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Process name: SoftModem Messaging Applet

Product: Agere SoftModem Messaging Applet

Company: Agere Systems (now part of Avago Technologies)

File: AGRSMMSG.exe

Agere AMR Softmodem chipsets are used in modems by multiple manufacturers. Softmodems rely on software in the CPU to perform part of the processing necessary to use the modem. This module is the Messaging Applet, loaded along with the modem drivers, which is required in order to use the SoftModem Assistant to fully configure the modem's options.

Agere was spun out of Lucent Technologies in 2002, using the name of another company Lucent had acquired in 2000. Based in Allentown, PA, USA, Agere manufactured integrated circuits and had branches worldwide, including India and China. In 2007 it was merged into LSI Corporation and in 2014 LSI was acquired by Avago Technologies of Singapore. As of August 2014, LSI still has its own website. If you want a detailed security rating about your AGRSMMSG.exe (and all other running background processes) read the following user opinions, and download the free trial version of Security Task Manager. www.neuber.com/taskmanager/process/agrsmmsg.exe.html 

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Users Opinions

Average user rating of AGRSMMSG.exe: based on 77 votes. Read also the 52 reviews.

  • 4598 users ask for this file. 53 users rated it as not dangerous. 7 users rated it as not so dangerous. 10 users rated it as neutral. 3 users rated it as little bit dangerous. 4 users rated it as dangerous. 7 users didn't rate it ("don't know").

All comments about AGRSMMSG.exe:
SoftModem Messaging Applet for your AMR modem LaJmOn
necessary for modem operational (onboard modem!) Oliver
its for my modem  See also: Link harry
Agere SoftModem not used can be terminated Dilnei
Its a driver file thing for modems.  See also: Link Ben
driver for onboard modem lilwiz
i think it's my agire whatever modem background hello
Software 4 tha modem Cesar Castillo
Modem driver
if disabled, modem doesn't work steve
Agere Modem Software Mike
ezshieldprotector for px
i have no sw modem. my modem is hardware and it is build in - so what's this service for? geeky
Also produced for OEM embedded modems such as used in Toshiba Satellite series and used in conjunction with LtMoH to utilise Voice/Data switch if you have an ISP that supports it and Call Waiting with CallerID feature on your telephone local loop supplier.  See also: Link horseman
It's modem software, no worries. If you dont use your modem you may find a way to stop the process from loading up if you wish The Person
Driver for internal analog modem. If you don't use the modem, you can disable it in the registry. Leominator
Necesario para modem Toshiba Soft Modem ALEFA
Modem driver, essential for modem to work bb
Softmodem driver
Service not necessary for basic modem operation Abraham
This is started in HKLM...Run. I don't even have a modem in this computer...! Ptochos
Only dangerous if you feel that being "online" is seriously dangerous.. If you are on dial up (dbl clicking the little phone icon on your desktop) to surf the WWW.. ending this process will TERMINATE your connection.. So terminate it if you don't want to SURF. Tommy the Computer Guy
modem software for hp/compaq business notebooks. Alex
Received in a ebay "spoof" message about account 1SG
Compaq nx6110, XP Pro - had serious problems with download speed. Deleted from start up - huge increase in download speed as a result farleigh
the link shown here says it's for Lucent AMR modems. I DON'T HAVE a Lucent modem in my comp, nor is the modem i *DO* have an AMR. I think a game installed it (for what reason???), but I know my comp will run without it just fine!!!  See also: Link TonyJoe
Performs washing up and ironing when computer is idle Dave
messaging=Spyware=sends information to vendor? iceman
It is a driver for your modem Ak0n
Appeared after installing new 56k modem, old modem did not have it. No idea if it is necessary but it's certainly part of modem related malarky Jeff
I have it started in HKLM...Run. I don't even have a modem in this computer...! krokop
was installed when i installed motorola phone tools with my Orange mobile. allows use of GPRS from the computer through the phone spunky
AGERE AC97 Modem Driver. Driver for internal analog modem. If you dont use your modem you may find a way to stop the process from loading up if you wish. Felix
I run on Cable/DSL, do I really need this stupid thing? It slows my computer down bad Indy
its a modem tracdoor
Harmless, but terminating the process doesn't hurt Lex
Modem Drivers
runs in my name but shouldn't as I don't have any modem and used LAN connection all the time. I don't think this should run.
Agere Systems AC'97 Modem Driver, Manufacturer: Agere Systems  See also: Link Tor Odd
modem required file Bob
Sometimes I use the modem on my laptop to send or receive faxes through my land line phone. Will I be able to use this feature if I remove or disable AGRSMMSG? lds916
Showed up soon as I installed the drivers of my modem on an HP Compaq nc8230 Laptop Dumisani Sebata
It is running all the time; funny I don't even use the modem, and it is newly installed OS, so why is it present Kay
Harmless, modem driver, found on my HP Compaq nc6000 set to run on startup in HKLM, removed from running at startup without any subsequent problems (I don't use modems, it's 2010!) Jamesakabob
Modem Driver  See also: Link Erik
Hw do you keep it from popping up on the screen Richard
It comes with RIM software for you BlackBerry Smartphone. It's used for using your phone as a modem. It's harmless but I removed it anyway because I dont use my phone for that. Wakadoo
Modem Driver bei IBM Thinkpad Michele Rosso
Agere driver Mike
not verified. stops modem working not bothered
dangerous bob
File is signed by Microsoft

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