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Process name: Symantec Network Proxy Service or Youngzsoft Windows Proxy Server

Product: Client and Host Security Platform or Youngzsoft Windows Proxy Server

Support: Help link   Update link   Uninstall tool  

Company: Symantec (symantec.com) or Youngzsoft (youngzsoft.net)

File: ccProxy.exe

In North America and the European Community, this module is most likely to be Symantec's Common Client Network Proxy Service, a component included with most of its Norton products. In Russia and Asia it may also be the primary executable name for a Windows Proxy Server product by the Chinese company named Youngzsoft that allows multiple devices to connect to the Internet through one computer that has the direct connection. Many reference sites indicate that presence of ccProxy.exe on systems not using Symantec products indicates malware, but they do not mention the existence of Youngzsoft or its product.

The Symantec component of its Norton products acts as a proxy between the user and the Internet, allowing it to scan anything passing through. It can run at startup and is associated with Norton Internet Security's parental controls. It does not load if parental controls are turned off at the user level.

The Youngzsoft company in Changsha city, Hunan Province, in China uses the ccProxy.exe module as the primary executable name for its Windows Proxy Server product. It is offered as a free download for home use with three users or less or for sale to business customers. Youngzsoft and its products may be more familiar to users outside North America and Europe, as the company's resellers are in Russia, Turkey, and several Asian countries but not in the United States, Canada, or the European Community. Their website indicates they have been in business since 2000. If you want a detailed security rating about your ccProxy.exe (and all other running background processes) read the following user opinions, and download the free trial version of Security Task Manager. www.neuber.com/taskmanager/process/ccproxy.exe.html 

Note: Any malware can be named anything - so you should check where the files of the running processes are located on your disk. If a "non-Microsoft" .exe file is located in the C:\Windows or C:\Windows\System32 folder, then there is a high risk for a virus, spyware, trojan or worm infection! Check it out!

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  • 1295 users ask for this file. 83 users rated it as not dangerous. 9 users rated it as not so dangerous. 24 users rated it as neutral. 7 users rated it as little bit dangerous. 29 users rated it as dangerous. 9 users didn't rate it ("don't know").

