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Process name: igfxsrvc Module

Product: Intel® Common User Interface or Intel Poulsbo Drivers for Windows NT or Intel® LDDM Ultra Mobile Media

Company: Intel (intel.com)

File: igfxsrvc.exe

Igfxsrvc.exe is installed along-side Intel Graphics Accelerator cards and with on-board graphics chipsets. It is the Common User Interface and starts with the Operating System and occupies a slot in the System Tray. It provides the graphical interface for all the display settings of the chipset including color quality and screen resolution.www.neuber.com/taskmanager/process/igfxsrvc.exe.html 

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All comments about igfxsrvc.exe:
Installed for some Intel hardware (onboard NVidia graphics in my case), but also a somewhat common trojan. In my legitimate case, it is installed alongside igfxpers.exe Richard Remer
Intel(R) Integrated Graphics Service Sully
this file was needed to run my Intel graphics integrated accelerator card. HP said it was a spyware and wouldnt give me the information, so I looked it up myself. Once I D/L'ed the file from intel and reinstalled the software with this file included my card worked correctly again. According to one website "igfxsrvc.exe is the Intel(R) Integrated Graphics Service installed with the drivers for graphic cards with Intel chip-sets. I added both websites for that info and the intel website where I would the driver  See also: Link Link R.Warren
This is a component of Intel video driver. These are drivers for the Intel video device on your system.  See also: Link Kenneth
igfxsrvc.exe is a process associated with Intel(R) Common User Interface from Intel Corporation. It is installed with graphic card drivers with Intel chipsets. This program is important for the stable and secure running of your computer and should not be terminated. Ava
It is installed with graphic card drivers with Intel chipsets. bagioris
The original file on my system was erased and some sort of hacking file imbedded in its place. My entire system has been compromised and I'm only having partial success in locating akll of the bogus files that have been put into my computer Gary Carson
it is Intel Integrated Graphics ervice Kent
i'm using vista home basic. i've made an update from intel and it was installed igfxsrvc.exe. afterwards, my CPU is continously working at the rate of 90-100%. the PC is getting warm calin vedinas
INTEL Graphics file Manas
causes high mem use/hangs  See also: Link KThomas http://www.hortongroup.com
I'm using Vista business 64bit on a Lenovo Thinkpad W500. I upgraded the switchable graphics driver. After the update I noticed my processor load being constantly above 50% because of this file. Of course the computer is permanently hot and sucks battery like crazy. Mike
It is a Service for Onboard video, Intel Express Chipsets Families. When i Disabled this file in my firewall, my graphics were a lot better. I pretty much think that this file does nothing but make sure you can't change your graphics so they are nicer... That's how it worked for me. It would randomly maker my video go to crap, and then i would either have to set my CPU on low, or disable the service, and my graphics would be fine. Ryan
The attempt to use this prog. when opening log-in form in internet banking - looks for me as an virus - graphic driver has nothing to do with internet banking and IE at all... Vojta Sadek
Intel(R) Integrated Graphics Service Ahmednabil
I fought the pop-up wanting to open outside the protected mode for days- finally got rid of it by using internet tools to clear the browser. I researched it but not knowing where or why it was coming from was scary. Donna
sytem file for intel graphics card DO NOT DELETE tech guy
If you go to "Task Manager" - "Processes" right above igfxsrv.exe is another file in the decription box it is called a "Persistance module". If you end process, you will see the CPU usage go down to about 3 or 4%. I have not had anything not work when I dd this. That's why I would say that it is some type of MaWare. You should look for this module everytime you boot up, or come out of hibernation. Sue
FOr some reason this File Continues, like Calin Vedinas, to pop up and eat up all my CPU and memory. It happens fairly randomly as well, I'm not sure what to do. Brandon
it does nothing, besides running in background - it can be deleted Hi
it is intel graphic card and drivers problem jan
I am running Windows 7 Home Premium, and this little file plus 2 more (igfxTray.exe and hkcmd.exe) For some reason, my computer keeps going up to %60 - %70 of CPU: Usage with out me realling touching... Also, I am having some new problems with other programs I install, but I am not %100 if it is this 3 files. Also, what pissis me off is the description is the name of the file and Module... What do they mean? Philipe
The problem is not igfxsrvc.exe but igfxpers.exe started via Run entry in the registry. This on is calling igfxsrvc.exe permanently, causing the CPU load; simple prevent it fron autostart. See link below.  See also: Link kallob
The process takes 1GB of RAM on my PC .... maybe it is not the Intel driver but a spyware I have on my PC ... Anthony
