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Process name: Lexmark Inkjet Printer Peer-to-Peer Networking Support

Product: Lexmark Peer-to-Peer Service

Support: Help link   Update link   Uninstall tool  

Company: Lexmark International (lexmark.com)

File: lexpps.exe

This process is the Lexmark Printer Port Scanner. It loads automatically with the printer drivers for certain Lexmark printers, (possibly only the X and Z series). Its parent process is the main executable for MarkVision for Windows (32-bit), named lexbces.exe. Lexmark indicates that the child process (lexpps.exe) supports peer-to-peer printer networking specifically for its inkjet printers. This means that it allows the printer to be shared over a Windows network by using Microsoft's standard sharing routines to let users "see" the printer on the network. Users who do not want peer-to-peer networking for their printers, where printers are attached directly to workstations as local printers, (as opposed to being networked through a server or router), but all workstations in the local network can perceive and manage the status of each other's local printer, have only to delete from their PC this file (lexpps.exe) and one direct link library, lexp2p32.dll, according to Lexmark. Many user and troubleshooter comments exist to indicate it may be less simple to remove it. Once this process is in a system, removing it can leave the PC unable to print on whatever make or model printer is connected to it. The MarkVision name is also used by Lexmark for MarkVision Professional and MarkVision Enterprise, both of which appear to involve servers, which conflicts with the basic concept of peer-to-peer networking, unless a "hybrid" form of peer-to-peer network is used.

Users wanting to employ this peer-to-peer printing network service are very likely to need to consult the support environment from Lexmark which can, at least on this subject, be difficult to navigate or understand. In addition, Lexmark has announced in August 2012 that it is exiting inkjet printer production and has sold all patents and other inkjet-related assets to Funai Electric Company, Ltd., effective April 2013. If you want a detailed security rating about your lexpps.exe (and all other running background processes) read the following user opinions, and download the free trial version of Security Task Manager. www.neuber.com/taskmanager/process/lexpps.exe.html 

Note: Any malware can be named anything - so you should check where the files of the running processes are located on your disk. If a "non-Microsoft" .exe file is located in the C:\Windows or C:\Windows\System32 folder, then there is a high risk for a virus, spyware, trojan or worm infection! Check it out!

