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Process name: StarWind iSCSI Target Alcohol Edition

Product: StarWind Alcohol Edition or Seagate Manager Installer or C5500n or Proxy Finder Enterprise Edition or SAMSUNG USB Driver for Mobile or Mpeg 2 plugins for Canopus

Support: Help link   Update link   Uninstall tool  

Company: Rocket Division Software (starwindsoftware.com) or StarWind Software

File: StarWindServiceAE.exe

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Users Opinions

Average user rating of StarWindServiceAE.exe: based on 49 votes. Read also the 44 reviews.

  • 6890 users ask for this file. 32 users rated it as not dangerous. 3 users rated it as not so dangerous. 9 users rated it as neutral. One user rated it as little bit dangerous. 4 users rated it as dangerous. 6 users didn't rate it ("don't know").

All comments about StarWindServiceAE.exe:
Spyware, from what i hear Enix
comes in alchohol or however you spell it jake
Part of program Alcohol BeeRTe
Das Programm ist ein hintergrundlaufende brennersoftware, die ein teil schonmal parat hat und keine lange wartezeit ensteht. (a programm that load a litle bit rescc from programm, to start faster)  See also: Link Mandes
it seems to be connected with the trial version of alcohol 120% not sure what it does though illahstrait
aka Alcohol 120%, it acts as a virtual drive, if you dont need a virtual drive (or you dont know what one it) then disable it. Sozar
This file is associated with the Program Alcohal 120%, it is not malicious but is also not needed  See also: Link Matt
from a app called 100% Alcohol Sam
This service belongs to the Alcohol 120 DVD/CD emulation and burning software. This software adds network drive sharing via the iSCSI protocol. You can close it to free up resources.  See also: Link TheMath
Part of program Alcohol  See also: Link Halfspider
Alcohol 120% Tobbi
Comes definitely from "Alcohol 120 %" Dont know if it's dangerous, suppose not. Peter
This came with Alcohol120% - the programdescription states 'StarWind iSCSI Target (Alcohol Edition)' and is installed in %progdir\Alcohol Soft\... Michael
App - Alcohol ;-) Tomaz
unessecary process from Alcohol program ... starts itself even when Alcohol is not runnning, or virtual drive cued Mia
This is the "virtual drive" part of Alcohol 120% cd-burning software Jon
Enables network access to local burners via iSCSI protocol. C
Acts as a Alcohol 120% virtual drive. henu
alcohol 120% walter
StarWindServiceAE.exe Is Alcohol 120% (a disk burning program) virtual drive, Not harmful Patrick
it is a part of alcohol 120%. Peedro
come with alcohal 120%
Not dangerous. Installed as part of Alcohol 52% David
IS necessary for you to mount on virtual drive, just turn off auto mount in alcohol 120% to free up resources. coolasafan
After uninstall of Alcohol 3 months later the folder was still holding STARWINDSERVICEAE data files for 1GigaByte upto date no less Jaxon
Part of Alcohol 120% Fatty
Is not dangerous - leave be unless scraping barrel for resources Hot Nuts
Also comes with Alcohol 52% Frank
Enables network access to local burners via iSCSI protocol. blackpk091
It belongs to the program Alcohol120 and create a virtual drive that you can use to mount images of CD ou DVD (iso and others). If you disable it you loose that virtual drive. You can put it back reinstalling the program. Mario
Part of Alcohol 120% Marco
useful tool for remote burning al
Its Alcohol 120% DRM/spyway process, it'll stay on your system even after you uninstall the program
its a sevis to mount iso imeges on hd
comes with alcohol 52% and 120% kieran
application is running, so u cant delete it. Open task (ctrl+alt+dlt) processes choose "all processes from all users" find "starwind" and END PROCESS open C: program files delete "alcohol" Angel
Comes with Alcohol 120% I've had this program on my computer for almost two years, it has done absolutely nothing harmful to it; it's a burning program and this process creates a virtual drive. Nothing more. Roxxor
its a service of Alcohol120%. You can go to C:/Program Files/Alcohol Soft/Alcohol 120/StarWind/StarWindServiceAE.exe and see that its the real deal. krazymonkey
Rocket Division Software is data storage, optical media and networking solutions vendor. We offer SDKs for CD/DVD recording and mastering, iSCSI and AoE virtual storage, local and network file systems.  See also: Link zagor
It's part of Alcohol, ignore the comments claiming it's a virus. your mum
Heard it caused my friend's computer some problems, like spyware or something. I'm trying to remove it off my computer but it won't let me. a
Alcohol 120%, not dangerous Arjen
Part of program Alcohol SidYan
This is a vital service for Alcohol 120% to mount virtual drives and works in concert with the axautomntsrv service to do so. If you're using Alcohol 120%, then you should already know why you have a virtual drive. See the forums on Alcohol Soft for additional explanations.  See also: Link JW0914

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