All comments about ccProxy.exe:
Norton Internet Security ? JQ
NIS and NAV proxy for anaysis of data
Norton Internet Security!
Norton Internet Security!
takes a lot of memory
simple and in fact not dangerous
part of norton internet security package thomas
part of Norton internet security Kay_Wren
Eats about 6 - 35% of CPU. (I have 2.4 Ghz, 1 Gb RAM) Donnald
Norton Security - ccProxy.exe Gerald
I noticed when I connect to Yahoo Messenger ccproxy makes a network connection...also when my webcam loads it makes another network connection with the beginning IP address of 68. Joe
Norton Internet Security Mich
I understand this is NIS, however when my computer is on for any significant amount of time, this process runs at around 97% and makes my CPU reach 100%% usage slowing my system to a crawl. It Sucks
If this service dies, http (web) and smtp (email) connections fail... you can go into services (admin tools) and restart it (it is called Symantec Network Proxy in services) Mark
It's NIS but if you're not set up to use network proxy don't need it.so I think most home users can avoid it. Rich F
Norton Security? Its eating 80% of CPU
Its freakin' using 100 megs of my RAM! Phil
Norton Internet Security Skeetch
Uses loads of memory Cally
take a lot of memory Jutiniano
Norton Internet Security is worth the memory loss of itís overhead. Now I can see if someone is scanning my ports, when, get their ip and block them. The logging of data is not hard to understand, nor interpret. This is an essential layer in a total secure network design. Akil Hashim
When you download stuff in flash get it download something at the same speed and if you limit the speed of it it limit the flash get speed to Wantin To Fix Flash
Norton Internet Security
Norton Internet Security AdiPol
its taking up 90+ cpu PhaZ
it ate all my homework!!! very suspicious proxyamagedonman
Probably Symantec driver, however there is a lesser known trojan that launches a file with the same name. Only one instance of this driver should be running, check in win task manager, otherwise most likely you are infected.
after pc has been on for a while, anywhere from 1 minute to 1.5 hours, it eats 75% to 100% of my clock cycles. I don't even want a bloody proxy, but neither Norton Net Security or Windows will let me kill it! Completely Ridiculous. WinXP Home SP2, P4 3.4 GHz, 1.0 GB RAM, dozens of GB of empty hard disk space, defragging & continous virus scans dont help. The only times ccproxy doesnt ruin my computer within 1.5 hours is when ccapp occassionally does the same thing first! Makes me think I'll never buy Symantec again.
Taking 120MB memory on my 500MB system. This only seems to have started since I set up a NetGear SC101 NAS drive and installed Roxio Media Suite 8. costickt
Norton internet security, Parental control Somethief
Takes up alot of memory and slows my laptop down Steve
It's just norton Security... If you think it's taking too much ram... Buy some more RAM! Phillip_2005
ccproxy is a web proxy application for passing data from your private network to the internet.  See also: Link Neil
gives me a constant 51% cpu usage and i cant end process it HElp me pls Alekzandr
I see many comments that it eats lots of CPU and memory - according to my task manager it has used just 6 minutes of CPU in 70 hours uptime and 6 Meg RAM. Maybe this increases when the system is under attack? Christian Falzon
Norton Anti-Spam; Crashes repeatedly. Symantec has no info available on the file. I don't trust it, who knows what it is doing... If I want a proxy server, I will set it up myself. No thanks Norton!  See also: Link GoogleRocks
It eats up 40MB of RAM!! Thank you Norton!!
This is a Norton IS 2006 process that monitors your network connections , it is essential that it is left to work, and i agree with AKIL, it is worth the memory loss as it is the best security package available Also it doesnt use 100Mb of my RAM only 6, the NIS 2006 Processes entirely use 50Mb so users with 90+ must have multiple Network connections..??? Snadge
It takes a lot of RAM! It causes my laptop to be very slow and sometimes unresponsive. John
Block's sun java virtual machine
It's so freakin scary because i'm losin my RAM memory a lot... clonetron
eats ram, install more/uses cpu upgrade asnd saves security and hacks
It eats up 85% of CPU! :( Mark
This program is used by my Ghost Surf program, when I end it I cannot access the internet Rawket
Its the norton internet security proxy server process. Not dangerous at all. Mike
I truely trust Nortons and don't believe this is a problem other than cpu usage. Shannon C.
Norton Antivirus/Internet Security Aden Fraser
Take a lot of memory and cpu process Gabriel
Conflict btwn Symantec Antivirus 10 and ccproxy from youngzsoft rooster
slows down my browser distributed app using Ajax, so i disable the service. Sym
needed for Norton Internet Security ad/pop-up blocking. If using NIS for this, do not disable. Matt
Seems my most was looking for a solution to some bloodbhound virus. Symantec, a good brand name, now seems to be demanding money and claims the computer is slow while it is in fact what is slowing the computer using over 115MB of memory and running the CPU at 100%! I was not allowed to go into the task manager to shut off ccproxy.exe Seem like a hijacking to me. Very upset. My Far Cry program crawls. We have 256MB of ram and a X700 graphics card with another 256mb~! A good brand name now holding up my computer and requesting $50 to fix it. The address and location ought to be available. asskickingdominator
There is something wrong with this file. As many ppl said here. It worked fine for about six months. Now suddenly it is eating 1gb of RAM and 100 of my CPU after being on a couple of days. WTF? Can't kill, not even with pstools...will try something else. Hate rebooting my machine!!!! John Titor
