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Process name: InstallShield Setup Executable

Product: InstallShield

Company: Flexera Software (flexera.com)

File: setup.exe

The standard installation file for InstallShield Windows applications, this process is run on command and installs a variety of software packages. InstallShield is a utility for deploying software applications to Windows. InstallShield is distributed by Flexera Software, which is headquartered in Illinois. InstallShield is designed primarily for Windows software deployment, but can also manage mobile device software as well. Macrovision acquired the rights to distribute InstallShield in 2004 and was subsequently sold to Flexera Corporation in 2008.www.neuber.com/taskmanager/process/setup.exe.html 
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Users Opinions

Average user rating of setup.exe: based on 76 votes. Read also the 50 reviews.

  • 1889 users ask for this file. 27 users rated it as not dangerous. 7 users rated it as not so dangerous. 8 users rated it as neutral. 5 users rated it as little bit dangerous. 29 users rated it as dangerous. 13 users didn't rate it ("don't know").

All comments about setup.exe:
it illegaly attaches itself to your adio software and slows your cpu sean
Setup.exe is a common name for alost all installation programs. Alex
It keeps you from loading taskmgr. It trys to keep you from killing it.
sis mirage graphics jhonn
if "setup.exe" is a legitimate process name, but it is commonly used by hax0rz, etc. to disguide something bad. cy3
Commonly used to disguise itself as a normal installation file, however it can be a virus.
I am getting a pop up that virus has been detected and the path is c:/Setup.exe. I am not able to view such a exe file anywhere,I want to remove it but i am not getting the file.I tried to remove it from the registery but i am unable to fine.pls help. Priya
if i download a program or something from limewire, then it's mosty a .zip file and that file contains setup.exe. my virus scanner say that it is a virus(mostly trojan.vundo) thomas
It runs every time you open excel causing delays. cbinman
In my USB Disk two hidden files one is autorun.inf another is setup.exe booth are in root directory The autorun.inf file containing information to copy setup.exe and run as it as a shell process it must be dangerous because it is a virus or a malwear Harikumarkk
I have a SETUP.exe in my trend micro allow list after I got rid of a virus/trojan. It was "Rogue.Installer" so I was wondering if that's something that the virus put on my computer or not.
Setup Bootstrap for Visual Basic Setup Toolkit rahulchakraborty
package for the web stub
first avg detected that its a virus. then that virus started to copy setup.exe to my c:\WINDOWS\Temp but i could find it but it is in my process list.. . Artis
this file is of all installation softwares but some time its danger process which starts ineliglely and uses ur full of cpu usage and slows down ur pc this is a malware at that time plzz use antimalware kits that time ninadexpert7070
My example of Setup.exe was a process running in windows xp task manager. It was associated with the "PartyGaming" folder for Party Poker. I could not remove the Party Gaming folders until I ended the setup process running on Task Manager. Kevin
Installed itself at a same time I got as virus warning Pete
It depends what it is. setup.exe is just a name for some applications which install things. Sometimes it's perfectly fine, sometimes it's not, just like all other programs. Fully trusted, legitimate, bought PC games have setup.exe most of the time. Bobby Christ
Its probably a virus, used 257 000Kt of my CPU, i couldn't open uo Google or anything, until i shutted it down from task manager.. right after i shutted it down google downloaded. Sam
It is hidden,cannot be opened. App/Local/Screentime/STF1/SymontecThreatMonitor/SETUP.EXE dkew63
i Got Setup/exe and got ADSPY adware.gen2 Soonly Avria detected it as ADWARE and SPYWARE on my big sisters dell laptop  See also: Link katie
It comes out on setup files Kevin 1
a printer its a lexmark 1200 series Elizabeth Calton
It often pops up and uses 80-90% of my cpu i expect its a virus Collin M.
It opens without notice, and causes your computer to slow down. Cause went unnoticed until I managed to open my Taskmanager and shut it down. Has happened twice, however, no stolen or damaged information. Mihoshika
I was worried I had contracted a virus somehow, and immediately ran a scan. Turns out it was just AVG updating itself. Kat
its a virus. It slow the computer, using 99% or 100% of the CPU. Kevin
If you are installing a program, setup.exe is fine -- even required. Setup.exe is used to install just about every program, whether good or bad. Never run any file with the .exe extension if you don't know its source without doing a virus check on the file first. TJ Leeland
I had this virus and my anti-virus kept closing google chrome because this virus was trying to access the internet. I couldn't manage to get rid of it so I restored my computer, that seemed to work. John
It's most likely an installer. George Washington
I could not download any files from the internet until i removed it with an antivirus someguy
My Google Chrome updater makes this sometimes: my old PC just lagging for a quarter of an hour because setup.exe uses 99% of the CPU. I have to decrease it's priority to use my computer this time. Process Explorer shows me it's a google chrome related program. BorZ
I got this along with another weird thing when Toontown was super slow. I'm not sure what it is, but my Avast hasn't been detecting things lately... I'm Only 10
Installer of program. If it is from known source its not a virus.
It seems to be related to game programs or poker programs. It just arranges files, runs for a minute or two. It does 'consume' the system for the time being. thebeav
Setup.exe is also used in Windows Setups, as well as installing download software from the internet, the Setup.exe should always be scanned, because it can extract malware. As well as slow down the performance, since it uses most of the machines CPU on it. DryTear
On my task manager under "Mem Usage" I found this at more than 260,000 K. I was not attempting to download anything at the time. It took several attempts to kill it. Michael Hardy
Probably, it took 25-30 CPU for some reason just close it using task manager
It is an installer, but it can be a virus. eee
to launch a program/software Gadis.Montel
I recieve message "new version found" and I though that it is my internet modem update and I downloaded file with name setup.exe Now i cant even find it pesho
It was from a website called get soft.It had setup.exe everywhere!
watching tv shows in a link aggregator site was how i got it but deleted right away
My internet security consider this file High Risk. Changes home page and causes delays. Harry
The "Setup.exe" image, in legitimate products, will install (copy files to your computer) the program, however, it is one of many generic names for hackers to use. Enigma
looked at the reviews, it's dangerous 凸 (`0)凸 setup.exe Bob
It's dangerous. Malware. Had a virus invade my PC because of setup.exe. The next time I downloaded it, I shredded it with Avast. Ralph
I downloaded this file by accident, thinking what the heck, it wont do harm. But it installed tons of adware and spyware on my pc. Some trojans as well. Stas

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