What is winnet.dll? Is winnet.dll spyware or a virus?

How to fix winnet.dll related problems?
1. Run Security Task Manager to check your winnet process
2. Run Windows Repair Tool to repair winnet.dll related Windows Errors
3. Run MalwareBytes to remove persistent malware

Process name: casinopalazzo trojan



File: winnet.dll

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"winnet.dll" is part of the casinopalazzo trojan! (You will find winnet.dll, run_dos.dll, rnr.dll, taskmgn.exe, telnetxp.exe in your Windows\system32 folder.)www.neuber.com/taskmanager/process/winnet.dll.html 
You should remove it!
Note that "wininet.dll" is a Windows system file from Microsoft; malware often uses tricks like this to hide from users.

If you can not remove winnet.dll (because you can not locate it, or it is in use), download Security Task Manager. This program can kill the process, delete or quarantine this file, or just list all security related information about this file and all other running background processes.

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it prevents mcaffe firewall from loading it attaches it self to the mpf file and prevents the setup from completing bobat2320bama
process made by a generic worm, you should scan your system, virus found will show you the generated FILE NAME. Then end the process and remove the file name found by the virus scan. MarZi
 See also: Link
I have a computer that will not allow Kodak Easy Share to function or allow it's picture files to be viewed because it is "missing the wininet.dll file." Neither will any AOL or AIM95 program even run without the existance of the lousy file. They won't even uninstall themselves without this file!! Rrrrr Dan F.
Some of my programs need it to work! Metodi
it wont let me get into files on my computer joe haystack
i was looking for wininet.dll; are they referring to the same thing? Thomas
It runs some standerd internet connection that is linked to IE browsers. It's a favorite target for viruses and spyware cause it's the 1st file that it goes though. I lost mine cause my AVG anti-virus system killed a virus but also killed my WININET.dll file cause it was "infected". I'm looking for a way to reinstall the file, but for now I suffer. T_T Night4ce
a very common piece of spyware..usually comes bundled with game software but is in other software as well Phil
Aufpassen beim Dateinamen! Blast
when i scan my computer for virus, this file appears to be infected by "Trojan horse Downloader.Agent.ETP". Now that i have remove it, i cant install any video codes on my pc. udi
ewido will erase this problem  See also: Link dan
My Antivirus found it as infected and took it to the virus vault (AVG) , because it couldn't heal it! And then some of my programs couldn't start (Scype,Yahoo Messenger,Download Master,Internet Explorer and other) MM3
you cant open internet explorer without it brent
I was looking through the coding for a .pif virus that came in email and winnet.dll is one of the files it calls. Simon

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