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Process name: Symantec Service Framework or Common Client Job Manager Service or Symantec Lic NetConnect service

Product: Symantec Security Technologies or Symantec Event Manager, Symantec Settings Manager, Symantec Lic NetConnect service, LiveUpdate Not or Symantec Lic NetConnect service or Norton 360 or Symantec Event Manager, Symantec Settings Manager, Symantec Lic NetConnect service or Common Client Job Manager Service

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Company: Symantec (symantec.com)

File: ccsvchst.exe

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Average user rating of ccsvchst.exe: based on 82 votes. Read also the 68 reviews.

  • 5924 users ask for this file. 33 users rated it as not dangerous. 10 users rated it as not so dangerous. 12 users rated it as neutral. 16 users rated it as little bit dangerous. 11 users rated it as dangerous. 21 users didn't rate it ("don't know").

All comments about ccsvchst.exe:
It uses a large amount of memory. JH
safe, part of NAV
This file has been using 99% of my cpu. When norton is run, my comp gets reset. I think this file has something to do with it. Rohit M M
It´s CPU & Memory hungry!! Jordi
Only that my computer is almost LOCKED many times; at start & MSN email; when rebooting it comes up as an error that can not END Joe Weinstein; Sydney AUSTRALIA
wie entfernen
Is been freezing our servers ...very frustrating Walter - Los Angeles
Constant locking up my computer Sonia Murray
its a norton360 file but there is an extension in tjhe windows prefetch folder but of 74K not 573K. It takes a window during shutdown and a few secs to terminate Frederick C Jackson
Nortons is CPu & resource hungry overpriced and un user friendly. Damo
its the antivirus norton
Its a Norton file Martin
Component of Norton Internet Security (file in C:\Program Files, other locations = Malware!) d00de
Nortons security stuff that hogs disk IO KB, Australia
norton internet security 2010 golden
It comes with Norton360 (that is NOT an important file), slows your CPU down and wears CPU, but it isn't dangerous if you remove it immediatedly, but if you dont remove it, then it CAN CAUSE SERIOUS DAMAGE to your computer!! (Highly recommended to remove)  See also: Link PRO_USER_FROM_FINLAND
appears to be a Symantec security engine for Norton Utilities tk
This file has been using 99% of my cpu Nelson Zárate Serrano
It is a Norton "resource eater". It can be slowed down with the Freeware Process Tamer hjpospie
norton file adi
Norton Antivirus phishing monitor
Another Reason not to have Norton Chris Dark
yo estoy convencido que es dangerous and inneccesary other user
Part of NIS. Very processor and memory hungry, and blocks users(even SYSTEM and Admin) from ending it. Annoying. AS
Norton Support staff confirmed to me it is part of their Antivirus/Security suite. But they refuse to say what it does when you ask them. They just repeat that it's part of NAV. They fiddled ineffectually with my PC by remote for more than 1 hour and achieved precisely nothing. It was clear that they were just clicking on settings to make it look like they were doing something. But they clearly don't have a clue how to fix the 100% CPU problem. If they can't fix it then probably no one can. Ridiculous that this has been causing problems for people for YEARS and YEARS but they do nothing! Paul
just installed Norton and downloading update, than ccSvcHst use high % of CPU(ther are two copies of ccSvcHst.exe in the resources monitor), everything became very slow, open windows/browser very slow even mouse movement also slow. Once i start "security Task Monitor", Norton finished update and ccSvcHst.exe disapear. Don't know whether it is Norton's process or malware process. Cheng
it have turned my norton internet security 2010 off cant do anything help me
it continiously produces hard disk activity - perhaps some kind of background scanning oder defrag process Matthauser
Norton Internet Security 2010 :D tooti
It uses a lot of Memory, never a problem with it, until Norton was installed? JJK
certificate is expired, can't delete, not allowed access,even as admin. can't quarantine. can't stop process. c/programfilesx86/nortoninternetsecurity/engine/*86, countersignatures disappear on clicking. Nearly entire folder is expired verisign cert. gretchen msgretchen
Just runs the cpu at almost 100% and pc shuts down, dont know how to get rid of it. very frustrating! Trevor
ccSvcHst.exe causes very high CPU usage, but (according to Symantec support) can't be disabled without complete uninstall, their Norton Removal Tool and Norton Remove and Reinstall Tool both fail to uninstall their application. 8Man
It seems i/o bound, it thrashes my hard drive with intesity, not heavy on cpu Malcolm
I am long-time NIS 2011 user (yeah, real stupid of me). It's either malware, or malware takes control of ccsvchst.exe to read all the data on your HD. Bad I am ditching, NEVER go back to Norton/Symantec anything. Endless I/O reads, writes, huge MBs. Thaddius Crukshank
Memory eater. Slows pc. Erratic. A real pain. Bill
Slows down my computer sometimes to a snail crawl, I mean big time slow. Needs to be outlawed or revised someway. Jraquel
there are two of them running in task list... ronzkie
I found an easy work-around. N360 tray icon, right-click, disable both antivirus and firewall Duration Until system restart. The reboot. This seems to clear the lockup for some time afterwards. Philip Tory
needed by norton - safe but annoying seems to fail at times (may not be its fault but may be done to it by other programs malware may use the same name if it gets into the pc joe sizpak