Intel graphics driver, but it may be the cause of m,y internet going down. I'm currently investigating why my laptop would crash when i go online
I was at 50% CPU usage with igfxsrvc.exe using 30% of it at a Idle. I went into Windows Defender/Start up programs and Disabled File igfxpers.exe from running at start up and my CPU usage went to 10%. I haven't noticed and adverse affects after doing this, it works! Tom
avg "healed" it 21/3/2010. Not sure why, but my graphics still works Steven Manning
You might be interested in this site as it gives a lot of info on programs that run on start up. Accewss….Re:….. run… msconfig….. System Configuration Utility….. Startup…  See also: Link John
virus .bloque le formatage jawad
Fixing a friends Lenovo Thinkpad R61 after getting a "security Suite" virus. rkill, killed this process, the cumputer is running fine without it. Waiting to see if MalwareBytes quarantines it or not. If it has a recent date I will delete it regardless. J Randall
The igfxsrvc.exe file was replaced with a virus file on 2 of my computers running Windows XP. The virus file was added to the c:\windows folder and was 184,320 bytes in size, while the legitimate Intel file was present in the c:\windows\system32 folder. The virus writes a recycler folder and an autorun.ini file to anything plugged into the usb port, including flash drives and hard drives. I can't tell what else it might be doing. Deleting this file from the c:\windows folder and related entries in the registry fixed the problem. A. Dusty Miller
intel program Sacisky
igfxsrvc.exe is an application ran by Synaptics in a hidden window. It is not a core process. Its purpose is a moniter of your inputs. file found here: C:\Programs Files\Synaptics\Syn TP Helper.exe --- Trained in Elec by US MIL
Came with system Michael
its a core process Josh
intel service No name no fame
It pops up in taskmanager while my display crashes. I did what kallob said but so far same problem. kigugu
This has now started to cause me problems when playing Civ5 (G&K) it never reared its head prior to this new patch/add-on for this game and now it constantly causes the game to crash. No idea how to resolve this issue at all. This is not a trojan horse or virus.. It's used to run your on-board graphics and comes from Intel! lsag_04
I had igfxext.exe using 400MB, igfxsrvc.exe using 1.5GB and igfxpers.exe using 6K of RAM. They were all in System32 with a date 18 months old. I killed the processes with no negative impact. Anytime firefox is not my biggest memory hog I know that there is a problem :) Bill D
This file is responsible for popup menu on your graphic card: each time you press RMB ( right mouse button ) extra functions will appear apart those who are standard. Nothing to worry about: if u don't want it to pop simply change the name of the file.... Fiddler
All are right about Intel Graphics. It's completely safe, unless compromised by other sources. Have scheduled virus checks, use MalwareBytes, stay away from suspicious sites and links, and it should remain safe. Bob
if you open file location you go immediately to the system 32 folder so i deem it as not dangerous........also im looking at my task manager right now and im at 30% cpu with the program running so i dont know why these people are blaming this file
Neutral, it's hard to find out, which kind of file is mallicious. Jan F
I just installed intel graphic driver and got the issue resolved. Naresh sharma
Intel Extreme Graphics Jams Viner
The file that comes with the computer is 100% safe. However, like any other system file, it can be replaced by a malicious version. Jim
My version of igfxsrvc.exe wasn't malware, but stopping it in task manager and disabling its startup in msconfig fixed an annoying bug. Every time I restarted a screen time out by moving the mouse, the embedded Intel graphics card crashed (thought the PC would die very soon) and then rebooted showing the error. Since removing igfxpers.exe & igfxsrvc.exe its been fine. Hope this helps someone, I spent a long time searching/reading without success trying to fix this. Rex King
It is from Intel, but it is not needed to be running and get connected to Internet, sure it can be terminated! Peter
Suddenly a hitherto unnoticed exe is hogging my cpu. I find the file in System32 and it has a dll. A quick scan with McAfee says they're OK. Do I trust McAfee? How do I know McAfee isn't a virus? I have to trust McAfee but Igfxsrvc looks suspicious, nevertheless. Allen Jasson
It uses some RAM (1248 K or 1.1 MB at the time of comment) but it does bother me since I have to work with a 1 GB 2005ish laptop with Win7 Pro installed Tommy
also can startup when a prog that can reduce or release memory."EASY CONTEXT MENU" for instance does this when you right click to reduce memory barney whats my name FRED
you need all of the igfrsrvc.exe etc to run your graphics card on windows XP or higher. Amanda
Intel integrated graphics parameter display service. From task manager right click the process and select 'open file location'. It should be c\windows\system32. Right click igfxsrvc.exe and select properties. The digital signature should be from Intel Corp.

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