Every time I shut down my computer or restart my computer, I get a ccProxy.exe Application Error, not even Symantec (Norton) can tell me how to stop this error message, nor why i am getting it, anybody out there know? Frustrated
norton proxy its security proram so its gonna have a proxy covsoldier
May lead to slow boot/shutdown proc. NIS application. Novalogic
I went through the process of using the NIS online help thing, and i have no idea why but they told me to empty my temporary files folder and when i did the CPU usage went to 00 for the ccproxy.exe app. I have no problems now with system performance regarding the NIS06 ccproxy.exe. Chad B
Norton Parental Controls but it sometimes slows down my computer a lot JK
You guys aint seen nothing, it takes up 800MB of my memory! Jim H.
Norton is the worst security program in the world together with mcafee. Just try Kaspersky or Dr. Web!! Jane
Can eat up CPU resources if it starts acting up. Go into services and stop the Symantec Network Proxy service and then start it again. Should work fine after that. PQ
Well, it really eats my CPU! Most off al it takes 99% so i can't play animore! Silox
Norton personal firewall gc
all my friends and i believe it to be safe anonymous
Is there a difference between the files "ccProxy.exe" and "CCPROXY.EXE". I see that someone has inferred that there could be a bogus file out there. Also - There are differing opionions about how much ram is being used by this process (6mb or 100mb) - I seem to be experiencing a high volume of unexplained (internet) network traffic. Mark
Norton Internet Security. I am trying to find out why it is using about 100MB of RAM. This seems to be a recent change, resulting in a slower PC. Fraser
Hey close it and restart it mine was at 50 K then went down to 3k after closed and testarted Jake
Its a part of Symantec Anti-Virus (many different versions) and with a clean install of a Symantec product it should work fine...however if you uninstall or upgrade different versions you may have registry problems that can be quite difficult to diagnose completely James Sidbury
It isn't Norton's fault. What is happening is that you have a trojan horse sitting on you hard drive that is sending spam through the proxy server. The proxy server (outbound) is just letting you know that this is happening. Once you find the virus or trojan horse that has hijacked your e-mail (or at least your IP address), you can remove it and life will be good again. If you want to be part of the solution (against spam), then let this process run and figure out which process has hijacked your PC to send the Spam in the first place.. Ted
it is a part of norton internet security, most of the cc processes are, although it does eat ram like hell it isnt all that dangerous jaxsun
ccProxy (or CCPROXY.exe as it appears in my task manager) is normally unintrusive, but when I start up, it drags enormous and fluctuating amounts of system memory. It's ridiculous. Thanks to various and unstoppable Norton applications, it takes my PC at least 15 minutes to finish booting. Oh, and does ccproxy have anything to do with the fact that LimeWire drags 99% of CPU when running? rhazer
norton's internet security and parental control- nuthing dangerous, though it does take up a bunch of RAM (just get more!) Joshua
not at all dangerous, Its a proxy server from youngzsoft  See also: Link ashish.gupta
Norton related. REsource hog Bob
used to implement parental control over intenet usage. This process should be disabled if you do not wish to enforce parental control over your computer's internet usage.  See also: Link CMac
Runs fine, most of the time... until you try and access certain games. I being a gamer, hate this. ccProxy and ccApp eat 100% of my 3.4Ghz Pentium D. Rather irritating.
I'm using ZoneLabs, and it shows that CCPROXY goes out to different destinations. Like akamai.net. avon.com, etc. Zone Labs user
This file is running at 100Mb or more because you have "Parental Control" turned on in Norton Internet Security. Simply turn off "Parental Control" (if you don't need it) ... and reboot. My ccproxy memory usage went from 104Mb to just over 5Mb Dean
Didn't even have norton installed. To stop. goto services , change ccapp to disable. gothacked
Don't buy Norton if you dont like it hogging your resources. It'll do that every time you log on. Teh_Tech
To solve this problem, turn off the norton parental control this is what makes it so slow. Saviour
Ccproxy.exe is a process belonging to Symantec Internet Security Suite. This process allows you to setup basic Internet sharing pi79
Can't tell which is worse: ccProxy or a real virus. Viruses take over your computer and not let you use it as intended. That's what ccProxy and it NIS brethren do. NIS does not seem to care about user effeciency and when ccProxy malfunctions (as usual) your computer can't even seem to crawl. Plus I have to disable NIS for lots of Reator websites I have to use for my work. Norton
Many people are right on both sides. It is a good program but it has been corrupted by a virus. Mine has is using a lot of memory too, it so bad that the system crashes. I beleive it is a trojan virus that is related to the explorer.exe file. I can't find a way to fix it either and I have been working on it for days. I did use Norton to close all my ports and have to approve everything that accesses my computer. Pain in the but but it has fixed the usage problem until I find the fix. MD
Not dangerous.. Well.. You guys who only have 500megs ram.. Go get some more.. It's only using 10 megs of my 2gigs Babyen
Norton Internet security; uses 45-110MB ram, but only uses cpu during attacks, scans, etc. Blasterman
N.I.S. It uses virtually no cpu and 5888 KB of ram. The guy who complains it makes fry cry crawl. You only have 256mb of system ram far cry needs more. Ian
