What is save.exe? Is save.exe spyware or a virus?

How to fix save.exe related problems?
1. Run Security Task Manager to check your save process
2. Run Windows Repair Tool to repair save.exe related Windows Errors
3. Run MalwareBytes to remove persistent malware

Process name: Save

Product: Save

Company: WhenU.com among others

File: save.exe

Security Rating:

The most common file with the name "save.exe" is an adware program:www.neuber.com/taskmanager/process/save.exe.html 

The "save"-adware displays advertisements in pop-up windows whenever certain websites are visited.
It creates the folder Save inside the system's Program Files directory, then drops certain files into this folder in order to perform its adware routine.
It also uninstalls the software SaveNow from the infected machine.
You have to check the full path and the properties of this file to decide if it is dangerous or not.

If you can not remove save.exe (because you can not locate it, or it is in use), download Security Task Manager. This program can kill the process, delete or quarantine this file, or just list all security related information about this file and all other running background processes.

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Average user rating of save.exe: based on 103 votes. Read also the 66 reviews.

  • 122 users ask for this file. 24 users rated it as not dangerous. 7 users rated it as not so dangerous. 18 users rated it as neutral. 26 users rated it as little bit dangerous. 28 users rated it as dangerous. 9 users didn't rate it ("don't know").

All comments about save.exe:
SAVE!/SAVENOW is installed on your computer as a module that comes with WeatherCast or ClockSync or other software that you downloaded from the Internet. At that time, you accepted a SAVE!/SAVENOW license agreement as part of the download process you completed. Chris Currie
Nechutný hnusák. Evil shit. jocha
comes also with kazaa... Seb
Comes with free download manager & acuires CPU resources. The PC gets slow. kapil
Sometimes it uses a lot of memory from my pc, very annoying, I ended up uninstalling bearshare and all related files. One mistake I'll never make again :P p00Pman
dont worry it saves your data and notes everything Alex raptor
Pop-up irratator& Profiler Drew
comes with bear share too but I couldn't resist  See also: Link paul
Comes with bearshare Dazza
comes with BearShare for examp. Tiny
save.exe is also the name of the client that ships with the professional backup software Legato Networker. Killing that process will kill an in-progress backup.  See also: Link Lee
This file is an adware. It comes with useless ClockSync software. Cesar C.A.
anything that asks for internect connection cant be good bear share runs fine without it
Well, it comes with bearshare has some of the nastyest ad's i've ever seen _  See also: Link Aaron5367
It slowed my computer down. If you find it, don't bother to keep it. Piwee
irritating as phuck. makes the pc slow. i look at it as ad-ware. Nemui Neko
My employee downloaded it. Caused problems. George Foreman
comes with bearshare Ivona
Die Datei save.exe kommt mit Bareshare lassen sie die Datei einfach nich starten so is es kein Problem und der CPU ist nich überlastet dani
Bearshare venom
it came with bearshare and slowed my computer far to slow jethro
This is also an executable run by Legato Networker backup  See also: Link
comes with realplayer or edonkey dirk
annoying leads to many pop ups
It comes as a condition of operating bearshare for free....the trick is that bearshare only requires that it be installed on your computer, you can quarantine, deactivate, etc. as long as the file itself is on your system somewhere. Not a problem once you stop it from doing everything it's supposed to --- then you got bearshare for free. If anybody knows a better psp system let me know. Zen82
Die Datei "Save.exe" wird. u.a. bei der Installation des Downloadprogramms "Bearshare" zusammen mit "Weather Cast" installiert. Sie können es unter systemsteuerung - Software deinstallieren. Ich empfehle aber noch, den "Spybot Search and Destroy" zu installieren um es endgültig zu beseitigen. Karl-Heinz
Adware. downloaded with a trashy prog 'fastmind' wasnt thinking too fast at the time! Bob
It doesn't really do anything if you have like a Windows XP, it's just an annoying program. This is why I use Limewire.  See also: Link Xavier
WhenUSaveNow adware. Bearshare "safe" people, Bearshare is "ad-supported". Hello Mr. Adware. Kisara
It's your common run of the mill adware and profiler, comes with most file sharing and P2P Network software, commonly bundled with freeware. Sean
just be on system process and consume some memory/cpu... when I install BSPlayer.. it install "whenU Save" (save.exe) as supporting HFelix
Not going to render your computer useless like malware. Comes with bearshare and may slow down performance a bit.
Now bundled with Daemon tools
Comes with free BSplayer.  See also: Link Chris
it conected to the internet and i din't know about it except later ABLS
Comes with BSplayer , consumes lot of CPU when browsing the net Tovarnik
bearshar, slow down pc, popups trushy
comes with BSplayer Rick
I got it with BSplayer Leo
comes with bsplayer
it comes with When Usave in bsplayer didu
i got this annoying "offline-popup-crap-thing" from http://themexp.org ... it is within every file that you download there ... together with "NewDotNet" ... another annoying and dangerous tool. but it is easy to delete ... you just need to find it, stop the process with taskmanager and delete the whole folder ... and done ^^ brisc
Downloaded it with "Amazing CD & DVD Burner". NOD32 didn't find it, nor did Lavasofts' Ad-Aware SE Personal. It has created a folder in Program Files named "Save" with *.exe and some other files, and made some registry edits, which can be found if trying to find "WhenU". taraCkaans
WhenUSaveNow adware. Bearshare "safe" people, It's your common run of the mill adware and profiler, comes with most file sharing and P2P Network software, commonly bundled with freeware Bearshare is "ad-supported". suhail
When You Save - Some Freeware applications Install this. This is spyware that when you visit some sites you will get a popup to a site with a better price. Should remove
when i try to open certains site the program starts and it apears lots of advertisments
bundled with Daemon tools
Comes with BSplayer...just prohibit its access to the internet Seed
'when U' spyware file, comes with BSplayer etc.. mike
Also part of Legato Backup - corporate backup software John
O4 - HKCU\..\Run: [WhenUSave] "C:\Program Files\Save\Save.exe" - its distributed by WhenU, an advertisement company. The software they use for this adverts are called Save and SaveNow. They don't cause any security threats but they are responsible for pop-ups. The only questionable thing is the way they are installed, they come bundled with other useful programmes. IBRAHIM
It tried to terminate my Visual C++ 6.0 Runtime Libraries and also deleted some of my Dreamweaver 8 software files. (Application log) CheeseDude781
comes with BSplayer, shows ads. Not dangerous but uses CPU and shows you adds. To uninstall, just uninstall the program it came with (in ads, whenU specifies the software it came with as 'in support of some software '.  See also: Link juz
BearShare exe
Maybe not only adware. I didnt try to sisasseble it and understand what exactly it is doing, but according to "netstat -b" data it's connecting to some hosts that I would'n like to be connected to. Security rating = 5. Evil shit. MuToGeN
Does not belong to Windows XP. EMC or Legato Networker backup software does contain a legitimate file named "save.exe" The Duke
makes it sometimes difficult to start the computer
Hard to uninstall. Launches a website to uninstall... Hacktor
This look like Spyware/Bot/keylogger. Stuff to slllooowws your comp down. Just a dude
Belonged to Legato backup in my case. Slow and annoying but not dangerous and shouldn't be removed. Klas
EMC NetWorker (backup application)  See also: Link RickyT
Application NetWorker EMC Corporation 216 KB FrankB
VIRUS bobmeow
 See also: Link Chamonix Transfers
Spyware ! sofort entfernen okre

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