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Process name: Remote Procedure Call Net

Product: LoJack for Laptops

Company: Absolute Software (absolute.com)

File: rpcnet.exe

A background process from Absolute Software, this remote procedure call is necessary for the Lojack software. It allows you to remotely track your laptop in case of theft. As soon as your machine connects to the internet, rpcnet.exe will be able to receive requests from an outside client, allowing you to determine where the computer is, and set certain parameters that will be followed by the OS until you unlock it. Founded in 1994, Absolute Software specializes in persistent security for several types of devices.www.neuber.com/taskmanager/process/rpcnet.exe.html 
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  • 1367 users ask for this file. 26 users rated it as not dangerous. 4 users rated it as not so dangerous. 8 users rated it as neutral. 8 users rated it as little bit dangerous. 29 users rated it as dangerous. 4 users didn't rate it ("don't know").

All comments about rpcnet.exe:
Laptop tracking software, laptop retriever  See also: Link
May be a part of Absolute Software Computrace Product  See also: Link
Rpcnet.exe is hidden for a reason, it is part of the Lo-Jack for Laptops from Absolute Software.  See also: Link Xelkos
part of computrace application CW
Is part of the lowjack for laptop service. Makes connection the first time the laptop connects to the internet to log location. Sallie
LoJack for Laptops is a theft protection service that tracks, locates and recovers stolen laptops  See also: Link John
It's a process associated with Lo-Jack for Laptops software application (mfgr'd by Absolute Software). Deleting this process is not recommended!  See also: Link Don Kelloway
It is important if you want your laptop back after being stolen  See also: Link mihalko
Forgot to say. Ran WinLive today and all was o.k. so my RBF must be part of LoJack. Ed
I have LoJack so it makes sense...till further notice  See also: Link Ed
Also comes with rpcnet.dll, rpcnetp.exe, rpcnetp.dll in \Windows\System32 folder. File sizes of these files can vary since the rpcnet writes logs into these associated files. Controls IE to connect to "search.namequery.com" continuously whenever an internet connection is available. Activities are like a spyware, but for lost/stolen computer tracking purposes. If it acts like spyware, works like a spyware, it is a spyware! Fortunately, it can be removed by regedit.  See also: Link darnit
it is a part of Absolute Software Computrace Product
Lo-Jack for Laptops from Absolute Software.  See also: Link Who
This is from Lo-Jack for Laptops James
I have Lo-Jack for Laptops installed on my computer, and Rpcnet.exe is a part of it. Jake
Definitely part of Computrace. Persistent because it's stored in the flash memory of the BIOS. Flashing the BIOS may remove it.  See also: Link Bill
Using ThreatFire clearly identified rpcnet as needed by LoJack David
Part of Computrace and /or Lojack for Laptops  See also: Link Ziggy
Lo-Jack software from Computrace
I was told by a dell service representative that it's a crazy hard core trojan that can break any security. I asked If it had anything to do with lojack and he said no. I have lojack installed on my system but he said that it had nothing to do with it... I am a skeptical of Dell now... The dude couldn't fix my computer and I still get the error about rpcnet to this day and I was told to turn my computer back to the factory settings... LAME I am going to try to find another way Matt
Use it for my LoJack service via dell. Not at all harmfull. Codeman
'Absolute' claims it can remotely destroy HD on command, but when asked how that power is protected from accidents they provided NO technical assurance, just marketing/salesman BS. It acts like spyware, works like spyware, and can destroy your computer. If it could spread we'd call it a virus! Daniel Johnson
It's reading from disk like it's indexing something. The fact that it runs under Internet Explorer doesn't make it a lot better... It's keeping me from doing my work, so I suggest to remove it. Niels
I have it. It's not a cute littl lojack working for your best interest any longer! It's tracking you. Wake up. It's tracking you.
cant click on links on websites, cant log onto yahoo, can only right click on links on the web and hit copy and cant fill ANY forms out on the net. THIS JUST STARTED. I have had lo jack for over a month now and thi shieit just started. kim
I don't have Lojack and TrendMicro says it's a new service which is making unauthorized changes. Therefore, I blocked it. Carl
