What is istsvc.exe? Is istsvc.exe spyware or a virus?

How to fix istsvc.exe related problems?
1. Run Security Task Manager to check your istsvc process
2. Run Windows Repair Tool to repair istsvc.exe related Windows Errors
3. Run MalwareBytes to remove persistent malware

Process name: ISTbar spyware

Product: ISTbar

Company: Integrated Search Technologies, CDT Inc.

File: istsvc.exe

Security Rating:

"istsvc.exe" is part of ISTbar. This Internet Explorer add-in is spyware as well as a homepage and search page hijacker.www.neuber.com/taskmanager/process/istsvc.exe.html 
ISTbar may also install other parasites, including TinyBar, ToolbarCrash, SearchbarCrash, RapidBlaster and Download Plus.
If you don't recall downloading ISTbar, it may have found its way on your system by using an ActiveX control to silently install on your system by simply visiting a website. This is most commonly encountered on adult content websites.
You should remove it.

If you can not remove istsvc.exe (because you can not locate it, or it is in use), download Security Task Manager. This program can kill the process, delete or quarantine this file, or just list all security related information about this file and all other running background processes.

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spyware .. hasan
Spyware Devnullius
Can prevent Win98 systems from starting Ray Tracy
Application that is an Internet Explorer toolbar that helps a user to find adult material on the net. The application also displays advertisements. Märu
cannot remove it by the delete command Sandra
hard to dispose of and slows sytem down greatly d roberts
it sucks  See also: Link bob riley
used add/remove from control panel - cannot boot get queried for CD key information, like it is a new windows install bobzoo76
It had a defect, so Windows asked me to send a problem mail :) after that i was able to delete it. Nagus
used add/remove from control panel and it removed ALL my programs and caused system crash MercyLady1
Can cause Windows to crash due to so many popups Becks
agree with everything said here Sugaree
It came up as a "potentially unwanted program: Adware-ISTbar.b" when I did a virus scan with the free McAfee software AOL is giving. andresariza83
Can cause a system to bog down and crash Greg3261
tries to access the internet and causes pop ups neon41
if i released a file that did this much damage from my housei would goto jailwho are these asshole who think they can get away with damaging systems causing problems and costing people money syk1k
cannot be removed. not even using 'delete on reboot' action the dizzle
Installs itself stealthily jatyap
there is a way to destroy the thing get into the registry editor and find: integrated search. delete all the integrated search values you see ( dont skip any) then go to program files and an istsvc folder should be there, delete that and the pain is all gone
ad-aware and it's gone cubic_globe
Its a pain in the backside.... Use safe mode.... to boot and delete it
even when you delate it with one of the spy abattment softwear it comes back, it means that it makes the software thinks that it's delated but it's just an illusion kais
comeback even when deleted kais
spyware which keeps reappearing after being deleted from computer. I have tried adaware, spybot, hijackthis, trojan hunter to get rid of file but it keeps reinstalling itself as long as there is an internet connection. Browso
It sucks it takes u anywhere he wants, system can get stuck from memory overloaded
Spyware , Slows your Pc Arnie
Made by a company called integrated search technologies. Can be removed by running add remove programs and then running add aware to remove registry entries David Baptista
Look for the File in the Task Manager CLOSE IT then Erase or delete
virus. abc
hard to remove Remi
Spyware indeed...! , you can remove the spyware by using "Security Task Manager" and end the process and then delete the file :) Magnús Karl
This also stopped the anti virus software, set it to manual and prevented it restarting Sponge Bob
Trend Micro identified it for me. I pulled up Task Manager and terminated it (was running). After that, I was able to delete it. I now must change the jumpers on the affected drive and re-install it on the bad computer for retest. The symptom was denial of service: could not reach any internet pages.... Bill Saunders
if using xp- Ctrl + Alt + Delete, find it in processes, right click and say "end process", then delete the file in explorer. Matthew
He wont leave my comp :P Evert
AdAware found it, hard to delete Mixus
joapp das ding suckt richtig. is schon nice, wenn man 3x so viel upload hat wie download ( in byte) aber gar nichts im netz macht, außer zu surfen peterpe
cannot delete it with del key and most anti-spyware programs fail to remove fully James
extremely annoying 2curious
ITS hard to remove thx for help use add/remove it works
Thing automatically reinstalls itself even with antispyware software Nick
This is a trojan, It opens your computer up for more attacks by other viruses and spyware. Buddy Neuman CSC
More annoying than anything...I had to remove it not only from memory..but my registry as well. Slickcrash
Ad aware can't delete it. MrTed
spyware, its going into autorun and i can't get out this compeltely.. fck
i have tried everything to remove this ISTsvc.exe... adaware, search and destroy and manual removal from the reg. SPYBOT S&D helps PITT
it's suck , also offer many ad's ,maybe caused crashes or frezz!!! sometimes for"sure
1. finish it in the task-manager 2. delete it guest
it slows down your computer Wim
Hard to get rid of
ad-aware does not remove it at all. Okan
It causes lots pop ups. I used Spybot, Adaware and Pest Patrol to remove it. I also manually deleted every reference to it in the registry and deleted it from C:\Program Files\ISTSVC\istsvc.exe (the file and the folder), but when I rebooted, it was there again!! This is a real pest the first time I have had this much trouble with removing!! Christine
Don't know how i got it. Tried to delete from windows then from cmd promp. finally used Task Mgr to stop process then was able to delete containing folder in Program Files. Also went into registry and removed exe files. Hope I don't crash. Don
it's annoying - lags my system down and pop ups hclark
I can't delete it, even with the suggestion mentioned above - help!!! Deb
It plants itself on IE and has a nasty habit of rehabitating spyware upon each reboot. If you run adaware or like programs you will see reoccurance of the same spyware imbedded into your system. It plants itself into numerous registry areas and even when removed it has hidden files to replant itself Mark
its spyware Coaster
It is difficult to remove and increases disk I/O load causing dangerous thrashing. This spyware has killed two laptop hard disks singlehandedly at the office.
