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Process name: Spam Filter

Product: ZoneAlarm Security Suite

Support: Help link [1][2]   Update link [1][2]   Uninstall tool  

Company: SonicWALL (sonicwall.com)

File: mantispm.exe

Zone Alarm's AntiSpam filter, mantispm.exe integrates with multiple mail applications and prevents mail tagged as spam from reaching your inbox. It redirects to a designated spam folder that you can review later or set to automatically purge. Zone Alarm is currently distributed by SonicWALL, an internet security company now owned by Dell.www.neuber.com/taskmanager/process/mantispm.exe.html 
s####################### §§§ AppSvc32.exe §§§ Symantec Application Core Service §§§ Symantec (symantec.com) §§§ Symantec Application Core Description: The core service of the Symantic Security Suite, AppSvc32.exe runs as a background process and interfaces with every other Symantec background process. It manages any installed protection service, such as Symantec AntiVirus and Norton Internet Security. It maintains a common management console that can be accessed by clicking the Symantec icon in the system tray. Symantec AntiVirus (distributed as Norton AntiVirus since 1998) is part of a larger suite of programs including Norton Internet Security. Introduced in 1991, Symantec is the leading provider of Antivirus software in North America.
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  • 275 users ask for this file. 49 users rated it as not dangerous. 2 users rated it as not so dangerous. 17 users rated it as neutral. 2 users rated it as little bit dangerous. 7 users rated it as dangerous. 5 users didn't rate it ("don't know").

