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Process name: iTunesHelper Module

Product: iTunes or iScrobbler or Acoustica Effects Pack or PANTONE® colorist or Volume Logic Plug-in for iTunes or VSIP Interop Assembly Redist

Support: Help link   Update link   Uninstall tool  

Company: Apple Computer (apple.com) or Apple (apple.com)

File: iTunesHelper.exe

This "helper" application is installed by the Apple iTunes music player, and is used to support the operation of iTunes. iTunesHelper.exe performs various functions, including supporting communications for iTunes, and allowing the player to launch more quickly when it is needed by preloading certain necessary files. It may have other responsibilities as well, and should not be disabled if you are using iTunes.www.neuber.com/taskmanager/process/ituneshelper.exe.html 

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Users Opinions

Average user rating of iTunesHelper.exe: based on 129 votes. Read also the 108 reviews.

  • 3554 users ask for this file. 72 users rated it as not dangerous. 7 users rated it as not so dangerous. 11 users rated it as neutral. 20 users rated it as little bit dangerous. 19 users rated it as dangerous. 6 users didn't rate it ("don't know").

All comments about iTunesHelper.exe:
Helper Module for ITunes, Think u have to be patient with this File. Maybe it´s Dangerous BUD
It isn't dangerous! Satch
I doubt it's dangerous, but it keeps trying to access the internet, even when all iTunes internet prefs are turned off. Very annoying if you don't have administrative control over your own firewall. Tom
This is a helper module for the iTunes program, allowing you to set iTunes to start when you plug in your iPod. It isn't a dangerous file. If disabled or deleted from the registry it will reinitialize itself after iTunes runs a few times.  See also: Link Gem
Performs background functions such as providing communication with docked iPod's and preloads files to help iTunes start faster.  See also: Link Nidonocu
iTunes related executable, harmless miejas
Simple helper module. No risk. Pab89
it seems to let you remain connected to PC (charging) while be able to use the ipod. Very convenient for me, as a/c adapter is elsewhere. doo
monitors for iPod connections, helps iTunes start faster
If you use iTunes (not Quick Time only), dont delete it.  See also: Link Name
It belongs to iTunes and it is required if you use iTunes and iPod. (Thats why I hate Apple) Martin
It was causing me the -36 error when uploading songs into my ipod.. I disabled it and have no problem.. this program can be disabled and itunes and my ipod finally work.. I dunno what this programs intentions are but if you are frustrated by your ipod not working I suggest disbabling it! Lkm
Probably needed for iTunes. I was able to stop it from loading at Windows boot by removing the entry from the startup list in MSCONFIG (run from "run" box). iTunes still starts (probably loads it as needed). Dude
it runs when im not running itunes at all so it must be spyware. takes up a lot of space. kk
Being a resident file it may slow your boot up process, however, it is needed for the proper operation of IPod in ITunes. Don't think this is bad enough to hate Apple... J. Donato
Not Dangerous but stops other programs ie. winamp from Accessing iPod I tunes can be a royal pain but it may be a sleeper mp3 star in the future T-Man
It also helps stream files over the home network a quicker. Maybe its also a buffer type thing or something. Paul
proven malicious file; associated with malware charles britley
It accesses the internet everytime I boot or wake up my pc. The only reason I can think of is to send usage statistics & maybe even song lists to Apple. Very similar to the way RealPlayer acts as spyware. ts
I've never run Itunes althought it did come with the computer and it is already there.. However, it doesn't use much system resources when itunes isn't running Mike
It'ds from Apple not Microsoft or any other dubious software developer. Safe and functional for iTunes iPod owners. Neal
This file is useless if you don't have an ipod, all you have to do is turn iTunes off, kill the process and delete the exe file, you can also delete the entire iPod folder and get rid of that service as well ... so stupid that these run if you dont even use an iPod ... should be optional for sure, shame on Apple. Nick
COMPLETELY safe, required for iTunes, runs in background, harmless little thing! Samantha
This crapy file may lower your computer, because it uses RAM. Why you need it if you don't have an iPod? It's horrible! William Pera