it wasnt there when i bought the computer and now my computer is jacked matt
Now I know where the popups on my desktop were coming from daemonzx66
RUN: REGEDIT (HKEY Local Machine, Software, Microsoft, Shared Tools, MSconfig, StartUp Folder (GET RID OF ISTsvc FOLDER!) Then delete the folder out of C:\Program Files. ClassicLiz
Can't get the program to remove this program Boris
I found it, and I can't even delete it. I had to end many tasks that I randomly chose before I can delete it. A nuisance A
Took AdAware, SpyBot, and MoveOnBoot to get rid of it (I hope)
its crazy it downloaded 6 trojans to my comp ahlam
Keeps crashing my computer and MSN Jenna
AdAware + SpyBot + FreeAV were not able to remove it completely. Now I'll try with your STM Giro
Tenacious a real pain Jaybee
I tried deleting the folder "program files\ISTsvc" which contained only the exe-file, but it was running. Therefore I used alt-control-delete to start taskmanager and stop it manually. I was then able to remove the folder, and I hope it won't come back this way.
displays a lot of popups. Remove it by killing the process in the task manager, and then use HijackThis to remove all associated entries.
I dont know what it is but i cant delete it manually Nielz
I don't recomend using internet explorer. To prevent your pc from this virus use the mozilla web browser.  See also: Link Chou
Take a look at corel photobook cannot a href="http://corel-photobook.spb.ru/" target=_blank corel photobook /a else. http://corel-photobook.spb.ru/  See also: Link David Harold Brown
Spybot, Adaware Pro, Pest Patrol, Reg Mech, Spy Dr, all claimed to remove it but it was there upon reboot.. Check out the link to get the removal tool from semantic  See also: Link Joe
cannot be removed by adaware, GIANT spyware, etc - continues to attempt to install itself even after it has been "removed", insterts a value into registry that makes it run when you start windows - installed a toolbar and gave me popups on my otherwise popup free comp - check out the link for symantec's removal tool, if that doesn't work you'll have to delete it from registry manually, follow directions on link page  See also: Link losingmyself
A simple removal tool to remove this virus/trogan can be found in the following link.  See also: Link Ben Stokes
may be related to LimeWire (free version) just found this collumn and tried to delete Linmewire first, then ISTsvc would be deleted right away.. noon
Due this "thing" I had a number of pop-ups so big that I think it is on the Ginnes Records book Rurouni Alucard
I aquired the IST- used combo of adaware,spybot s&d. must uncheck it in msconfig startup first, reboot, run aa then spybot, then do run a search and kill the pagefile of ist\ist.exe Fahstahouahn
It sucks!!! My computer has slowed down so badly that it takes me 2 minutes to start internet explorer! And i cant get rid of it! Sigh! Mr.goldfish
could crash a system but you can remove it with a tool see link for more details  See also: Link benjamin042
keeps bringing on popups could cause a crash on your system benjamin042
paralyses your computer by using all of the virtual memory - stops regedit, task manager and prevents memory dependent virus/firewall systems from operating WiLiWiLsOn
not very much, but the fact that it is very difficult to remove and has a task htat is invisible makes it very suspicious. I didn't give the program acces on the internet with zone alarm. That made the computer slow. Tom Haring
Took me a lot of time. Tried Adaware and Spybot. After using them multiple times I finally got it deleted. I also tried the removal tool 2 times Spybuster
Very Difficult Ad-Aware Lavasoft remove but it respawn. Relieve3D
Very hard to get rid of. Seemed to download tons of other spyware adware ect.. It got to the point I couldnt do anything to get rid of it. Had to reformat. Yaotzin
restart windows in safe mode, then go to control panel and uninstall istsvc then go to windows/prefetch and deleat the file patrick
almost imposible to fix/delete hijackthis, ad_aware, spybot, Mccafe, Norten, delete comand... none of it works. still looking for a solution Jared
Nothing, only it pops up, when i run ADaware and "AD" says it's a spyware... Danny
It is created in \program files\istsvc folder. It works as a backdoor for downloading various programs (including viruses) in c:\windows\temp, then tries to execute them. In my case it came with another program file which installed itself in the root directory. Their giveaway aspect is their date/stamp, which is the same. You can delete both manually when restarting the computer in DOS mode. tam7
ISTSVC use file PHVNOLP.EXE (hidden file alocated in c:) to modify Registry key and R. value Gus
Can't be deleted, i tried to end the process in taskmgr, and then quickly delete it, but didn't work, still in use somewhere. i'm going to try Security Task Manager now!