It can't be found by searching. It causes 90% cpu usage. It causes your computer to suddenly crash. Can only be seen with task manager in running processes but nothing can be done to it. Toni
It is the "service framework" for the product. I.e., like windows svchost it supplies the context in which the rest of the Norton's progs run. It is also reported to manage the gui. Reported fixes: update to latest version where CPU eating bug is fixed; and turn it off in services. Start/run/services.msc; and of course remove product and use different AV Mike
If its hogging your memory, Goto Norton Settings Turn off norton tamper protection. Then CTRL+ALT+DELETE And Processes Tab, Then Find any CCSVCHST.EXE And end it, It will open up again like 5 more times. and under SYSTEM Account, And Your Username. BEWARE! This Kills Norton until next reboot, So you are left unprotected!
A part of Symantec Endpoint Protection. On my machine it appears in the following folders: C:\Dokumente und Einstellungen\All Users\Anwendungsdaten\Symantec\Symantec Endpoint Protection\12.1.1000.157.105\Data\Cached Installs\Program Files\Symantec\Name\Version\Bin\ccSvcHst.exe, C:\Dokumente und Einstellungen\All Users\Anwendungsdaten\Symantec\Symantec Endpoint Protection\CurrentVersion\Data\Cached Installs\Program Files\Symantec\Name\Version\Bin\ccSvcHst.exe, C:\Programme\Symantec\Symantec Endpoint Protection\12.1.1000.157.105\Bin\ccSvcHst.exe. Seems to be (part of) the daily security scan... Jenserl
It needs much CPU and RAM but that does every antivirus programm... derHirscher
Since updating Norton 360, ccSvcHst.exe has brought my computer to it's knees. Took half an hour to open the Task Manager just to see what was causing the problem!! Steve
Norton Antivirus Windows Service Douglas
It eats my system. What is worse? A virus scanner that doesn't let a system run or a virus? Bill
I don't know much but I fixed it on my PC. It took a while to realize this might be the problem.I was running both Norton and Ad-Aware virus protection. I thought maybe the two definition files were causing a conflict. I un-installed the Ad-Aware suite (and I really like the Spy Ware portion). All of a sudden ccsvchst.exe whet from 75-89% cpu usage to zero. Maybe it was a coincidence but it seems to have worked for me. Tom Last
Thanks Philip, the thing has been killing my machine. Stopping only the AV Auto-protect has seemed to stop this incessant program from hogging io and cpu cycles. I will try to run full scan over night to see if that makes Norton happy. If not, I will run it anyway and disable when I am using the computer. Not great protection but better than nothing.
Part of Norton, not dangerous if in proper folder. On the other hand, this MF constantly eats 13% of the CPU. Workarounds listed here work for a few minutes, then the beast is back. It appears to be machine configuration dependent, as I'm running Norton Internet security 2012 on three machines, on old desktop and laptop everything is good, on my I7 950, forget it. I think I'm just going to uninstall and put Avast in. I would run Kaspersky, but it doesn't like Comodo firewall ... Mobius024
To shutdown see this: http://community.norton.com/t5/Norton-Internet-Security-Norton/How-Do-I-Turn-Off-NIS-2011/td-p/533756  See also: Link NIS User
memory hogger. sucks up the cpu. vasiliy
If you have NSS go to settings and enable silent mode. This will stop background scans. Also disable PC Tuneup Auto Tasks. Do this as soon as comp is fired up and before getting on internet Chained
ccsvchst.exe was consuming all my cycles and i could not kill it via task mgr so i uninstalled norton to kill it and installed AVG instead david
It is safe, even though is may preform at high rates at times. Millions of people use it, and it is NOT a virus of any sort.
I have NSS in silent mode but it still eats up my computer resources, 75 percent. Having silent mode on does help a bit though, otherwise it would be using 100 percent.
Hangs up my computer on shut down, windows xp - will not shut down, even if it turns black, the next day I open and it is still shutting down Linda
norton internet file ger
drop Symantec and pick up any others Virus protection, that will that care the issue. former Symantec user
it uses my 60% of my net speed.i can't stop it by my computer task manager also bijoy das
I know everbody is saying it is part of NAV but I still don't feel safe. It is constantly using between 8-99% of my CPU (on and off on an I7!) When it is not, a couple other programs are. I think it is malware, or somehow linked to malware. Evan
Anything that steals from me is dangerous. 2 copies stealing time on my machine. Often freezes for an hour or more. Crashes FF. Should be banned. Would remove/replace it, but if I do Comcast will complain or shut me out.  See also: Link Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
Even if you kill the process, it restarts. Constantlt eating up memory and CPU usage. NAGENDRA
Even if all Norton Antivirus features and updates are turned off, ccsvhst.exe seems to be using cpu whenever e-mail is checked or a program is opened.
ccsvchst is serious killer you can't even access anything it keeps you continuous restarting and all your programs will be unusable due to unexpected running applications and highly used performance of CPU s0 ccsvchst is more then virus mohamed
The ccsvchst.exe file is automatically added to your computer upon installing the Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager Amit Gupta
Part of Norton fools KenBro

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