This file automatically starts iTunes when you dock your iPod. iTunes will still run without it. Jim Stewart
I've never had anything related to itunes on my pc but this file runs on startup! Joe
Found PC crashed alot with it (WinXP SP2)
Itunes load my memory with programs that trying access internet all the time!!!!, probably spyware. dox22
File was installed by a new iPod installation. Not malicious. thecreaser
Apparently, though, even if you delete it, it will regenerate itself after you've run iTunes a few times even if you do delete it. Slavik81
I never had an iPod, never did anything to do with iTunes yet this runs on my system and so does iPodService.exe - maybe some spyware uses the same name?? Sohel
Installed when installing IPOD
runs while itunes isnt in use and uses up to 11mb of ram space - definetly malware
This file is used by iTunes to monitor hard drive conditions and to keep track of the songs you have ordered by itunes and have imported into itunes. this prevents itunes from forgetting where the file is located when it has been moved. this program is a resource hog at times but is not at all dangerous. just end it if you want some extra memory. it is not required to start up iTunes from my tests. Mediarocker - IT Administrator
An iTunes service, much like the Windows Firewall service
This process, probably acts as a SPEED BOOST when you start iTunes, Acrobat 7 uses a similar procedure. What may be a good idea is to first try without it (stoppable via MMC), then try with it running. Jamie McGlynn
Not harmless at all, does NOT load any programs into memory. If you do not have an ipod you can disable this file in msconfig :) Omar
A) It isn't Dangerous. B) If you own an iPod and want the convience of iTunes opening automatically, then leave this process running. C) Even if you own an iPod it is NOT needed. D) You can still access your iPod throw iTUnes by just starting iTunes. D) Its not worth the memory it uses all the time for just a small convince. Techwre Computer Consultations
Not spyware. Used by iTunes to keep hard drive space statistics correct when iTunes is not loaded. Mediarocker543
I Have it, and its use is simply 4 when you connect your iPod Itunes opens and sets it selff up,THATS IT...:) Apacheizm23
It's perfectly safe. But I don't know it's specific function(s). I don't like that it does eat RAM though. But it won't harm your computer or send any information about you out. don't worry about that! Tootsie
quite safe for apple computers, relatively safe for windows. just a memory eater. utterly useless without an ipod weevil
its a very none harmful thing!. dont listen to these people stephen glencross
It's TOTALLY useless! RedSid
Background service to detect iPods as they are connected. Uses about 1.8MB of ram. The connections to the internet may be to ensure the iPod software is up to date, but i've never had any random connections on my test machines (in which I tested 5 machines for AppleDefects.com). Purely Harmless. mbrice
Harmless, not spyware, just a program linked with iTunes and your precious iPod... NB
Came unsolicited along with a QuickTime "update". Should not be dangerous, but I strongly detest the practice to pack uninvited and unexplained RAM and CPU consumers with "good stuff"! Adrian
it's a piece of crap. It's jsut Quick Time trying to take over your computer, like Real Player does. I would like to keep it from starting up since I don't know how.
A reason why you should use winamp instead. stghm
it screws up my computer  See also: Link robert stacey
If it is running from your iTunes install directory (C:\Program Files\iTunes), it will just be the meta helper for iTunes. If you don't have and have never had iTunes, check it out.
it uses a lot of ram with itunes 7.3 but if you disable it , itunes and your ipod 'll work normally. irunk089
I have an ipod and itunes works fine without this service. Disable if you're as picky about processes running as I am. Austin
Harmless simplism
it installed itself after i downloaded and installed Quicktime
Module for ur IPod.. sharing music etc.... Steve
get AVG antispyware free version this will shut it down you wil have to go to analysis, processes,then terminate ,if you have spy bot running this will ask you if you want to allow this registry change put a tick in always remeber this decission then click aurthorised orac
Any time I open an image file (i.e. jpg) or song file, this program tells me that my quicktime is out of date (which it isn't), and then won't perform an automatic update. I am thinking virus, but not sure. John O.