newly researching it but I suspected it was spyware. Will delete
It cannot be removed with adaware or spybot. This program masks itself and re-installs itself on re-boot!
cannot be stoped
internet explorer not funtional gey
Can be hard to get rid of at times-It sucks like all adware Teamster
I have this file and i cannot open My computer or ACDSee... heather
scanned as spyware, only removable after a reboot by adaware ME
It's Great!! =D My Machine runs 150% Slower and crashes every 5 seconds Your momma!
it also execute a print command automatically on start up of your syste. Connie Lersch
It is a very intrusive pain in the neck, delete registry keys and files in safe mode MM
interestingly, this spyware managed to start IE from within Firefox and then installed itself via that. nik
simply rename the exe file then delete the bas**rd, then go in regedit as shown above to kill the registry items dexy
Awful spyware. You have to end the process first, then remove it from Add/Remove programs. Use Ad-aware to get all the other crap.
Used process explorer from sysinternals to find out what the parent process was and killed that (it was respawning the istsvc.exe process).  See also: Link ncd
It installs multiple proceses in the Registry making your system unstable. It is dangerous. My laptop was in kind of a mess and I had to work on it for a day to resolve the problem. Belarc
Loads as a process. Must kill by Ctrl-Alt-Del, then find process, kill it. If comes back then kill bwnaicv.exe process, and then kill istsvc.exe again. Spybot and Ad-aware only temporarily remove it.
My BitDefender antivirus made a report that this prog had tryed to write himself into startup menu. I've deleted the folder with this prog, and my Internet connection failed. It tampered with my registry, I think. Vladimir
In order to successfully remove this beast, you need to kill istsvc's parent process first, "ukipvm.exe" - this is usually stored in "C:\Windows\ukipvm.exe". Choose to kill the process tree for this, and then manually delete it and "C:\Program Files\ISTsvc\istsvc.exe" using Windows Explorer. Ryan
This file realy bugged me for hours , you may think you would think of it straight away i downloaded mal ware programs, tried everything but i didnt think the file would be in the add and remove section in the control pannel.I deleted it from the add and remove section rebbooted pc and ran ADaware and i finaly got rid of it simple but it works speedy
It's really annoying mostly, makes the computer lag quite a bit at times and keeps giving me pop-ups. The first time I ran the tool to remove it, it claimed that the program was not on my system (It was, I saw it running with my own eyes) so the tool may or may not work for you. I'm running it again after deleteing every found source that I could come across. JJ
I just bought a new computer and even w/ Norton Anti-V. I can't remove this file. When I tried to do this manually it also will not work claiming that some other program is using it. After entering " Task Manager" and ending the - -.eve I could still not delete the pogram or directoy which it had installed on my computer. No as for Active X (which i have read on the German section of this site may have silently installed it) Florian
Go to fee downloads.com, download adaware, (you will find it toward the bottom of the page), run it in safe mode. You get to safe mode by restarting your computer and pushing the F8 key while your computer is restarting. Don't hold it down, just keep pushing F8 until the screen comes up and asks you how you want to start your computer. Use the up and down arrow keys and point it to safe mode. Now run adaware and restart your computer. See if that works. Idon'tlike computers
first run this program from nortons.....then open task manager by pressing ctrl/alt/delete buttons till it opens...then find istsvc.exe.right click it and end process..x out of task manager..then open add/remove program files..find istsvc.exe..and remove it...then open up enternet explorer and empty tempary internet files..offline files as well..clear history..delete cookies...then reset your home page to whatever you use..and click apply....this should get rid of this pest...  See also: Link william r moore
Its annoying as all get-out i cant kill the blasted thing, i ve manually picked every file out and deleted them but they just keep coming back!, grrr Miles
it keeps installing itself on the system, adaware does not remove it properly, must delete it out of your program files and delete all of your temp files. must end process before removing from your progam files ryball
on this link to the parasite himself you get rid of the virus  See also: Link pelle
go to configuration and then software. There you can delete it. Zacar
The removal tool failed to find the spyware. I followed the advice given by a user called dadclass (follow the link). Worked like a charm. Simon
Hard to remove but possible, but I know the answer! Download Adaware and clean your disk in "secure mode" then Replace the C:\Program Files\ISTsvc\ cataloge and create a unharmfull executable file instead and name it istsvc.exe. But make shure that the executable is small and selfclosing othewise will your memomy be drained after a while. Then write protect the cataloge and the newly created file. This would solve the problem even for future atacks! Good luck Axl
Resurrecting freak. It slows down my PC performance. freakedout
It is now preventing the installation of Mcfree
Trojan as Identified by Antivir. Spyware/adware as Identified by Spybot/ Ad-aware. Restarted my computer due to constant freezing, cpu would not restart without dsl connection being unplugged. spybot got rid of it temporarily until i re-established my dsl connection. Look in your C:\Windows\Prefetch directory if you have one. it is there with a .pf extension after the normal istsvc.exe filename. I think that's how it re-starts itself. As of yet, I haven't been able to delete it permanently. Pete
constantly reenters itself into running processes, which is why you cannot just delete it. you need to cancel the running process, then run adaware...it will work. I run mozilla for my default browser and do not get many popups at all. BrettM
i hate it, i even tried my Move on boot program and it still came back, when you end its process it comes back too.. Sean
setzt Arbeitsspeicher herunter Ben
It's not dangerous, but it is annoying. Quarentine it if you can.
