What is NEWDOT~2.DLL? Is NEWDOT~2.DLL spyware or a virus?

How to fix NEWDOT~2.DLL related problems?
1. Run Security Task Manager to check your NEWDOT~2 process
2. Run Windows Repair Tool to repair NEWDOT~2.DLL related Windows Errors
3. Run MalwareBytes to remove persistent malware

Process name: NewDotNet Domain names

Product: NewDotNet

Company: new.net


Security Rating:

"NEWDOT~2.DLL" or 'newdotnet_(number).dll' is an InternetExplorer Add-on that allows you to access non-standard domains such as .shop, .med, .mp3, and it provides search results when a user enters keywords in the address browser address bar, or attempts to resolve a mistaken or nonexistent URL. It is not overtly harmful in intent, but counts as Unsolicited Commercial Software as it installs behind your back and its purpose is to generate revenue for its manufacturer. www.neuber.com/taskmanager/process/newdot~2.dll.html 
A very large range of software installs New.Net, including RealOne, AudioGalaxy, KaZaA, iMesh, Grokster, BearShare, Babylon and Radlight.
Removal: Open the Control Panel and look in the 'Add/Remove Programs' list.

If you can not remove NEWDOT~2.DLL (because you can not locate it, or it is in use), download Security Task Manager. This program can kill the process, delete or quarantine this file, or just list all security related information about this file and all other running background processes.

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