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Process name: wrapper.exe

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File: wrapper.exe

An installation file that automatically installs several executables, wrapper.exe is associated with many different programs. They generally prompt you to install a set of packages. These programs can be many types of installations. While some are associated with malware, there are many legitimate instances of wrapper.exe.www.neuber.com/taskmanager/process/wrapper.exe.html 
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Note: Any malware can be named anything - so you should check where the files of the running processes are located on your disk. If a "non-Microsoft" .exe file is located in the C:\Windows or C:\Windows\System32 folder, then there is a high risk for a virus, spyware, trojan or worm infection! Check it out!

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Users Opinions

Average user rating of wrapper.exe: based on 63 votes. Read also the 63 reviews.

  • 557 users ask for this file. 37 users rated it as not dangerous. 6 users rated it as not so dangerous. 11 users rated it as neutral. 4 users rated it as little bit dangerous. 5 users rated it as dangerous. 7 users didn't rate it ("don't know").

All comments about wrapper.exe:
It belongs to the Alias Maya doc's folder not sure how to get rid of it eZER0
ALias Maya Document server
Part of "PowerISDNMonitor" (Caller-ID) program  See also: Link Norbert
wrapper.exe is a part of the Maya accouting program and provides a help service to aid troubleshooting. This program is known to implemented into version 5.0 and later and is a non-essential process to the running of the system, but should not be terminated unless suspected to be causing problems Protector
Its a Maya Studio File. Neutral. Not Dangerous C
it belongs to isdn-call-number aplliction  See also: Link Norbert
It's part of Maya's accounting program & provides a help service to aid troubleshooting. Gawayne
this wrapper.exe does not allow to run an installation cd for my printer himanshu sahni
I am not running Alias Maya. This file is in the directory for CoffeeCup Free FTP. It's running on my computer even though I haven't used CoffeeCup for months. I suspect it's generating pop-up adds. Jason
no reason to get rid of it, its part of the tutorial section Frawg
Java wrapped as a service; follow link for details; nifty  See also: Link Jerry
Wrapper around mr postman. Mr postman enables to pop mail from webmail accounts jackross
it's part of Alias Maya a 3D animation program. it is in no way affecting you're computer negatively
wrapper.exe is also a Coffeecup Chat server. If you've installed 123 Flash Chat on your PC, then that's what it is. Sean
have not installed maya but process is running on my machine believe trojan / pop up generator scefalconalpha
Used by Galleon Tivo Server  See also: Link El Jefe
Wrapper.exe on my system belongs to the HP Procurve Network Manger toolset. tnvwboy
This is a file used by the Radware Configware Insight Manager Zen
its not dangerous, however it makes java.exe run, java.exe is a memory hog so i suggest you stop this process if you can, there is no need for it to run all the time finn
Used in a Tivo Server program I have called Galleon. AnIrishPal
It's the service for DVB TV Web Scheduler  See also: Link Clare Jonsson
It would not let me install HP printer programs until I killed it in the task manager. bestinidaho
At computer start-up the computer alerted that the file wrapper.exe had encountered a problem and that it would stop running. So I don't know. Tech
This is the main binary for the Java Service Wrapper. It is used by a number of Java based applications to allow them to be run reliably as Windows services.  See also: Link mortenson
it comes along with Maya 7 software..... no problem with this process..... vishnu
Possibly belongs to Maya. Appeared after I installed maya. Not dangerous but it constantly eats up memory! As we speak it is eating up 200,000k of memory. In fact, ever since I installed Maya I've been getting more and more blue screens of death. Though it does not harm your system it may become a pest by eating up memory. Don
Included in Appperfect Devtest - Java related Steve
part of WEBPam from Promise  See also: Link frank
I think this is a spyware and runs SMTP engine. When I did netstat -o and saw that process of port 32000 in the pexplorer it was under wrapper. I just removed it and since the memory never saw the port 32000 in the netstat -n command Pushkar Bhatkoti
mine appears in my smartfoxserver pro folder  See also: Link ahref
Free Software - Helpdesk software Miki
wrapper.exe is used by Maya on my system. Harmless and uses very little resources, no need to terminate process. joe_barone
Also used for Promise Controller web interface Adam
It starts the Promise Array Management Software WebPAM  See also: Link Vampire
runs with HP color laser jet installation h
Used by GCalDaemon if installed for Google Calendar synchronization  See also: Link Cue
Part of GCalDaemon. Should belong to GCalDaemon's bin folder. Brandon
On my PC it's a part of Promise WebPAM. Taag Man
it's a maya documentation server techman
It belongs to CoffeeCup Free FTP
Part of a free vpn server system "sslexplorer" Walt
It would not let me install HP printer programs until I killed it in the task manager Dan
It is also the name for the management software for Promise web enabled RAID utilities. bubba
Used by ATi's WebPam S-ATA Raid Web Interface. chaos
 See also: Link _-MaSe-_
Promise WebPAM uses it (see working folder), program for raid configurations Prem
Came with Browster - not yet able do uninstall from autoload tvaquinus
Java NT service wrapper  See also: Link Wellington Turner
It is in my Coffee Cup FTP folder (well it was lol) definitely ran and used resources and slowed down pc Pat
Autostarts Red5 Server  See also: Link Thobias Sjökvist
In my c:\temp file - a-squared flagged it as infected with a Trojan titus
It's part of Web Help Desk. That and FrontBase.exe are launched on Windows startup, probably installing and running a web server unbeknownst to the user (me). It in turn launches java.exe which takes up 100MB (!!!) It doesn't seem to be doing anything dangerous, but it's harmful in that there is something unwanted running in the background taking up space. So I removed the processes, uninstalled it, and removed them from services and other appearances in the registry! George
it provides a help service to aid troubleshooting. shaiksiddik
Resident in %Program files%\Hewlett-Packard\PNM\server for HP Procurve Network Manger toolset CD
It is part of asus raid expert zorro
Camed to my computer with ComSkip Monitor. I blocked it from network with NetPeeker altought I think it's harmless. miles
every time i tried to kill it in task manager it kept coming back up tried changing name and directory has files associated with wrapper.exe in C:windows/users/owner/appdata/local/temp and files with XxX.xXx and xxxyyyzzz.dat and UuU.uUu and everytime i tried to delete these files they just came back and are constantly appearing and dissappearing any help downloaded avg and it found wrapper.exe to be ok but windows defender found it to be highly dangerous Eric
"wrapper.exe" must be downloaded from "imintouch.com" for that remote service to work. I have used "wrapper.exe" for years, but I have never before seen "WS.Reputation,1" associated with "wrapper.com" by Norton Suite except now.  See also: Link mucklucks
I have it here: C:\Program Files\Bonkey\wrapper.exe Kaz
It's a commonly used wrapper to start Java applications as Windows service  See also: Link frimp
Part of Sysaid Helpdesk system. FrankC
It's Java Setup
Part of AMD RAID Xpert AndrewK

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