nobody likes it.....everybody says it should be removed. Security Task Manager removed the file. Thank you. It will cause damage if left unattended on your computer. It is hard to find spyware that will remove this file. You have to stop the task before you can delete the file. Use Security Task Manager!! yehyehyeh
Dunno how I got this; very annoying...I'm constantly getting a "Server is Busy: Switch To, Retry, Cancel" option box; cannot close it, cannot hit cancel... Jess
C:\program files\istsvc\istsvc.exe is recreated and executed every time I reboot Phat Bastard
related to spyware zero
Running task mger you can see ISTsvc is running but once you stop it it will pop back because there's a second program running in processes keeping it in use and preventing you from deleting. I found the second program cprjv in windows folder. In task mgr stop the second file, delete it,, stop ISTsvc and delete it. Craig Andrews
I removed thru add/remove programs, and then ran adaware se, and also spybot, and restarted pc, remember to remove first thru add/remove programs. Spybot and adaware removes all of this. Tim
it's dangerous and mainly crash internet explorer. it shows adults pop-up ajay
funny thing i used firefox for months now then this popped up... opping IE instead LOL ace_balasador
I bought software to get rid of it, and it seemed to work, but once i restarted my computer, it was back again!! Spyhunter doesn't work Stephanie
Delete failed until I did: 1- task manager [End Process] on istsvc.exe 2- deleted folder on c: drive 3- ran AdAware hartt
this is the worst file I have EVER seen! I have deleted all reg keys pertaining and deleted it in safe mode. I still...cannot get rid of the file in program files.!
Still comes back even after deletion with the Symantec tool. I've tried Spytbot, Adware, Symantec's tool and Microsoft's Adware beta program. It keeps coming back!
Very nasty. But there is a way to get rid of it that I found in the Lavasoft Adaware Forums. Basically, there is another process running that prevents you from deleting istsvc.exe. You have to go into the Task Manager and figure out which process is the one related to istsvc. You can do this by googling all the process names. When you find the right one, end it. Then you can end istsvc and delete it. Then run Adaware, HijackThis, etc. Reboot and you should be OK. Dagurasu
very problematic--in my case it had an automatic backup file in quarantine; deleted from here and possibly a couple of other spots in adaware and finally permanently removed Sherri
To remove: 1, Uninstall all toolbar-programs and all programs connected to the virus(You'll se when you are in "Add/remove programs"). 2. Remove "tydxrvn.exe" (C:\WINDOWS\tydxrvn.exe). 3, remove "istsvc.exe" (C:\Program\ISTsvc\istsvc.exe) and now its gone! Jacob aka "Computer gEEk"
Spyware/adware file or trojan easily removable with proper tools  See also: Link 3Tech Computers
It will be removed by Ad- aware, but not complete. After a reboor it installs again. Hans Krijgsman
Be careful with this unwanted file. It causes your PC crashes and difficult to shut down or reboot then your PC should be reinstalled. Syahril Adar
can be removed. restart in safe mode (press F8 key on reboot) should be under C:\Program Files\ISTSvC. just delete it and then run a scan for anything containing istsvc and then delete all of t hose files Aaron Tilley
My information is that this is spyware and must be removed from your computer well wisher
Im using XP home edition, You can't just simply end the prosses in task manager and then find the file and delete it. I've tried this and it will continue to tell me "Cannot delete Istsvsc: It is being used by another person or program. I've also tried using the registry editor Doing all this from Classic Liz's suggestion.... (RUN: REGEDIT (HKEY Local Machine, Software, Microsoft, Shared Tools, MSconfig, StartUp Folder (GET RID OF ISTsvc FOLDER!) Then delete the folder out of C:\Program Files. ) But The file wasn't found using that path, it wasn't in c/documents... KreenDurron
Killing it in the task manager and then deleting it wont make it go away for ever. Use one of programs listed. darklord
I just simply used the Install or remove new programs and it worked ! not kidding xcooba
Legt alle internet-explorer lahm slimey
annoying; can be removed in safe mode (f8) sjoerd
had a really hard time getting rid of this, fix posted at following link  See also: Link Rabbit
when im running this program remove istcv something it says that i dont have the file but when im searching there is a ist but i have it on c\program philip
creates pop ups and wants to download stuff pcp101
It is detected by ad-aware, spybot,... and these programs can be used to delete the program. However, after a few seconds it is installed again by other programs that are not (yet) detected by spyware removal programs. I identified a program called "lnxnyavf" that kept on installing "istsvc", but I expect that ISearchTech (the creator of istsvc) will come up with different names every day. George
Pain in the ass program! Use MozillaFirefox or Opera. Using Explorer to surf the net, is like driving a car with sugar in the gas tank. Sayun
sehr hartnäckig kosta
prob. got it from downloading porn off limewire- sometimes you are directed to a site when you try to play it. i have removed it but it came back jaime
This is part of that little search bar located just above the windows system tray clock. It drops into a folder under Windows called isrvs Which is hidden but can be removed in safe mode. See link to remover which does remove it.  See also: Link Chris
it pops up when i start windows and it takes with it lots of pop up ads like those new offer for you stuff and because of that my computer is darn slow. It won't even install games because of it's darn speed! Plip
its a git to get rid of glyn
Keeps coming back! Bill
run ad-aware then run C:Program Files\istsvc.exe /remove ck
spybot would not remove it. used add/remove programs
it create lots of pop ups, and installed multiple programs on my compy. i hate it.
