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Process name: incdsrv

Product: Nero AG incdsrv or Ahead Software AG incdsrv or AHEAD Software incdsrv or Nero 7 Essentials or Nero 7 Ultra Edition or InCD File System Service

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Company: Nero AG (nero.com) or Ahead Software AG (nero.com) or AHEAD Software (nero.com)

File: InCDsrv.exe

This process is part of Ahead Software's Nero CD/DVD burning software. It enables you to store files on writeable discs directly using standard Windows programs, such as Windows Explorer and Microsoft Office, as opposed to needing to use special burning programs each time you want to save a file. This is a feature called "packet writing" that is similar to DirectCD. The program can be disabled, but obviously the feature will then stop working.www.neuber.com/taskmanager/process/incdsrv.exe.html 

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  • 1304 users ask for this file. 22 users rated it as not dangerous. 6 users rated it as neutral. 3 users rated it as little bit dangerous. 2 users rated it as dangerous. 4 users didn't rate it ("don't know").

All comments about InCDsrv.exe:
InCD server from Nero for CD-RW packet writing. If you want to use CD-RW discs as hard drive then don't remove it. If you don't kow InCD and don't understand this text then uninstall InCD from control panel to save memory.  See also: Link andrysh
genau bill lol stimmt
absolutley harmless, an add-on for nero that lets you use CD-R and CD-RWs just like floppy disks  See also: Link Jerrod Sutherland
This program, on my Windows 2000 machine, cannot be stopped, and after hours of computer use, it is one of the top CPU users. I don't need it, I can't stop it, and it uses resources. I just removed it. David
no spy ware today (:-) "C:\Programme\Ahead\InCD.exe" (German Windows)
InCD server from Nero for CD-RW packet writing. If you want to use CD-RW discs as hard drive then don't remove it. If you don't kow InCD and don't understand this text then uninstall InCD from control panel to save memory.  See also: Link N/A
will not be removed when you uninstall nero from the computer, have seen this conflict with other software and that causes the computer to either freeze up or the software crash anon
Only what I have just learned from this website in answer to my question. I just wanted to say thank you for this valuable information. I am very happy to find out that the file is safe. shang-chi yahoshua - shang_chi_2000
came from hp itself
The links mentioned above (http://www.nero.com/en/FAQs_InCD4.html) is broken. is there another link available that would have information on how to remove this program?
Just used two or three percent of my CPU power, a 1.4 GHz Celeron with massive 256 KB L2 Cache, but I'm running Distributed Computing Project, and that's too much waste. Thanks for advice, "uninstall InCD from control panel..." What he meant was Add/Remove. I tried, and got a message, "Can't uninstall -- Disable InCD Service, first." So I went into XP Services, found "InCD Helper," and changed it from Automatic to Manual. No more InCD Stuff when computer starts up, and I didn't actually have to uninstall it, just in case I might need it someday. -Neil-
This can cause Microsoft Virtual PC 2007 to not be able to get enough memory for it's virtual machines. On my 2GB RAM machine with 1.6GB available, I couldn't run a VM with 512MB assigned to it. Killing InCDsrv.exe solves that issue. It was told to me as a solution may a Microsoft support person in a Virtual PC forum. dd
Dodgy program caused my Windows Explorer to Not Respond uninstall program then evrything OK Ant
it creates auto.exe and autorun.inf files on all my hard disks. When my SonicWall based McAfee sees it and erases it as a threat, it simply regeneates, causing havoc with the anti-virus software. I didn't know what was causing the problem until I removed the InCDsrv.exe in Task Manager. I then found the added information on your website. Thank you, I think I will remove the InCD process from the Nero installation. It was useful, but not critical to my operations. Garth Gibson
Its an add on from Nero Cd Burning Software. If You want it to stop running in the background when you start your computer just go to start, run, then type in regedit. When the registry opens up go to Edit, then Find.... Type in InCDsrv.exe and hit find. When the registry finds the program and highlights it... right click on the highlighted word and choose Modify when the window opens and you see Base on the right and Value Data on the left with anything in it but a 0 "zero" change the NUMBER to 0, then you can go to taskmgr and stop the process Joanie
It pegs the CPU often, and at random times. H8 Jon
InCD doesn't seem to be doing anything. I want to see if it is useful Malcolm Waterman
Server Process for Nero Burning Software  See also: Link OldTimeCoder
It's a file of Nero, nothing dangerous. Fischer
I just checked processes to see why my computer was running so slow at times. InCD was using 97% of the resources! Seems to take over when ever it feels like for no apparent reason. What in the world could it be doing while using all your resources and nothing else running but a word document? Very curious. I just stop the process everytime I start the computer and everything works fine after that. It came from Nero burner I think and I don't want to lose Nero Dude
Useless for 99.9% of users. Does cause some problems. Crashes often and causes some system errors as well. When Corrupted or has a conflicte it has been known to cause hard locks and blue screens. Kenpachi
I uninstalled it and it will not remove form my system-continually appears when initial boot up as "InCD has stopped working" cannot make it go away!!!! Cannot seem to find info on complete removal!! Frustrated
to get rid of the InCDsrv.exe, you can disable the "InCD Helper Service" using the MMC: Start - run - services.msc Then search for the service, double click it, change the startup mode to "disabled" and "stop" the service. Thats it. pera

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