I know it starts off OK, after a couple of connections to the Internet, my CPU usage and process go to 100%, even after all other activity has stopped. can't use it and have to reboot. Barry Dent
Symantec Norton that is using proxy to index all your antivirus files and match them with online automatic background updates. I wonder if you remember to update manually DO YOU really need it churning through your processor and not allowing other programs online because you and I are out of memory or processor capacity? carpeteater
This is simply a result of a hacked version of the program.  See also: Link Hacker
ccProxy is also a proxy server for windows! But then any virus file can also be named ccProxy.exe. So check if a ccProxy server is running or not. If not then something is suspicious.  See also: Link Ashish Gupta
If you want a freakin fortress, use it, if not, get MacAfee or PC Cillin george
It is 100% Norton Parental Controls - Installed as an Addon pack IN 2007 Steve - IT
This application is very important to protecting your PC from incoming hackers and etc, and if it takes up that much system resources, you need a major upgrade to at least a AMD Athlon XP 1900+ and at least 512 mbs of RAM, if you're any lower, you might problems. I have Norton myself and it's the easiest and best Anti-Virus, Anti-Spam, and Firewall I've ever used, and if you need some less than that use microsoft firewall, and some free anti-virus and etc, you might as well say good-bye to your pc. Gaige Lama
I think this symantec ccproxy.exe is a spyware that symantec uses/share your internet surfing habits with other big companies like google and others. When this is on, it also connected to google, and other sites. And when I disable it, those other sites go away. You can't disable just this services which is part of other symantec anti virus/firewall software, it also disables internet connection. Just be aware, possible this may be spyware. John
That it eats up my memory and I can do nothing about it. When I complained to Norton about problems I am having with their programs, they were unable to help, but did send several emails asking if the problem was resolved. Oh well, another price of living in a technological era!! mjdistributor
its eating all my music and is using all my memory...my laptop suddenly became really SLOW!! Irritated..hm.
it's using my whole 3.4 ghz cpu craig
CONTINUED FROM PREVIOUS POST:... It would be helpful if people could list the versions they are using since ccProxy.exe has been around for awhile and may work the same across all versions. Also for the person who put the post claiming the problem is related to a trojan (or anything else) it would be helpful if you can provide links where we could research more info on the subject you are referring to. Thanks. Seriously thinking of never using Norton/Symatec products again. Their support is completely lame if you can't find the answer online your self. DDFF
It is part of Norton Internet Security and is used by Parental Controls, the ad blocker, and pop up blocking. If you turn those off, the errors go away. NIS is by far the best Security suite available and the latest version does not include the three processes that can result in this error. There is a free download available if you want to have the additional features. Donald Henderson
Cannot access internet on my LAN when the service stops or I stop it
this program eats my memory and lags my runescape client Jose
It is causing excesive CPU utilization causing my PC to slow lester
Even though it seams safe it has created a lot of internet traffic..I think this file is on the computer i am checking cause "netstat -no" show this process opening around 2-3K ports an holding them open. May be is a backdoor or zombie... we will see ....Cheers....
Blocks my port 80 Geir
It from Symantec (NIS). But dangerous for the speed of the processor. Armand K.
Taking 108 megs of ram. I hope its better than the alternative of reduced security. Jacob
Norton anti virus. It blocks certain pre-defined websites so your browser can not display them. Paul
CCProxy is a program that lets you share your internet connection with another computer, so anybody that doesn't share his interent connection, can uninstall or delete this program.... (THIS PROGRAM IS NOT DANGEROUS, and IT WON'T SLOW DOWN YOUR CONNECTION) SeroujK
Its Nortan Internet Security,It eats around 100MB of my RAM su
it only started in the last month my norton subscription was valid WR-K
norton, parental control...but i have no parental control, nor anyone that would be enacting it..plus norton comes up telling me a port was trying to be opened, the same one that this program opens...i dont trust it
When I connect to Server by Remort Destop Sharing CCProxy gives meeage "Another Instance of CCProxy has been Run!" why please help Aziz ur Rehman
It's part of Norton IS especially to deal with parental controls. It used to be fine but is now gobbling up CPU slowing net access to crawl. (Linux on same PC is fine). Tweetiepooh
runs from Symantec Corprate Client Securty with AV & FW. uses about 6mb ram and no cpu. No harm what so ever. John T
All my internet traffic goes through this connection not I.E. Either is spyware or allows spyware buzby
after install ccproxy.exe uuable to execute murali
it's a proxy server program... Otto
ccproxy in %windir%\system disguised as svchost.exe run as service with -service  See also: Link Greg J
I downloaded it and NORTON antivirus told me it is a genetik trojan carlos
C:\Program Files\ATI\CIM\Bin64\xerces-c_2_6.dll system
it came from ccproxy trial if crack the trial u will have so many trojan n malware from ccproxy software..i experience it toto
it a proxxy application, which is totally not dangerous. But like every other application it's got to be cracked and those keygens maybe virus or detected as viruses. Lonelywolf
this a great proxy software ! Ali

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