It uses a 2nd process to keep itself alive, goto start- run- type: regedit- goto HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run - there should be something with 5 random letters/numbers with the path to the 2nd file in it. I hit CTRL+ALT+DEL, ended the task (it was named something like pcjb or something) and the istsvc.exe thing, and haven't seen it since that time.
hard to erase program. it pops back on everytime its removed. i uninstalled the program that it attached to still came back. used IE residence came with the Spybot S&D finally stopped the program from creeping back into registry problem solved!
Is this not illegal...Damaging a person's property with your unwanted software? These guys need to go to jail for property damages, I think. Meanwhile, it doesn't do anything if you run Mozilla Firefox or the full Mozilla Suite. LinuxGeek
Seems to like stopping you sound too, Still trying to solve problem...is in Add remove...however not too sure how much help that was. Seems to install other virus'/spyware.
keeps coming back even though you delete the files fiona
this file has prevented me from logging onto the internet and/or not letting me login at all from my home address. However I am able to login from another location. Strange!! challad
to remove istvc, find the folder istsvc "c:\programfiles\istsvc" and then rename the folder... then manually delete the istsv.exe jetreaver
Removal instructions: br 1. End process in Taskmanager: istsvc.exe br 2. Use Security Task Manager to locate and delete the file br 3. Search registry for istsvc.exe and remove all keys Kai
Adult content high jack, browser redirect, possible downloader or downloaded with other backdoor. spybot finds and adaware finds also but may not remove root cause. This has defeated the Norton antivirus and symantic.386 file is missing needs to be relaoded. In dos mode to progra~1\istsvc\istsvc.exe and del the file then rd the directory. Rerun Spybot and Adaware then reinstall AV software if needed. Symantic also has a Fixistsvc on site. Bit of a nasty so say the least. Rick
Extremely invasive. It manages to bury itself, and continually come back up, no matter how many times it's crushed.
I have been frustrated, because the anti-spyware programs do not seem to remove it permanently. I wonder if it tracks your IP and attempts to install itself over the net if it isn't there. Anyway, I killed the process like everyone else has, went into Visual Basic and made a dummy executable called istsvc.exe that does nothing but display a message box. Then I set the security to deny all rights to the file, so that it cannot be overwritten. I have yet to see that message box pop up and the dummy file has not been changed, so I have effectively disabled the mechanism albeit in a kludgey way. Christopher
This thing is horrible. William thank's for the Symantec link.. Arg this thing is just a P.O.S. if you ever get it Goto the link that William R said and use their tool (or do it manually)  See also: Link Michael McMullen
There's another exe that install and run istsvc.exe. For those of you who cannot remove it even with spyware cleaner, try windows security task, check the istsvc process, then check what caused it to run. Delete the program that runs istsvc. Also there are some files placed in temp. internet files, be sure to delete them too. raisin
spyware for marketing, really hard to remove reinstall itself Dvda
A pain to remove, but not impossible. Easy way is to press F8 to get to the boot menu, then select Command Prompt. Once there, do a cd \progra~1\istsvc then del *.* - THAT'll fix it's wagon! Troublemaker
is a pain to get rid of. Go to C drive, Windows folder, and delete Janet.exe This is what it runs through and will get rid of it Tony
Whatever it is, it's a pain. It slows the computer and messes up everything. Went through all "scan" and can't delete", then went into "Add or Remove Programs" and got it! For now anyway. Pierre
strangely, microsoft's anti-spyware seems pretty good. it got rid of istsvc.exe with no fuss, no muss, no reboots, no safe-mode, etc.  See also: Link orion
can be simly uninstalled! Control pannel -- add/remove programs :)
Keeps installing itself every time i'm on line. Ad-aware delates it on re boot. but returns every time i'm on line. Causes loads of pop-ups, a real pest. Dave.