To disable open iTunes, select Edit, Preferences, and uncheck Check for updates automatically. Close iTunes. When you reopen iTunes the service should be disabled. joemama1969
Depending on your music Library, this file can blow out memory usage. Mine was using 12mb RAM. Apple suck. I've disabled it. Hopefully it will stay disabled. Naca-Yoda
It can cripple a the performance of a VPN connection to a work computer. When running link acted like dial-up connection. After disableing at startup performance accross VPN returned to normal. rob
necessary to start iTunes, installed with it. no malware here.  See also: Link Alex78
Not dangerous. Definitely not malware or spyware. Aids in automatically starting iTunes when you plug in your iPod. However, if it's being run from somewhere suspicious, it might be malware in disguise. four pi
It's not spyware, or dangerous, or whatever. It doesn't eat up memory either. It just sits in the background, in a similar way to say, the Printer Spooler Service (Which is *needed* to be able to print) - this is just a small applet for iPods. Yes, it's irritating if you don't own an iPod, but you can't blame Apple for trying. You can stop it turning on through msconfig easily enough, it's just a bit annoying. :-) CMOT Weasel
You are incorrect in saying that it is "harmless". For users such as myself, I need the memory it uses. Count Monaco
iTunesHelper simple tells explorer when to launch iTunes when the iPod is plugged in. It is safe to disable if you don't use this feature or don't have an iPod.  See also: Link roandr
it eats up 99% of my CPU usage oh hewwo
Itunes helper! (itunes are connecting to web for updates) NOT DANGERUS AT AL!!! :P Tomato
It's not spyware, malware... It's just a little, annoying, memory hog and useless program(if you don't have an iPod or don't use the automatic Itune feature). You can easly disable it from msconfig. Anakin Skywalker
It helps itunes load up when you have docked you ipod colin
its making my computer crappy its saying msrwb.dll was not found and know it keeps poping up its really pissing me off now I hate Itunes thxs alot Itunes cman
Security Task Manager utility says it can record inputs. Always bothers me when I see the report that a program can record input because seems it can record things like your user names and passwords used at websites and send them over the internet without your knowledge. And why does it need to record inputs anyway? Nate
You need it for iTunes... BUT! this process takes the port 27015 which is needed for Half Life 2 games... There are known problems with the helper on port 27015 and games like Left 4 Dead Ataman
okanyone who rated the danger thingy over 2 IS A NUTHEAD this is for itunes dont listen to anyone else LMAO
Totaly slows the XP system down, hate it Catrin
It began to max out my CPU usage. Every time I tried to burn a DVD, it would fail. When checking out the processes in Wiondows Task Manager, iTunesHelper would be using up my CPU processes. We're talking a sporadis 100%!!! Insane! Removing the program allowed me to successfully duplicate DVDs again. Anyone who says it is harmless hasn't a clue... Jeff Clark
Virus scan said it was a trojan... fun... The Cheese
This program runs upon starting Windows and is self-regenerating. Deleting, removing or disabling it is useless unless you get rid of Quicktime and all other associated programs. Otherwise it will continually reinstall itself. GeeOhDee
It's as it says a helper to start iTunes. As you start iTunes it works for a few seconds. If you put it off, it just starts without (i geuss just as quick). So you don't need it. I put it off in msconfig. Jellow
its just a process that makes itunes open up when you connect your ipod/iphone. i tested that and im sure of it. nothing dangerous.. aznDiDi
Allows auto-start & setup when attaching an iPod to your system... Though, it starts with windows -without- prior warning so, in my books, it's a piece of shite-ware. Brad
This is not dangerous, obviously it is used by iTunes, and it's safe to disable this if you don't have iPod to save up resources. Idoy
ituneshelper.exe is a process that runs in the background for iTunes, and anything dealing with Apple, Inc. products. I have a Compaq Presario with 448mb of ram and it hardly runs my computer down. Do not do this if Tunes is running!!! You could crash your computer! If you are have issues with it- click "start" button- click "run"- type in msconfig- go to the startup tab and uncheck mark iTuneshelper.exe- then hit ok. If you have iTunes installed, iTunes will start it automatically when you start iTunes. Some computer do have issues with it but some don't. Indiana Computer Guy