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All comments about lexpps.exe:
Lexmark printer driver/ for networking to local printers Frank Allegretta
lexmark drucker datei
Drucker Treiber  See also: Link
did not uninstall when I deleted Lexmark printer NetworkCharles
The file LEXPPS.EXE began trying to act as a server on my computer after hooking up a freebe dell printer that came with the computer Do not know what it does other then to say it's not trying to do anything I need. I think I will kill it .. just to make certain it's not spyware. kdun
Lexmark printer driver. Delete/uninstall with caution as it can be impossible to print without it
probes fierwall for acess to the net
Process File: lexpps or lexpps.exe, Process Name: Lexmark Printer Sharing Ophir Blum
Viral trojan with a twist Mr William Anker
Lexmark printer driver greg
printer driver
File is also used by Dell printers Inge
we have a lexmark allmighty
Lexmark printer driver; do not delete, but deny access to the net, just in case... wizard
causes Mozilla/Firefox to lock up on the Intel 3.0EGhz with HT support. Have windows firewall block infromation sent from this process. Ishmael Rufus
This file began continuiously trying to act as a server on my machine after installing the software for my Lexmark printer. It doesn't seem to affect anything when my firewall stops it dead in it's track. It usually get triggered when I open a Microsoft's Office application. Jaz
it shows up even in safe mode while I am running my antivirus "antivir" and often locks up the antivirus if it shows up. doesn't load on start, shows up out of blue and even if no printer attached. I know is a driver for my lexmark x75 printer... but acts od. a USB printer driver SHOULDN'T be running in safe mode with no printer attached and no files loaded but an antivirus. this thing HAS to be some sort of virus, but printer won't work without it. ray
zone alarm signal this file, i don't kwon but i don't think is dangerous Davide
this file is hooked by very different IPs (Korea, LatinAmerica,...) to access PC; seems to be useable for P2P access bibix
I do not have lexmark printer and never had one. How did this get in my PC? Milo
I have disabled this process and have had NO problems. I believe it is for NETWORK printing only. dcmiller
Randamly access net but I stopped - came with my Dell computer Russ
showed up after the dell freebe prenter (damn dell sucks!). although microsoft lists the process "lexbce.exe" as something that can hang your system, i found that i cant turn off the process because during the instalation in connected itself to the print spooler process. now if i disable the lex service the print spooler wont start... not sure yet how to seperate the two, although i do always block it in the firewall and i've had no adverse effects- even able to print. regardless dell sucks! never again dell. gg
My Firewall Caught this and I am blocking it because I dont have and have never had a LexMark printer but I do have the freebe Dell printer. I cant understand why I would even need this becaus everything has been running fine so I imagine this to be un neccessary. I am guessing there are different lexPPS.EXE files and some could be harmless but I doubt mine is. Jessica
LEXPPS.EXE is a driver for the Lexmark printer.. the thing that has me puzzled is that I don't remember ever having this ZoneAlarm Security Prompt pop-up in the past 2 years since this comp was new. The printer has always worked before, and what makes this strange is that I wasn't attempting to print anything either. Is this program for up-dating the printer? Tony
ok, check out link below to get it out. requires modifying the reg. i've done it in xp srvc2 and have no troubles with printing or anything else so far... bastards! who asked them to tie it to my print spooler service? all dell connected... never again dell! bastards... like "dell my way"... all you dell owners know what i'm talking about...  See also: Link gg
i found it was trying to transmit data from my machine. It came up when i installed a freebie dell printer i got. I terminated it with no problems to my printer. ??
I have a lexmark and although i have removed it fromstart up it always gets back in it. Its in process list when i dont have printer attatched. bauble
The file is used for printer sharing over a network. Deny it access to the internet if you use zone alarm. Luke
In an environment where the user prints between workstations on the network (typically referred to as a peer-to-peer printing environment), Lexmark software provides each user with status information on the remote printer - for example, whether the printer is ready to print, is out of paper, has a paper jam... To do this, Lexmark uses only standard mechanisms provided by the Windows operating system to pass information between workstations. Important! These workstations are exchanging only printer status information, and the information is never transmitted over the Internet or sent to Lexmark  See also: Link cw
I have a lexmark printer no trouble at all untill my McAfee froze everything untill I either gave access to this lexpps.exe. Doesnt seem to have done anything yet. Will keep you posted. I hope. jacq
I am suspicious about this file because I don't have a Lexmark printer and it just today requested access to my registry to be one of my startup programs. dfister
This file has nothing to do with Lexmark printer i have never owned one its viral/spyware. block it from accessing internet. Bob
my firewall caught this (freebie dell printer) - i denied access (i'm on a home network) i guess we'll see what happens mr. carlin
Lexpps is blocked by Windows firewall and N.P.Firewall. It definately came with Dell computer. Kidtamer
I have it and i also have a lexmark printer. Paul
korrekter Druckertreiber M
this file is crap! rolfmao
Why do I have to run this exe if I do not share my printer ? why Lexmark does not tell me that they need my contribution to their expension ? serge
Stays on your machine when you remove lexmark software. Gets in your way when you try to install new HP-printer. Can't be removed. Damn nuicance :-( Jens
I have gone thru all my files looking for Lexpps.exe and it is not to be found. I just deny its existance when ZoneAlarm alerts me to its wanting to act as my server. Thanks to Zone Alarm, I can deny several things I didn't know was going on, like, Yahoo monitoring my mouse and key strokes.....WHOA! Now I can control this mania.....Wooo! Patricia
not much It just started showing up today I don't have a lexmark and have had this computer for 2 years. Why is it trying to go to the internet. I am going to block access I wonder if I have problems if I can reinstate it?