All comments about mantispm.exe:
It's part of zone alarm Bob Telford
It is part or Zonealarms ( Zonelabs ) Stephen
a filer related to zonealarm i think you get this if you enable the 'protect the zonealarm client' feature but i'm not sure
After Installing Zone Alarm Security Suite It became listed as a running process that can not be ended in the task manager Richard Atkins
Part of Zone Alarm Pro, and integrates with microsoft outlook, or other email client to prevent the spread of virii through email. It also acts as a junk mail (spam) filter. It also allows you to report junk mail, and block all mail from specific domains, or users, and includes a smart filter which catches other junk mail before it's delivered. Great Customizeable feature  See also: Link Steve Nihan
Part of Zone Alarm Pro Viktoria
Part Zone Alarm's MailFrontier Spam Protection Program Paul
Was attemptimg to send my bank PIN from ZoneAlarlm Vault to MailFrontier, why would a spam filter be trying to do this? I don't have the spam filter turned on in ZA as I don't use Outlook?. Looked very suspicious to me. Rob
Indeed, it's part of ZoneAlarm-Pro and ZoneAlarm Security Suite. Eric
Zonelabs Security Suite - Mailfrontier Span Blocker  See also: Link A clever guy
This is part of ZoneAlarm Spam filter. Works well Arun Soni
Its a file Running on Mail Frontier David Phouthavong
email spam blocker daevious
Zone Alarm Jim
its spam filter for zone alarm perfectly safe can be switched off from within zone alarm rick
Definately got it after installing Zone Alarm Security Suite Bond, James
Zone Alram warned it was tracking keystrokes and mouse movements. Now why would a SPAM filter need to do that? TK
this process cannot be ended in the task manager. If you want to not run this process, then you have turn the Email protection off in your Zone alarm settings. Ashok
I disabled it and zone alarm still works fine so I would not entertain it without it paying me a reasonable fee scotte
Zone alarm spam filter, disabled via Junk Email Filter in Email protection tab Joshua D'Alton
Part of ZoneAlarm. If you turn off the mail protection features, it goes away. Not Telling
Zone alarm mimmo
Zone Alarm. All Good. Dondebob
ZoneAlarm flagged it--how could it be part of ZA? HEG
why doesnt zone alarm recognize the file and give you advice on it? Helga
Okay, Definitely part of ZoneAlarm Security Suite, and ZoneAlarm-Pro. The active process is a file "mantispm.exe" (presumably = mail anti-spam) and associated with a sequence of components involved in creating the connection or listening port for that executable (eg. imslsp.dll, WS2_32.dll, WININET.dll). To see the components, try a command prompt, and type in: netstat -b -v BSFMissleLock
Zone alarm pro.. seem to use other companies products as their own Me
nothing to worry, anti mail spamer . binEsh
its to do with zone labs and slows my comp down wayne
As stated above it is part of ZA, however ZA attempts to block the program. One would think a program would be able to know whether or not it's internal workings were safe or not. Idiotic software. POUser
After installing ZA Internet Security suite from CD then updating to latest version 6.5 ZA produced a pop-up security alert saying mantispm.exe was unknown and that it could log key strokes etc. I found out it was actually a component of ZA6.5 so I allowed it (but why didn't ZA recognise it and auto configue?). Next ZA pop-up warned that mantispm.exe was trying to access the internet. Hopefully, it needs access to access its mail screening function, cos I allowed it with no problems. RogerN
it uses the fetch and execute cycle of your cpu to make use of the ALU
mantispm.exe ZSone alarm red flag it ,, so look for it in your search option and remove ,, why should any thing want to monitor my activities , and sites i visit miguel antoino
Zonealarm anti-spam and email virus protection, you have to configure it thru ZA to disable- but its all good. laasdd
Zone Alarm flagged it! If it is supposed to be part of ZA then why would it set an alarm off on it's own program. Doesn't make a nickles worth of sense to me. It continually tries to access the internet too. Silver Whiskers
Zone Alarm Spam Filter File used with Zone Alarm but not part of it as written by Sonicwall I think as when I searched the web for MailFrontier came up with this site that does Internet Security.My conclusion being that Zone Alarm contracted out some work and Sonicwall supplied them with this program and may be collecting data for there use also.  See also: Link Michael Pope
Not to be confused with Mantispam.exe which is a worm. This is a Zonelabs product Jedidiah Rheubarb
This file is not spam or virus i did search file on my pc this file is something for Zonealarm C:\Program Files\Zone Labs\ZoneAlarm\MailFrontier  See also: Link Zuber
ZA. Proceed as "Not Telling" suggested - itīs gone! RiOh
ZoneAlarm flagged it as Dangerous - monitoring key strokes. Havestrat
part of zone alarm henry rollins
part of zone alarm suite  See also: Link Alex
This is a spam blocker for ZA Stefan
Just Updated Zone Alarm, and it said mantispm.exe has changed so i think its normal Hells-Fury
It is part of ZoneAlarm- but the fact that Smart Defense Advisor flags it as Suspicious Behavior does little for anyone's confidence in ZA. You may shut it off in ZA, but the Alert IS a bug in ZA and they should fix it or remove it. It's not dangerous but it's also not necessary. If it's just another irritating craplet for you, turn it off in ZA GotZASuite
i am shutting it down. if ZA isnt programmed to recognise its own installed components then somethings up! Siege