Annoying when windows Xp starts. Removed it with Adware Away. Easy folks, No Sweat Stan the man
This programs knocks my computer offline several times each day PeggyHHH
I used regedit from diamondcs.com to find where it was located (you can't remove the registry key - once you find it, you have to ctrl-alt-delete to shut down the registry editor), then I rebooted and started my computer in MS-Dos mode, preventing the spyware from starting up with windows, and, using dos, went to the folder (cd c:\progra~1\istsvc will get you there) then, FROM THAT DIRECTORY (important so you don't remove necessary files) delete the files (del *.*). That doesn't remove the registry key (I haven't worked that out yet) but as long as you remove the exe file it can't run. Angella
This program has removed Windows Update from my system. I turned off my firewall, I turn it back on and it turns it off again. It has turned off automatic update, I turn it back on and it turns it off again. It will not allow me to access task manager. When I click remove in add/remove programs it fashes the approval screen so fast there is not way to click on it, I have tried a hundred times. It downloads so much stuff my system freezes.I've had to pull the plug just to get my comp to turn off.Thank you IE for this program as well as ISIB!!!!
go to www.norton.com, somewhere on that page it says symentec security check, click on it, somthing will open, click on virus check. install all the activex things. at the end it will say found spyware/adware.etc it will not let you delete it but it will say where the virus adress is go to that adress and delete the file/files!!!!!!!!!!! CAMCAR
To remove: kill the process tree of the parent proces that is usually a u* process (Use wintasks to look at all processes in detail). The Use Symentec Wipe Info tool to remove the u* process and the c:\program files\istsvc folder. Finally, use a good registry cleaner to cleanup the registry Mansoor
kept coming back after removal with spyware s&d, restarted and noticed without connection it wanted dial-up, so i used msconfig to take out some random startups. found that xcqppvyq.exe fixed it, so deleted, cleaned up with spyway s&d and it ain't coming back bp
Nasty Adware - installs additional apps, too - use IST's uninstall process from their web site (see link) to get it out of your browser add-ons and start up, then use Ad-Aware to clean up the reg entries and left over files.  See also: Link Dennis Clarke
More than most of these people posting here. Most people here can not complete a sentence much less explain the problem. Geez, it won't delete, computer won't reboot. Then why did you mess with it? get a pro involved....  See also: Link Poindexter
Found this file (uhlxrf.exe) in processes of tsk mgr, ended it along with istsvc.exe, and then I was allowed to delete the file folder from C:\Program files. It is probably duplicating itself w/other processes. Leo
tried speedy's advice...add/ remove programs,..then ran spybot..and it seems to be gone......when i bring up task manager, I don't see it listed anymore...hopin this did the trick.. Tom..(cowdude1)
removal instrutions- go to the start menu and search. search for bb.exe, istsvc.exe, ist, and delete it (run in safe mode) ------------------ go to microsoft.com, and install microsoft antispyware CAMCAR
i detected it and had it deleted by AVG antivirus but it seems to have affected some files on my computer. i'm unable to install mozilla's firefox v1.02 or 1.04 which i was able to do before joel
(TRY TO) remove C:\dokuments and settings\username\lokal settings\Temp\temp.frC106\istsvc.exe FIRST (C:\Dokumente und Einstellungen\benutzer\Lokale Einstellungen\Temp\temp.frC106\istsvc.exe) rain
Easy to remove. Hard to keep from coming back. Had to identify additional processes and files which resurrected istsvc.exe on the next reboot after I killed it. Doug
It is sooo STUPID all it does is bring popups and it anoys da crap out of me.my computer yousto be going soooo quick now its slow like shit. Grant
I dont know how to get rid of that ... i did try adware, it did delete some of those fles but not all and after restarting my cpu it's back! Kaur Laanemäe
Very nice program, yeah, Sure to be good for my collection on my linux system, not dangerous at all, i even started it with wine!  See also: Link Marctraider
Tried to remove using Add/remove programs and after that Windows 98 does not start properly; not even in safe mode. Please help.
i don't know how to get rid of it i've been reading other peoples coments so i'm trying them out i hope it will go away Miguel
portal for other adware, the company offer a fix on their site, but who would trust them...anyone tried it?  See also: Link murman
This is rampant in the gnutella network - do not download files of 399k or 765k in size from this n/w web-surfie
its peice of crap and maker of it should be skinned alived over a open fire
thank you william r moore!! your link helped me delete the stupid file!!
