What is System.exe? Is System.exe spyware or a virus?

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Process name: System.exe

Product: Microsoft Windows Operating System

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Company: Microsoft (microsoft.com)

File: System.exe

A background system process that runs the Windows kernel, this process is often associated with a variety of viruses and trojans. While necessary to run the Windows User Interface, multiple instances are generally shown in the Windows Task Manager. As a result, malicious programmers routinely name their malware after the process due to the fact that it is not out of the ordinary for many system.exe processes to be running. Recent versions of Windows have renamed the file in order to prevent confusion. If you feel that you are or may be a victim of a system.exe virus, you should scan your system with a reputable antivirus and antimalware tool.www.neuber.com/taskmanager/process/system.exe.html 
If you want a detailed security rating about your System.exe (and all other running background processes) read the following user opinions, and download the free trial version of Security Task Manager.

Note: Any malware can be named anything - so you should check where the files of the running processes are located on your disk. If a "non-Microsoft" .exe file is located in the C:\Windows or C:\Windows\System32 folder, then there is a high risk for a virus, spyware, trojan or worm infection! Check it out!

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Users Opinions

Average user rating of System.exe: based on 90 votes. Read also the 76 reviews.

  • 857 users ask for this file. 16 users rated it as not dangerous. 4 users rated it as not so dangerous. 8 users rated it as neutral. 9 users rated it as little bit dangerous. 53 users rated it as dangerous. 8 users didn't rate it ("don't know").

