTicklemonster
Used also by HP software updater
It first appeared when I installed my Logitech mouse. dx2b1
I installed Logiteh MX1000 Laser Cordless Mouse, but it appeared just when I restored my system before installing this mouse and then undid this restoring - when I logged on as limited user, on screen appeared "it has a problem to run BackWeb.exe" Juraj Kalus Delviar
Wont Delete/Runs like a Trojan but it has been on my computer since 2005 nothing has happened..................... Bc
came to my attention as a avast scann error. Have Logitec hardware. Not sure what I will do about it.
I tried to remove it with KillBox, this is the ONLY file I have seen stand up to and NOT be removed by KillBox Warren P.
it seems uninstalling helped me a lot... kunal chauhan

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