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Process name: BLASTER.E WORM


Company: ?

File: mslaugh.exe

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The BLASTER.E WORM exploits the DCOM vulnerability using TCP port 135. The worm targets only Windows 2000 and Windows XP computers, and is obviously a security threat that you must deal with. www.neuber.com/taskmanager/process/mslaugh.exe.html 

If you can not remove mslaugh.exe (because you can not locate it, or it is in use), download Security Task Manager. This program can kill the process, delete or quarantine this file, or just list all security related information about this file and all other running background processes.

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Appeared on my PC for no known reason S Anscombe
The Blaster worm. Without the security patch from Microsoft, this virus can install itself just by you being connected to the Internet (you don't need to do anything to get it).  See also: Link Inuyasha
Virus Mark Osude
When I connect online this dumb worm reboots my computer. Wilton
This file termninates the RPC in the Windows XP. Resulting a system crash and imediate restart.
This program uses some shady techniques such as code hiding and encryption to make it less obvious, and unreadable, and appears to autodial to other computers and to other ports on the current computer. Also the file contains the following text "mslaugh.exeI dedicate this p¢²ÀÝartu r straino m~+²+ANG3L - hopyeenjoy ¦ ¦gself andKont forge¯¦¥¦tN(promTeDBi¦¯²/DAY !" Jonathan Rennison
Causes a timed (ntfs authority etc.) shutdown while surfing. Haralambos Greece
On xp,turn on your fiewall,before connecting to the web,(click Start-Settings-Network Connections-right click your connection-Advanced-check the protect my computer etc;box-click .OK. Haralambos Greece
It seems that it's possible to disable it from MSConfig, in the "Startup" tab. Name Not Supplied
To remove mslaugh.exe load winXP, press Ctrl+Alt+Del and terminate the mslaugh.exe procedure. Then run msconfig to disable mslaugh.exe. Finally go to Start - Search and write mslaugh.* to find and delete all. Reboot your PC and it is OK (most of the times). It also works for msblast.exe and others. And something else: Install a firewall program like Zonealarm (freeware). Don't count on windows firewall except if you have done all the updates (e.g. SP2). Zonealarm is better though. Manolis Greece
The worm appeared during WindowsUpdate of sp1 foofoo
you can remove it without problems using the removal tools on the following link.. (bitdefender)  See also: Link Seb
Why do people bother! It loads into the registry - hkeyLM/software/microsoft/windows/curentversion/run Robert
It causes errors and unexpected shutdowns Anonymous
Just to a "shutdown -a" to stop the shutdown while you remove it
sounds alot like one that once infected my computer, mine was called msblast.exe i found it through windows search. killed it by deactivating it in task manager then quickly deleting it before it launched itself again. it will give you approximately 5-10 seconds to delete it before it re-launches. likes to shutdown the computer alot. MICK FROM AUSTRALIA
When u get the RPC error that shuts ur comp after 60 secs, type shutdown -a in start run. This supresses shutdown of ur comp. save ur files. reboot, and update ur system with patch. Pau
another name for msblast, very dangerous james
The Blaster Worm. Executes "shutdown.exe" with a 60 second timeout when connecting to the internet. Download the Norton exe file from www.norton.com  See also: Link *Don
lol internets John Doe
Deletes system files that lead the computer to malfunction. It appears that this worm replaces the RPC Service because after infection the service is not recognized anymore as MS-Windows Service (see: MSConfig) gigiga
when i connected my pc then after few mintus system have shutdown and give me direction as 60second shutdown window XP system jaan2alls
its my program, it doesnt make anything except deleting some windows file *g*
I had this exact same worm, it's srange though..you guys keep mentioning it shut down windows. Instead, it would constantly disconnect me from the internet.. Dr. Helmwood
it shuts down ur computer... oscar
 See also: Link illundiburo

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