All comments about System.exe:
Come's with an installer, tries to connect to the internet.
Could be malware but regulary its a windows system file careto
Disables the task manager in WinXP Pro Mark Neves
Virus. Bot Variant. Roche Diagnostics
it comes with the vstub.exe from internet starts creating system snapshots (in my case files below 1.5 mb but not smaller than 500K and creates *.cap files in the Internet Mail folders and starts sending out the files.....Took me 8 days to figure out the solution. So far no antispyware or antivirus have been successfull. Even mentioned on forum on internet the Kaspersky is not working. LOL i had to do it myself :-p Samuel Oniel Brien
disables task manager / sends info over internet
Tarned as a Warez Patch. Name was also bot.exe Shadow666
Come's with an installer, tries to connect to the internet. risto immonen
Bot Variant Flacar
PWSteal.Trojan.... start in safe mode and delete it manually.. C:\Windows\system.exe  See also: Link ZeNeT
Neither system.exe nor system32.exe are Windows files. They´re really are Trojan Horse processes Ernani Romeo
Disables the task manager in WinXP Pro Gavin
This is the spyware key/screen-logger LanAgent. Delete it immediatelly! The intalles is "user.exe" file, which can be start with "/i" option to intall and "/u" to uninstall agent service  See also: Link Alexandr
This is the first time System has shown up as a process in my task manager. Don't trust it. Zephyr
Tries to connect to the internet and keeps your cpu usage constantly at 100% koyoda
I've got it on my root of boot drive C:\system.exe, system.hta, I'll decode it, where when why... Aratrak
I'm running xp home, and had problems with running Task Mananger. I was also unable to switch of or restart the PC without pushing te on/off-button. Zaennong
its not a virus, though it could be used as a trojan. It is a network program we use at school to mess with other kids, it allows you to connect to other computers and view what they are doing and even take over their computer. its not exactly 100% dangerous, but if you notice strange mouse movements check your computer for VNC. this program is similar to LogMeIn (www.logmein.com)  See also: Link Tw34k
Some kind of keylogger, continually tries connecting to blackhat.co.il aqsdfg
I have a System (no .exe) using 220k in task manager but no System.exe anywhere on HDD... ? j.
Windows XP Home runs fine without it. Jinx Dojo
It's a backdoor. It lets the hacker into your computer, remote access. Detected with Windows Defender  See also: Link Trazzt
system.exe, ms.exe, IDes.exe, WM.exe. Crashed explorer.exe on every boot. Was set to run in HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run\. NOD32 said that its Win32/TrojanDownloader.Agent. It possibly created C:\CodeSite containing Raize CodeSite. JJ
Starts up with your computer, disables task manager, messes up Log Off, Restart, Shut Down, makes your CPU work harder Johnnooo
I had it VERY long but now i have a SOLUTION. When I removed my Norton AnVi and/or InSe COMPLETELY(better to look after any folders after uninstalling), the problem dissapeared  See also: Link Phil
it's absolutely abnormal to have high cpu usage in system process, the computer must had been affected by virus, no solution to my knowledge liyujie
Obviously malware. Never had it run before today, and I use my task manager ALOT. Reiji
Screws up hibernate, shutdown, 100 CPU Eli
I know oh wow... Task manager is disabled RIGHT as I started typing... Control panel doesn't even show up either... I think it's because of system.exe
Windows SYSTEM ffile, not dangerous at all, just search for system.exe if you believe it is a virus. John
I found this file in my Internet Explorer Favourites folder. It was resident in memory, and had another file which it updated (op.sys) with keylogger information, what URL you last visited and what the password was. Stefan
It's loaded event window xp boot in safe mode, lock window registry, user can not open registry,hide taskbar, prevent user install anti-virus application Chinh
keep your "cpu usage" at 100% constantly, even if no programs running. for "j.", "System" is belonged to Windows System, otherwise any files that named "system ..." with exe extension, and running at other than system or well-known user, that must be a malicious programs. so remove it from your computer. emboss
a system file for windows. i read it uses alot of memory with avg 8. jess
DogRobot W32 Lazar
its courrupted os & profile lakshman
system.exe has encounter a problem sandip
Task manager shows it and eats almost 65MB RAM on XP. But same OS in my office it just takes 60Kb which makes me to think its a kinda virus. But on searching my desktop, it doesnt show up. Iam worred. Any body help pcpro
It can replicate itself on to USB drives and other types of removable libraries. This virus seems to be contagious. Jared
trojan horse. connecting to Botnet server via 6667/tcp
like jess said, ever since i installed AVG 8, system used a lot more memory Juan
Dangerous malware. Kaspersky cleans it. Bikram
it hogs resourses  See also: Link SandCoon
CPU usage goes up significantly when performing numerous read/write operations on HDD Adaj
BOTNET in DELPHI 7 real name SPyBot Task Manager Unlocking in the LINK!  See also: Link Aleksandar B.
System.exe comes with many installers. Once installs in installs itself onto system volume, then any pendrive you plug in it copys itself to that and the pendrive shows up as a folder. Use Kaspersky to remove it. This is very contageous and it sent over EMAIL and goes from COmputer to computer via USB STICk or FLASH DRIVE/Pendrive. Download Kaspersky to remove it. This is very dangerous and connects to the internet to steal passwords. Bryce
Can't be found on HDD. Uses up CPU. Can't shut down with task manager. Daniel
Prevents mapped networked drives from opening windows through My Computer. Karl
its a windows installed program. perfectly safe. unless you have downloaded another system.exe that is a virus. kevin
This IS a virus.  See also: Link David
i think it is a torjan kaushal
its a virus for sure has had it show up on my jump drive that i never use and leave pluged in all the time and also on my mp3 player chris
Picked it up on Facebook/Zynga and Microsoft Security Essentials Anti-malware program found it. Silent G1
it tries to connect to internet & i dont know weather safe or not. Rohit
When I installed AVG Internet Securtiy, it increases memory as 100MB. Also when I search it, w SoftWarEngineer
It runs 100% CPU and over 100,000 k of memory AL
A process simply called System is fine in most cases, but when you see System.exe, it is definitely malware.
I'm thinking that it's Updates exe file, becose i haven't it trough until i installed WinXp and started to update it. Still here are some precents that it is a virus or something like that. DaHous3
We have this file now for two years on our pc, and im thinking it might be a virus. Hope anyone knows if this can POSSIBLY be a windows native process. Kees
I'm thinking that it's Updates exe file, because i haven't it trough until i installed WinXp and started to update it. Still here are some precents that it is a virus or something like that. DaHous3
Its a virus comes from cracked softwares that altered the installer. Minigun
Eats up over 100k of memory when avg is installed. If theres only one system exe on your task manager list and everything is working fine, then it's not a virus. If you want your memory back, uninstall avg. Shana
causes blue screen, allows others acces to your computer, steals all information, searches your ip address and WILL return if not properly blocked. remove it immediatly jake
It looks like this came from something that I've donloaded called "auto_clicker." it came in a zipped file. I'm not totally sure if it is or not though... still running scans to find the stupid virus that this process implies is there. Grant
Constantly trying to connect to another computer in Romania! Paco
system.exe is maleware/v.23 win/hack VTT system (without exe) and usally takes 100~500KB of Memory size is a normal system process. GFAs
gather data that you log to the internet. even online games. then send it back to the owner of the program jm
It could be quite dangerous if its using 100% of memory and/or trying to connect to the internet. Gruntkiller4000
If it is System.exe it is a virus. If it is just System it should be fine
I was downloading ProRAT for pentesting but the official link was down so I got a different one, it basically melted my screen when I ran it and I had to reboot. At first it had the same effect as a batch virus, just flooded my desktop but now all the time I get "system.exe has stopped working," and in my D: drive there is a hidden folder named "downloads" with only one file, system.exe. I can't delete it either, even with force delete from the command line. It hasn't done anything too harmful yet. Alfie
it is system file I got it in my windows8 as normal process Bob
The bot replaces the native windows system.exe file. AVG found it, but couldn't remove it because the original had already been replaced. I completely restored hard drive with image created 2 months earlier using Macrium Reflect. AOK now. BACK UP everything, including the system, folks. This is the only way you really know the virus isn't lurking somewhere... Stephen Smith
System.exe is a trojan. It acts as a server which sends usage information to a remote client and can allow them to take control of your computer. There are no cases where System.exe is a windows process on any version of windows ever. System without the .exe extension (shown in taskmgr) is a windows process, however. Bernard
It's the windows core file that boots on startup. As long as you don't click or install anything that's marked system.exe (that's probably a worm), you don't need to worry about it. Interwebz
Affects text accents usage, CPU and memory are also always at 100%. Is a keylogger of the worst type and should be removed by any means necessary. Generally stays at %temp%. Hatendraht

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