LoJack for Laptops. Runs at startup as Remote Procedure Call (RPC) Net in msconfig under services and can be disabled. Red
It is also located in the boot sector-Reqired for Lojack RGW
Followed my anti virus softwares reccomendation and deleted it, then my lojack software sent a warning to the company. This file is indeed connected to Lojack for laptops Lillian
Lojack For laptops remote procedure CALL, its a file that calls lojack and tells them where your computer is if it is stolen.
rpcnet was soimehow actvated on my laptop but I didn't know it was related to Lo Jack which I have installed and registered. Ned Hoover
NSA tracking software/flashing bios will not remove delta
It is an RPC (Remote Procedure Call) file used by many systems. If you see connections to search.namequery.com more than once every 30 minutes, then your machine may have been flagged by computrace as stolen.  See also: Link Fred
I've never heard LoJack or Absolute software before. But this Rpcnet.exe did exist in my computer. I deleted it. Confused
Computrace Lojack
It is used by a trojan that hijacks explorer (desktop) disable together with wctsys solves problem LAPUERTA
'Absolute' claims it can remotely control and can disble your computer. And it did to mine. I have no lojack or any of their software. How did it get in my computer? how did it hijacked explorer making my computer unusable. They are "investigating" No solution. This is serious. Remove this parasite if you can! Larry Francis
We never installed that program shamus
Its the process that integrates with laptop lojack (computrace). Its harmless and helps you get your laptop back when its stolen. You want this thing running if you ever want to see your laptop back after its been nabbed. Northern Engineer.
It is indeed Computrace. You can remove it, but the BIOS will push it back. This is mainly seen on Lenovo and Dell but others are jumping on. Your IT guys can now track you on a map and see an inventory of eberything on your PC. In fact, with Absolute, they can remote wipe your PC. Then can snap a photo of you with the webcam and you would never know. I know what I'm talking about because I am that IT guy. osu9400
rpcnet.exe track your computer, if it is stollen, very hard to remove, i have found the solution here and posted email conversation with absolut software corp  See also: Link kopax
Remote program from Absolute Software. Canīt use my laptop cause of 100% cpu usage :/ FULL-BLOCK Internet Explorer!!! Itīs used to send & recieve data from/to your machine. "AS" can download your whole harddrivedisk. Block IE & use Firefox. After starting laptop, just open taskmanager & end "rpcnet". After 1 min. everything will be fast as before Dave Komarac
Probably a backdoor keylogger or malicious hijacker. rpcnet.dll - the Digital signature is not valid (see properties of the file and look at details). Mine was signed at March 3, 2009 12:38:52 pm by Verisign. Version 8.0.885.0 56,680 File size is 56680. It is evil incarnate. Fixer for guy who doesn't update Windows
actually I was succesful in removing the program Christine
absolute software computrace, embedded in bios reloads if wiped on next boot, needs bios tools to kill cant just reflash freddy
Comodo says that is a trojan, and I figured out that it is working like a trojan! Samuel Mäki
Definitely is LoJack for Laptops process, not harmful. A cop who has dealt with Lojack
Safari dynamically altered on Macs by BIOS Agent. IP is whitelisted by security software. Blockable by altering routing table. Black Hat 2009 Conference presented this for PCs, but it seems it also applies to Macs.  See also: Link leftblank15
It's a trojan and installed remotely without permission.Remove and block.Remove and block.I say again,,REMOVE AND BLOCK.Keep your anti virus up to date as well. sec con
This is not dangerous its included with your laptop from dell or what ever company you buy your laptop from its there for a reason , to stop theft it only tracks your laptop location if you physically set it up to do that i've been all though it and if you read the booklet that comes with your laptop then you will see that it only purpuse is to track via internet its also says the information is not shared and it cannot remotly access your laptop or take pictures like you said up the top , this is illegal to do this as it is anauthorized access. This product is used by the police so how can it be harmful  See also: Link Sam
