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Process name: Moodlogic Updater Application

Product: Moodlogic Application

Company: Rovi Corporation (rovicorp.com)

File: Updater.exe

The background updater for MoodLogic, this process contacts the MoodLogic server and determines if your software is up to date. If not, you are prompted to upgrade. MoodLogic is an online database of songs sorted by "mood" ratings, and interfaced through a client user interface. MoodLogic was purchased by Macrovision (now Rovi Corp.) in 2008, and subsequently went offline. Their software is no longer supported.www.neuber.com/taskmanager/process/updater.exe.html 
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All comments about Updater.exe:
iRiVER mp3 player file manager wolf
this file is installed when you have a iriver mp3 player. it only wants to access the internet and is not dangerous. brian
just that it installed after updating my iriver drivers & software
Installed after iRiver MP3 player install of Music Manager - Looking for software upgrades. I personally block it as I don't want so called updaters running and taking resources. I can check for upgrades myself. Frenchie
after downloading iriver mp3 music manager, Agobot-ot.exe started to appear, it's a worm!!! i deleted it with F-secure but it reappear in again in different name called "Mood Application* (Updater.exe)" any idea how to remove this worms associated with iriveramerica ? kulass
ZoneAlarm nabs this program daily. As it came on a CD with well known hardware, I do not deem it dangerous. However, a program named Updater.exe on your hard drive is not something to leave uninvestigated. JJGY (Jack F.)
installed with sonicstage manager for sony netMD player
It is an auto program updater. Handles various programs. Is not required unless you desire the listed programs to be updated automatically. Allen
A file installed by iRiver mp3 software. Not necessary to have connect to the Internet but not dangerous to have on your system.. may use resources when updates. Midget
...also, updater.exe was incorrectly detected by Norton Personal Firewall as "Electronic Arts SimiCity 3000" and defaulted to "Automatically create a firewall rule. (recommended)". The address updater.exe tried to access (outbound) was on port 80 (=http); I couldn't find conclusive who is info on this IP address; at the time of writing this, it did not respond to pings nor browser (http) requests. DaMan
I did not install anything before this appeared, therefore it was not something I asked for. Any time software installs itself without the user's knowledge or input, it is 99% spyware/adware/trojan Evie
Seems Firefox and StorageSync use this filename Mick
we have it on a Windows 2000 Small business Server andits casuing problems with roaming profiles in AD
this is a virus. found by different types of antivirus programs. its not for iriver because i never used any iriver on this computer, although i did use iriver on the computer that i destoryed so yes it is a virus Luke Duke
It gave only error at restart/shut down, did nothing more... also came out of nowhere, appears to be some kind of malware Spankin
Norton does not recognize "updater.exe" suggests removal David
My virus handler said updater.exe tried to run from C:\Documents and Settings\XXX\Local\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Mozilla Firefox\updates\0. But there is nothing there Jens
you need it for full tilt poker joel west
Updater.exe is installed by Sourceforge PDF Create; as well as another malaware.  See also: Link
Comodo System Cleaner application also has a program named Updater.exe that is used to update this application.
This application can be MANY things. Good, or bad. So pay attention. Also, if you try to locate a file you think is a virus, but you can't find it, go into folder options and turn off hidden files along with system protected files. That way you can see most hidden files and folders you wouldn't normally see. Careful though not to delete something important! Nathanael A. D.
I found Mozilla also uses "Updater.exe" to update its program. S
Did some research and got it.. it was UpDater.exe withing the ask.com toolbar.. uninstall and done!! jnsorange
Ask toolbar updater. I have uninstalled it after I found out that it constantly consumes 30% of my CPU time. After uninstallation, Firefox also stopped using heavily CPU. So I recommend to uninstall it to save CPU time. Rastislav
I completely agree with Nathanael: updater.exe, as the name implies, is a name used by many products as the app that updates their installed components. In fact, to add to the list, Skype also has Updater.exe that is installed to run at start up. Therefore, until you thoroughly investigate and determine which apps are running an update.exe, don't immediately declare it suspicious and delete it. As part of Microsoft's Windows SysInternals tool, AutoRuns.exe is a great tool for discovering what apps and dlls by what company are loading on your machine. Once "Ready" shows in the status bar at the bottom-left, you can use the search function (accessed via the binoculars icon) to search for a name or partial name.  See also: Link David W
Found it on Skype. Path C:\ProgramFiles\Skype\Updater Runs on startup for a few minutes only. Can stop it from running in the Skype settings. You can disable it in Skype.
Ask Toolbar Updater.exe also gets installed by Soapcast 3.50 without yiour knowledge john
This updater.exe program from Ask.com was installed on my PC and is configured itself as a Startup program/task when I installed the "Ask Toolbar" on my Firefox web browser by accident. "Ask Toolbar" is a search Internet tool similar to Bing of Mircrosoft. Obviously this program drains your PC resources as it is running in the background and frequently checks Internet for a update. To remove it you would need to uninstall the "Ask Toolbar" and "Ask.com" from your PC's Control Panel. The Bear
Had a resource problem something was consuming all my CPU. When I looked Ask Updater was the culprit, what really bothered me was the next large consumer at about 25% was my email client Thunderbird which not in use and normally uses almost no resources except when performing an action. I immediately removed all "Ask" programs, which by the way I never installed. I think it was trolling my email. Denny in Dayton
I'm not 100% sure, but it seems that at the same time I began seeing Norton telling me that"updater.exe is safe",that's when my Firefox stopped loading; but I also installed SpeedUpMyPC without wanting to... at about the same time as this previous stuff is happening. Dale
Panda firewall first noticed it after installing Darksider via Steam Dark Lord Azagthoth
Part of "Spy Alert" adware which is left behind after uninstall. Tom
it allows for pop ups, which are very annoying. googled windows updater johnosn
Removing updater.exe was part of the process I used to remove the Search Donkey icon from my task bar. Dave Panama City
find it on my laptop
Panda auto-neutralized it on my computer. Then it re-installed itself the next day. It had its own "Updater" folder and a file attached "Discount Buddy". It's Adware! Get rid of it! CyberAce
I first saw it after installing Vuze p2p software.
Updater.exe came to me with a new beta version of Firefox. Windows Task Manager (Processes) lists it as "Firefox Software Updater" using 100k of memory. Symantec Endpoint Protection warned me by indicating that it had been monitoring it for 5 days and it seemed to be causing no harm to my PC. Still I was asked if I wanted it quarantined or left alone. I chose to leave it. SMark
It's the updater of popcorn, which is a program to play movies in HD from the internet by their online torrents.. Just like watch a torrent movie as the same time it is downloading
Depends where is it on your computer. Kostantinos
This file is in my "Freemake shared" converter/burner Tom
Part of popcornTime

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