This program has caused me innumerable problems with customer's Computers, from not allowing the CD-Rom drive to close AT ALL to Not allowing windows Machines to start up with Blue Screens and Registry Errors. I'm actually worried that most sites do not consider this program a security risk. It installs itself without your permission and hijacks files and/or extensions to get you to install Apple's products. Please Beware this program is not as harmless as people make it seem. NOTICE: YOU DO NOT NEED THIS TO RUN iTunes, If You Have iTunes You Should Still Remove!! Dane A.
It sporadically eats 100% of my CPU resources, nothing else can be done while it is within this CPU consuming process. And I'm not talking 100% for short whiles in a row.... it's 100% for ages... Frode
It is not dangerous!! Poop
not harmful Mitchell Mulder
Slams my laptop into system overload until I forcibly turn it OFF. Maven (Bettina Helms)
considerable slows down my pc jade
Process Explorer show this file consume high amounts of CPU. Most of it is context switich between processors. Consumes 140MB of memory. Rob L
it comes from apple's itunes. Everything from apple should be considered a virus
Unessential for running iTunes. Just another quick starter that you don't have the option to disable on installation. Typical Apple for you. Also autolaunches iTunes if you plug an iPod in. Worth the ram that it takes up? I think not. Reg key = Deleted. Jimi Crackcorn
From personal experience I finally singled out my "Extremely Slow Processing Speed" to this file. When I deselect it with msconfig the computer is back to it's normal speed. Mike G Womack
It prevents AMD's CoolNquiet and Intel's SpeedStep from doing what they're supposed to (dropping processor speed to save power). Definately suckware!! Mike W.
Why are people that have no idea what this is rating the files security as if they do? Seriously.. this isn't malicious at all, it's added to startup when you install itunes. It helps boot itunes faster when you plug in an iPod
After updating Ios on my Ipod, Itunes can now only be shutdown after shutting down itunes helper.... what a nouisance.... the problem occurs every time I plug in my Ipod my computer OS is win7 64bit Mikael Neist
Typical Apple high-handed crap. Tries to sit on your network connection checking in with apple every couple of minutes. Has a memory leak when run under certain operating systems. Will reinstall itself unless everything Apple/Quicktime related is take off the PC. Screw apple. Nanaki
This ""helper"" application is installed by the Apple iTunes music player, and is used to support the operation of iTunes. iTunesHelper.exe performs various functions, including supporting communications for iTunes, and allowing the player to launch more quickly when it is needed by preloading certain necessary files. It may have other responsibilities as well, and should not be disabled if you are using iTunes.  See also: Link Keepin it Real gone wrong
iTunes helper allows iTunes to open automatically when your iPhone, iPod or iPad is connected. It is necessary if you expect your iOS device to sync automatically with iTunes Correz
background program but slows down startup speed on windows tom
Would crash my fairly high end laptop every 30 minutes or so with a memory leak. I disable it every time the PC boots. Chris H.
its not dangerous at all, but be careful cause if you close it, and then try to transfer files to your ipod, it will mess it up, and you will have to reset your ipod to factory settings, happened to me a couple times James
For me it interfered with using winamp, it made winamp 2-3 times use more processing power and blocked my attempt uninstall a winamp plugin. Not only should you disable it, you should uninstall the whole apple package and consider a different music player - winamp (does it all) and musicbee (does a lot with little effort on your part) are both really great. Peter L.
Windows 7 kept freezing randomly. Until I removed this program. Patrik
i always get thew nessage:iTunesHelper is not correctly installed; reinstall iTunes. martin
Optional program. Only keep it if you access itunes daily
Suspicious. Why not give users an option of installing this service/autorun when installing iTunes? If this is simply to make iTunes load up faster and automatically launch when I connect my iPod, then I don't care to have it starting with every boot and continually running in the background! I can launch iTunes by myself just fine, and don't need it to launch when I connect my iPod. Glen
Harmless  See also: Link Bravomad

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