The company claims to link to a site offering a fix, anyone tried it?  See also: Link Murray
My firewall Says it's an Application Hijacker (Sygate firewall Pro) Gavin
It opened up a back door which let a mega virus in!!! bob johnson
Very Dangerous, delete as soon as you can find it!  See also: Link Aaron5367
Spyware. I removed it with Pest Patrol. ionut
it can cause death and severe headache the bombdigitty
Solution: sorry this works  See also: Link RFX
I found this spyware on my laptop and it took me over a day to get rid of it. After many tries with NoAdware and manually editing the registry and trying to find tha associated task that reinvents the istsvc. I finally downloaded a beta copy of Microsoft Antispyware. I als took Axl's suggestion and created a dummy executable called istsvc.exe and write protected it. When I started my machine I got a message that told me the spyware was active and asked if I wanted to delete it. I said yes and I haven't seen it since. I am not sure if the Microsoft Antispyware would have caught it alone. Jerry Olson
i have tried every combination of steps i can think of to remove this thing. i've bombed my registry, deleted every file and folder in and out of safe mode, ran every program i can get my hands on (in and out of safe mode, before and after rebooting). sometimes it's gone for a few hours, but for the most part i can just watch it reappear in my program files after a few minutes online. i've got 6 spyware removal programs (all mentioned above) NAV, hijak this, etc. nothing is working. this is my second infection. in 8 years, this is the only one that makes me wipe and reload (TWICE now) ed
This file is like the Borg, no matter what I attack it with it regenerates somehow. I have used Spybot [email protected] which removes it after a restart, but when i restart the machine again its back. It writes and re writes registry keys. it just will not go away. I have used Trend micro PC-Cillin and Norton Antivirus to remove this and i still have it. I am going to try some of the tips here to see if i can get rid of it francis
Annoying as hell. Ended process but it came back. Entered safe mode and deleted, but it came back. Norton Anti-V couldn't delete. Finally! I removed it! Was only successful after using "security task manager" and selecting remove and uninstall in that program, then Start - Run - Regedit - Edit "find - Istsvc.exe" and deleting all folders that were named that. Has not resurrected since. Try it. Erin
remove it using the Add/remove program thingy in yur control panel. then rename it to something else (istsvc.jpg for example) then run the file registry and delete the istsvc folder. after tt end the istsvc process from the windows task manager and then delete the file using explorer and empty the recycle bin. it works for me and i have not seen it in my task manager anymore so far. good luck zp
It's funny: you can't delete it manually, the anti-virus and the spyware eliminator program can't delete it, but you can remove it using ADD/REMOVE PROGRAMS :))) !! But i think the best way to remove such "things" is to delete them in pure DOS mode !!! GHD
I had to delete a 10k file call c:\windows\hsnqgh.exe before I could stop istsvc.exe from reinstalling it self. (also deleted registry entry to run hsnqgk.exe at startup) These bozo's should be taken out & shot!!!! dougie
hard to remove I got rid of it. Listen folks just do what people are saying. ****go to task manager and end the program, then go and delete it from your files.**** hope this heps folks..it worked for me. k
slows down comp, restarts comp, drops connection, upload is 3x download, reinstalls itself after connecting to internet, cant open regedit istsvc casualty
This file comes into your PC usually if you are visiting websites that consists of Pictures or download any file from private website. Syahril Adar
Difficult to completely remove. Norton page (Listed below) gave me the correct info to (Finally) eliminate this annoying pest.  See also: Link Jack Black
Cant remove it from add/remove program,but one thing its for sure ,i think it slows down your system performance kuhen
Won't go away, even through all the suggestions listed above. It just keeps coming back on the machine. ANNOYED
It is very dangerous when you have it on your system. It is capable of slowing down your system! Afemjoh
Tried some of the above things unsuccessfully. Finally nailed it with ms antispyware. Maik
Spyware, easy to remove but annoying as hell. use add/remove programs to get rid of it Mike
1. Remove from task mgr. 2. Use add/remove panel to remove file. Eric
in regestry, slows down network very fast, damages registry butch
it won't install if u r using firefox to surf the web. spyware SuX
i cant remove it. damn!! norton cant remove it ! why ? .
to kill this service, you must install Ad-Aware 1.6  See also: Link istsvc.exe
It is not allowing me to open the Internet Explorar Pawan
i used the add/delete program n it got erased booga
I hate this disgusting program.
I found at Task Manager Jaky
hide my sytem32-folder, and shutdown several antivrus-progs Vegeta
It has a nasty habit of reapearing... caution when trying to delete, its like a cancer it can be aggrivated and cause ur system to totally lose it and u must pay bigg bucks to replace a new hard drive... totally annoying... Claudio
I can log on to my internet server but totally can't surf net, can't send and receive mail, window media player also being wiped off. I deleted it but still can't surf, send and receive mail at all. finally, last resort, re-format my system. Hitchcock
Stops propper function of Internet Explorere and freezes screens, reinstalls itself after deletion from Windows and remove program and does not allow multi websites on internet. Only last website available all previous stalled and error messages required to sent befor exciting sites. No page back allowed This is absoluteley frustrating and cause for massive amounts of lost time and anger. Still cant remove without reapearing Lional
The mother of all annoyances. I've tried about 5 different removal tools yet it keeps coming back. Even the advice given here hasn't worked, been through about half of them... San
Ugh. I ended it in Task Manager, then tried to delete it in Explorer and it said it couldn't be deleted as something else was using it. I keep having to turn on my computer, end it in Task Manager then after about an hour it comes back and won't let me load anything so I have to restart. Sarah
