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Process name: InstallShield Update Service Scheduler

Product: InstallShield

Support: Help link   Update link   Uninstall tool  

Company: Flexera Software, LLC

File: issch.exe

The InstallShield Update Service Scheduler installs on an end-user's computer as a side-effect of installing one or more software products whose developers used InstallShield from Flexera Software LLC. InstallShield is a service provided by Flexera to developers to simplify the complex process of providing a single executable file to an end-user which can install their complete software product on one's computer. The InstallShield Update Service is one component of InstallShield that the developer can elect to include in their product installation. It runs in the background on the end-user's system and detects when automatic updates have been made available by the developer of any software product that involved InstallShield. When it detects that an update is available, it automatically schedules a task to execute which will download and run the update installer. Although Flexera encourages developers to allow end-users a configuration option that turns off this service for their specific application, that is not always done, so Flexera has made available to end-users the Software Manager, which they can use to control the execution of the Update Service Scheduler with respect to a specific application.

The history of Flexera Software LLC explains why the name "InstallShield" may turn up in connection with Macrovision or Rovi Corporation or Acresso Software, (or sometimes even Sonic or Corel). InstallShield joined the product line of Macrovision through acquisition in 2004. In April 2008, Macrovision divested its Software Business Unit to a private equity firm, causing the creation of Acresso Software Corporation, which in 2009 renamed itself to Flexera. After the 2008 creation of Acresso/Flexera, Macrovision also renamed itself in 2009 to Rovi Corporation, which subsequently sold one of its divisions (Roxio) and its product line to Corel Corporation. Sonic Solutions was also acquired by Rovi in 2010 and was included in the sale of Roxio to Corel, but it is misleading to connect it or any company name other than Macrovision, Acresso, or Flexera with the InstallShield service, and the first two of those are outdated references, as those entities no longer exist. If you want a detailed security rating about your issch.exe (and all other running background processes) read the following user opinions, and download the free trial version of Security Task Manager. www.neuber.com/taskmanager/process/issch.exe.html 

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Users Opinions

Average user rating of issch.exe: based on 65 votes. Read also the 52 reviews.

  • 4721 users ask for this file. 32 users rated it as not dangerous. 4 users rated it as not so dangerous. 17 users rated it as neutral. 7 users rated it as little bit dangerous. 5 users rated it as dangerous. 3 users didn't rate it ("don't know").

All comments about issch.exe:
This is a SPAM prevention application, which is very effective and uses very few resources. It costs $40 to register it. It is the most effective spam preventer I've tried.  See also: Link Craig
Install Shield Software vampire
This can be a multitude of applications, and can range from harmless applications such as a Microsoft update, to the point where malware applications are included.
It's NOT a SPAM prevention application ! It's the updates watcher from PAINT SHOP PRO. It may be disabled if you check for updates manually. ppf
spam from search assistant!! see the link form the guy above, its called a "safety bar". undetected by latest virusscan asap Henrique de Sousa
Installdshield Damien Jorgensen
Auto Update Client but since I DO NOT let my PC do things I don't know about I have Quarantined it Mozza
Used to update software automatically. It has nothing to do with Spam prevention. Byron
Install Shield Software - software updater KarzeL
Update manager for the InstallShield AdminStudio program.
It is clearly the InstallShield Updater. It's filepath is even in their directorry. Slavik
Process File: issch or issch.exe an update service relating to the InstallShield utility which keeps this software up to date. This program is non-essential process to the running of the system, but should not be terminated unless suspected to be causing problems. Darla
install shield scheduler
It did not appear until I installed Corel Paint shop pro 10, seems to be harmless. However it does run unncessarily in the background if you tell PSP10 to check for updates automatically, as stated above you can turn this feature off and check manually for updates. Zdragon
Install Shield Software update comes with DELL computer. Sonny
This is part of InstallShield auto update service. So it can be attached to any application which used InstallShield as an installer. Brian Peal
InstallShield Updatemanager
It's also installed with WordPerfect X3. Tom
This is (generally) installed by various applications that use "InstallShield". It is a scheduler to allow these applications to check for "latest updates". Therefore, it is "mostly harmless", but I like to shut it down in MSCONFIG to preserve system resources. There is always a possibility that some malware author can create their own process and name it "issch.exe", as is true of basically any service/task/app. eBob
Install Shield Software - Software Updater  See also: Link Frank
Install Shield Software, used by a lot of programs, not just Paint Shop Pro or other mentioned programs. SPAM prevention.. pft... don't think so. This type of applications can be dangerous because the may introudce new errors that may be dangerorus in your system. Be carefull, as always! Mattias
Macrovision's InstallShield  See also: Link miv
This appeared after I installed G-Lock Spam Combat. jsnide
c:\Program Files\Common Files\InstallShield\UpdateService\issch.exe" -start
Updates a list of Sonic Software on your computer. It can be safely removed and manually updated. See the link for the list of software it updates.  See also: Link Les Patrus
Is also installed with Corel-Products (Update manager) Sven Schumacher
This may be an updater that comes w/ acrobat or other adobe products  See also: Link Sttephen
InstallShield Update Service Scheduler. Automatically searches for and performs any updates to the software so you're always working with the most current version Mekong
Comes with PSP (or Coral Draw)... not dangerous! and deffunity not spam stuff methecooldude
Install Shield Updater - EXTREMELY SAFE. Install Shield is the installation engine underneath many, many application installers. Derek
It is an install shield scheduler. Applications that have been build using InstallSheild (by Macrovision), if the update service has been checked, issch.exe is bundled with the install software that you are creating, and will run in the background and check the macrovision website for new updates for the software. Therefore, this file can be included in a lot of different installations of software (including bad software). Robert Collard
Install Update Services Narf - Fjord
It's an auto updater which works for Sonic. Sverige
Install Shield Update Service Scheduler gncyst
This is an install shield update service. Common paths: %programfilescommon%\installshield\update service\i Avinash Nair
Macrovision FLEXnet Connect Scheduler AI
I install Rappelz (mmopg),then unintstall.This process remained,it's a update manager for programs.Restarted pc still there so I ended it.
It can screw up already installed programs. pat
application managemetn
unnötig, verbraucht nur ressourcen Karsten
Update Manager -- May install or re-configure ANYTHING
Configurable through the "Program Updates" icon in Control Panel. But even if you tell it not to update any program automatically, this process continues to run, even after reboot. Those who say it is safe likely work for (or are affiliated with) Macrovision. It's more of a nuisance than anything else. Personally, I disabled it by removing it from the registry. You can also use MSCONFIG... under the startup tab, unselect ISUSPM and issch. Peter
It's good, runs in the background, and installs updates. Swat
Installed with Dragon Naturally Speaking. Harmless Matthew
installshield piece of shit cuntpunch
Install Shield Update Service Scheduler  See also: Link Joshua Haglund
It is not needed. Programs should be updated manually, not automatically, so the user may know what changed when a problem does occur. It is deceptive, as it is unclear which program installs the Install Shield Updater, and there is no record of the Install Shield Updater in add and remove programs. Rob McCrea
InstallShield is not malicious itself, but mine is taking 25% CPU power at all times for no aparente reason, so it may have been hijacked. Dan
It occupied my GPU for 95%, for no reason. Was part of "garmin" (driver for oregon navigation) Tungil
Started running on it's own from a video to gif program I installed years ago. Was using 25% of my CPU non-stop. Cuck
It had my pc doing unusual noises...
It was slowing down my cpu, eating up 10-20% while idle. Killing the process stopped the lag on my i7 when simply browsing/scrolling. Dee

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