Part Of Zone Alarms security package. Good, but ZA asks the user wether or not to block this process! Stupid Really... Joe
zone alarm
mantispm.exe belongs to the ZoneAlarm-Software (PFW). It works as an plugin on MS Outlook and filters incoming Spam- and Junkmail and puts it in a separate directory. Steffen
part of zonelabs security
Zone Alarm uses
Component of ZoneAlarm Mutant XMCL
You could turn it off in zonealarm program control setting....1st disable in taskman...then remove from program setting...add it to then kill (setting) for disable to startup again. xp_thang
It is 100% ZoneLabs (Installed and then uninstalled to make sure i was correct) Richard
Slows down my Outlook - puts mail in a folder that has a filter on it for flagged items only and doesn't flag any of the items. Keeps popping up the toolbar in the middle of the screen. Came with update to ZoneAlarm without warning and can't turn it off. Ellen
below is answer of zone alarm technical support when asked what is it, why does it need internet access and why does it need to track activity. Thank you for contacting Zone Labs Technical Service. nicohooker
ZoneAlarm Tech. support dixit: Mantispm.exe is our junkmail filter. Some times it gets updated and changes how it works and it will require access to get further updates. It does the monitor to verify active program or if it should go idle. If you want to disable the junkmail filter open up ZoneAlarm and click on email protection. Put a dot in off for junkmail filter. nicohooker
This file is part of MailFrontier. If it loads at startup it can cause computer to start up really slow! Disable it at desktop so your start can run faster.
Zone alarm pro - regular doesn't use this  See also: Link Anonymous
It's not dangerous, unless it has another process attached to it. It's normally a process from Zone Alarm (mantispm=mail anti spam, hello?) It doesn't send any PIN numbers, personal info or anything. Trev
Five users consider this dangerous and a bunch say it flags itself? Come on guys, this is part of ZoneAlarm Internet Security. Zonealarm will flag parts of itself if you told it to notify you of changed programs~~that's what it is supposed to do. Whether it's needed or not depends on whether you want it to filter your email for SPAM or not. Furshur
This is part of ZoneAlarm's MailFrontier. It is not malicious is any way. If you uninstall Mail frontier you will also get an error about said :"mantispm.exe" not able to open. Mantispm stands for M=Mail Anti=Anti spm=Spam. NOW what some people may be doing is making a trojan horses .exe file save as mailantispm.exe to trick you. simply deny it access. Aslong as your a person that doesnt use Microsft Outlook for emailing you will be fine without it. Phrost
Part of ZA
mantispm.exe is the email protection for ZA and can be seen (and stopped) in Task Manager. If a program is being flagged by ZA then it may well be 'mantisp_a_m.exe' which is a worm mailer. See link for more info  See also: Link Peter Brindle
links to this very page and has all the comments above as exact copy of this page, but has this to say at the top of their page: " It is not a Windows core file. The program is not visible. The file is a Verisign signed file. The file is certified by a trustworthy company. It can change the behavior of other programs or manipulate other programs. mantispm.exe is able to monitor applications. Therefore the technical security rating is 51% dangerous, however also read the users reviews." Lightscribe
I never had it running on my computer untill I did something stupid and got my computer infected. Shortly after that showed up something else called eakviojn.exe showed up shortly after Beware. It is NOT part of zone alarm. That so many seem to link it ot ZA I think it might be something that tries to use ZA or attacks it Stupid Fool
This is a junk mail filter part of ZA. dont use if not using a junk mail filter.waste of useful system resource arnold
This process is started when you start an email client. once your done with the email client, you can kill the process with task manager XP_POWER_USER
ZA (actually MailFrontier Desktop application) Spam blocker, but does indeed monitor keystrokes for some odd reason. If you are using ZA, it can be disabled by disabling Junk Email Filter in ZA. Juha
It is part of the Rebel alliance and a traitor so i took it away how dare you slow down my work  See also: Link nibiru
It is at the top of my "Processes" list when my new computer freezes karen
Dude that claims using a bank PIN online is bogus. No banmk uses insecure PIN online. He's a firewall competitor - idiot.  See also: Link Realist
It is valid only if you are using MS Outlook. For any other email client, it serves no purpose and should be disabled. It is a bit of a resource hog. To disable, within your Zonealarm program, go to the Email Protection section and turn all options to OFF. Reminder, these ONLY work if you use Outlook so do not feel threatened by having them off. As stated, the executable is mantispm.exe. New upgrades by Checkpoint/Zonealarm often have issues with getting this to function right and it is common or their Technical Support to place blame on user's system up until the day they release a patch. Larry
It's part of the ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite's "Junk E-mail Filter." To disable it, go to the ZA preferences panel /E-mail Protection/Main/Junk E-mail Filter and click the "Off" radio button. docster
Zemana alerted that it was logging keystrokes, I question that it a Zone Alarm process would be doing this. Root66
Installed by ZoneAlarm; MS Outlook spam filter; resource-hog; optional component Ares Hermes

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