If you have NOT subscribed to LoJack for Laptops, this process absolutely SHOULD NOT BE RUNNING AS A PROCESS. Absolute Software, which actually runs Lojack for Laptops, claims that this process NEVER operates unless LoJack has been activated. This is a flat out lie - which if it is running and you dont have LoJack you can see. Absolute also states that the file rpcnetp.exe and or rpcnetp.dll will not been downloaded on your computer unless you have purchased LoJack. Check for either of these files. Do yo have it? Then note when it says it was last accessed or modified. If your computer is like mine, these files will usually have been within the last 6 hours. So, you have a file or files specifically designed to access EVERYTHING on your computer and transmit the information, allegedly to help recover it, that is actively at work doing something, very regularly, on your machine. Why would that happen? THIS IS A BAD PROCESS! Bruce Alan
I opened the file while my computer was in safe mode. I opened the file all the way and deleted the files from the inside out. When the inside files were gone I was then allowed the delete the folder. Hope it helps. Robert M.
It's a friggin root kit along w/ the files rpcnetp.exe and rpcnetp.dll
well something has learned to take advantage of this exe by making a dll of the same name rpcnet.dll, it then will be a nightmare, so the original file is fine, but the spawns from the dll are a problem Joe
A process that maliciously tracks user activity and browsing activity. There may be another process named 'rpcnet' that is legitimate, but this one is parasitic and should be removed. bd
ultimately: snoopware David
I do not have Lojack or belong to any such program- this just suddenly appeared the other day. After my AVG located and removed, I have not had internet access, and cannot get it back. Unsure if this is a coincedence, but really nervous. How long was it there before it was caught?? That's my main concern. C
Your claim " If you have any problems with rpcnet.exe, you can uninstall Computrace or CompuTrace Plus from your computer using the Control Panel applet "Add/Remove programs"." is wrong. This is part of the backdoor component that is NOT removed. I have it even without any computrace subscription or warning, thancs to Acer.
bios resident spyware rmz96
Backdoor component of LoJack and some other Absolute spyware.
AVG just found this file and it's not a laptop..i have no program it belongs to. Microsoft said they're looking into it and don't know what it is. Carol M
It was sold as a method of locating stolen computers, but has been stealthily rolled out without informing the computer owners. It is rumoured to be open to abuse by thrid parties. Gives thrid party's massive power over your computer without you knowing. Steve C.
It's the process for Lojack theft recovery software  See also: Link J in SF
their is now a program that disables absolute completely. spyvision 1.4-1.5  See also: Link shaine brown
to remove rpcnetp.exe right click on my computer select manage go to services and applications select services find an select file prcnetp.exe and click stop the service mohamed wahba
BIOS based backdoor, found preinstalled in most computers. Pretends to be a stolen hardware recovery software or management tool, but all it does is it enables the remote download and run of other software tools on the infected machine.
Backdoor from Absolute Software... maybe for NSA usage.  See also: Link
This is Lojack for laptops aka computrace. It is NOT a virus or spyware. In fact, you have to PAY to use it, but it comes ready to activate in most laptop BIOS's. Because of it's purpose it is not removable (if you try, it will reinstall on the next boot). If software like this were really removable, a thief could remove it when they steal your laptop. The "tracking" it does is actually a selling point for the software. Unless activated (ie, you're paying), it tracks NOTHING. Note that there are occasionally "real" viruses that run under the same filename, so some of the posters here may have a virus and not the legitimate version of this file. Robert
It keeps spawning hundreds of Suspended iexplore.exe processes. Danny
Rootkit behaviour D
It sure is some dishonest kind of shitware. I never installed it myself nor did it come with my OS. When I checked its properties under the Digital Signature tab, it clearly said 'Absolut Software Corp' with a date 2 years late from when I bought my laptop. Ergo, this program downloaded itself in a bundled package when I downloaded something else and in an eerily and stealthy fashion installed itself into the OS. What honesty may you expect from such behavior. All is said.  See also: Link Bernie II

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