Go to start control panel add/remove programs and select ISTSVC And click uninstall do that and its gone =)  See also: Link Bas
I used xoftspy and it removed several files of it so far noproblems Ahill
so dangerous.i used all tools and it can't be rmoved at all alderessy
That code is a pest that kept trashing my video & sound. I had to make a clean windows install Joey P
Use Add/Remove Programs. It worked for me(XP) Patrik
You can take it to geeksquad, they're the best. Also, don't be wanting mp3/porn or anything of the sort, use limewire for mp3's. My friend got this and he has to use safe mode. Quick thought, try a System Restore, NOT Factory; System. Start All Programs Accessories System Tools System Restore restore to an earlier date. 3! -ShareWare
This "Tool" bar is annoying more than it is dangerous & loads 2 processes in start-up named SAcc.exe & istsvc.exe + installed the following programs which can be seen in add/remove programs 1)ContextPlus 2)ISTsvc 3)MP3 Toolbar 4)SideFind 5)Surf Accuracy. Use Ctrl + Alt + Delete to open Task Manager , highlight the processes & select End Task for both of these processes then close Task Manager. I used a program called "Your Uninstaller" which automatically removes the registry entries with the programs & then I went to C:/Program Files & deleted the folders & restarted my computer. Gone!  See also: Link Bitwraith
Crashed on a friend's computer, it caused some "16-bit subsystem" error saying "illegal instruction". TerrorBite
Go to your 'configuration screen Software and then you must be able to remove istsvc.exe without installing another program.  See also: Link Emiel
Add/remove programs in sontrol panel, find it and delete it, It works! eeric
i kept killing istsvc.exe process and it kept restarting. I also couldn't delete the program file - until i killed the another process qtpfm.exe. Kill that first
This file runs threw 3-4 different processes. If you think that you can just delete you can't if you locate the Window System 32 folder they also install an .exe that will auto launch and download it again and again I have used Ad Aware Spybot and went manually threw safe mode, c-prompt and no luck. I finally got rid of all this by going and taking it out of registry(risky) then starting in safe removing the folders out of Program Files then C:\Windows has 2 files and System 32 has 2 too. after all this I had my IP Changed and it all seem to hold it back. MiKe
Security Task Manager will help Matthew
symantec task manager is the sollution  See also: Link phoinix
reinstall os and done jb
I went to their site, and they actually have a page telling how to get rid of it, and it's finally GONE!  See also: Link LAO270
it eats up the virtual memory causing you to close down applications!! Close it from tast manager!
make my PC very slow , restart windows hmmousa
I am really getting tired of all of the Norton Security popups, and istvc.exe is one of them. I cannot figure out how to delete it. If anyone is nice enough to help me out, my e-mail is [email protected] I would really appreciate any help you could give. Big Dave
You should also look for a program called SideFind in your C: Program Files, this program is linked to ISTsvc and may be responsible for downloading the file to your systems along with StatBlaster, Avenye Media files, SideSearch, 180 solutions msbb and Power Scan. CC
brings up pop ups...very annoying...try to kill the process and then delete it crazymac
This is so simple to remove. All you must do, for Windows XP users, download security task manager and end it's process. Exit Security Task Manager. Now, open regular windows task manager and open up Program Files. End it's process in Windows Task Manager and then delete it. Xavier
Computer do not start in safe mode Sohel
thanks bitwraith....it works.....leute versucht die idee von bitwraith....es funktioniert!! your unistalles gibt es auch als free trial version (umsonst, auf 30 tage begrenzt) bobbele
"istsvc.exe" is part of ISTbar. This Internet Explorer add-in is spyware and a homepage and search page hijacker. Gilberto Cardosso Lopez
Just Remove Firewall Rita Maria Paris
google web site Sutardjo
brings up a folder called ISTsvc everytime you boot. Slows down loading immensely. Kara
Spyware/Task manager disabled/Chance System32 and driver dates Diebels
Go to this link and get rid of that thing!  See also: Link Mystic Finger
just run the "istsvc.exe /remove" in dos.... andrew
I try to stop it in alt-shift-ctrl, uninstall it in control panel, use adaware and delete it in a short time, but a still can't delete it (and the popups appear just now) Ah!!!!
Big Problem-want to delete-it runs our computer and wastes countless hours--help--Number2Sunshine Linda Nee
Causes Pop-Ups based on your surfing, collects surffing patterns ISTsvc Doctor
 See also: Link ISTsvc Doctor
i know it stuff ups msn messenger. the program kept coming on the desktop even after i deleted it rach
really really good becciboo
This is so simple to remove. All you must do, for Windows XP users, download security task manager and end it's process. For more spyware removal tools  See also: Link Mike
Spyware Alexey
After countless hours fighting this scumbag trojan this WORKED for me.  See also: Link Sammy
it takes over your pc. go to your windows procces and keep deleating it, take a while for it to stop. then go to download.com and get drweb, superantispyware, IObit and that will help get rid of some of the crap it downloaded. nothing can kill it. 4evertools
Well I never really experienced that threat before but maybe this is a good method ~ go to task manager look for istsvc.exe then end process then go to start run type in msconfig then go to startup then uncheck the Spyware/Trojan/Virus then Apply settings then restart computer then go to Start type in regedit (I don't where the infected files are) look for the infected items then delete them... Then look for the infected files in C:\Program Files and look for the exe file that caused the infection... Use different methods of fighting this threat~~ Maybe try out Firefox and the add-ons  See also: Link Oh Tricky Threat
dangerous spyware/adware/trojan. Hacker
this spyware should come from corrupted files, surveys, hacks (for free programs), torrents, or fake programs,... scan your computer before you launch an app that you don't trust anonymousdotexe
Can prevent Win98 systems from starting

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