This is not a malware or spyware whatsoever. Dell printers are lexmark printers. This file usually runs if it detects any kind of server in your computer running, like apache or windows server. If you dont intend to network your printer you can then kill this file. however you should not uninstall it Andre
Lexmark print sharing utility makes sense to me. I just recently networked my printer. T Rosborough
This application appeared after we downloaded a driver for the Compaq A1500. I allowed it. I think It has a virus attached. My computer now turns off without warning.and desktop icons jump to huge. Have had computer repaired but the printer was reloaded the problems began again. Ellie
I don't have Lexmark Hardware but this have windows firewall block infromation sent from this process. Fritz
its related to networking.works behind the scenes.do not delete it.rather change the name to LEXPPS.EXE.OLD it can be found in C drive, windows ,sytem 32.my computer was shutting down for no reason.thought it was a overclocking issue.tried installing a PSU with a higher power output.tried reinstalling windows.found the little shit running in the background trying to access the www. found a link that i dont have anymore that reported that lots of people were having problems with this application.THANKS LEXMARK mark
My printer does NOT need to talk with the outside world i am sure of that. If firewall flags any attempts my advice would be to hit the "Deny" button. I may be wrong but my Dell (Lexmark) isnt even connected to my computer and this exe keeps popping up. I don't fancy it one bit. Do a CTRL-ALT-DEL and end the process, post the results here Simon
Key hook (keylogger) T3RM1N4L
May have spyware with the same name but seems to be linked with Lexmark or Dell Printers. CMH
lexmark service printer driver. Dell Inkjet printer are lemarks printers. Service drivers are the same. Don´t uninstall or your printer won't work. duckman
This file kept getting caught running when I was turning on my computer. I have a Lexmark 3-in-1 printer and a network, but haven't gotten network printing set-up/cared to do so, so I just blocked its access to the internet (only found it after getting McAfee Security Center) Briack
I've had this dell inspiron laptop since xmas 05'', windows just alerted me lexpps was trying to connect to the internet. Windows firewall will block and you can enable if you wish to share files with another computer on the net. d.b
Agree iy seems associated with Lexmark printer but concerned as it triggers even without printer being connected D F
it access my pc (which use broadband), try to access a local port 1025 (from port 3400 Jason
LEXPPS.EXE came when my Dell prompted me to udate my driver for my free Dell printer I have, ZONE ALARM brought it to my attention and after reading everyone's response on what they know this is the conclusion I have came to. I has denied it to access the internet and alowed it and I have seen no difference. BOBO
Lexmark makes all printers for Dell. E.g. you can use Lexmark ink cartridges with "Dell" printer. And of course the drivers are same. Jay
Zone Lab's Zone Alarm caught this file acting as a server, if you leave it on your system be sure to block all internet access to or from it!!! Jaxs
system became sluggish and disk i/o during idle times. Used fport to see this exe active. Killed task and renamed in place. printer (dell) still works so that makes me more suspious. files details indicate LEXMARK - Dell brands EVERYTING! my vote is spyware Lee
If you do not want peer-to-peer support, Search for the files LEXPPS and LEXP2P32. Delete all copies that are retrieved. Restart the PC. Joe Hepperle
The file LEXPPS.EXE began trying to act as a server on my computer after installing a free dell printer that came with the computer i bought. darrell
I do own a lexmark printer, and my firewall told me that lexpps.exe is trying to act as a server, which seems absolutely unnecessary, after doing a search, it found 3 lexpps.exe, all under system32 folder and driver sub folders, although I'm hesitant to delete it but I never let it touch the internet. Wing Zero
This application popped up. I denied it, because I have never owned a lexmark printer, I have a dell, so I see no need for it. When it popped up it said it was trying to act as a "server". weird. Jamie
after I removed it, my HP printer didn't work. I have never had a Lexmark, so why does it affect HP psc2450 printer? English
It'll keep IE or Firefox or Mozilla Suite from connecting on the first try from startup or restart (on dialup, at least). Kill it with Control Alt Delete first thing and browsers will load up normally. It's not a virus, but just a very poorly written file. JoJo Gunn
tried to access internet as a server file comp;ete;y out of the blue whilst I had IE running. Found three copies in addition to a prefetch 2,pf file. deleted them all and my lexmark printer still seems to work OK charlie
obtained information from Lexmark. This file is used for peer to peer networking and is legitimate. If you don't need to use peer-to-peer, it can be deleted along with lexp2p32.dll. Tim the Toolman
Lexmark driver for network printing. I had this and my firewall kept blocking the access to the web. I fixed the problem by changing the name from LEXPPS.EXE to LEXPPSOLD and my problem was solved greg
The Dell freebe is a Lexmark in a Dell skin. Mine tries to get internet access whenever my ink cartridges are low. Windows firewall has never notified me but AVG firewall stops it everytime with no bad side effects so far Hanz & Franz
Virus. If you don't have a lexmark printer, and this suspiciously appeared, get rid of it. Virus often coupled with disabling of task manager and regedit. Remove this from your registry asap. Matt
This is a Lexmark network printer driver/port scanner. If you own one of the many manufacturer printers built by Lexmark (such as some Dell printers) this driver will be installed by default. It is not necessary for the proper functionality of your printer unless you want to use Windows printer sharing to share the printer over a Windows peer-2-peer network. Unless there is some trojan out there spoofing it's name it is completely harmless. Craig
Deinstalling is easy: First find it with regedit and delete all lexmark entries, then startup windows in the secure mode and you can delete the files in the directory windows\system32! You should delete all files starting with lex... lexpps.exe and lexbce.exe. That should do the trick! Al
this file has been showing up with LEXBCES.EXE and IEXPLORE.EXE, i know that the IEXPLORE.EXE is a viruse because i have reciently removed internet exlporer from my computer, i dont know how to remove them but i have been trying, also i have 2 extra svchost.exe and a spoolsv.exe that i dont think i had before
Had Lexmark Printer for a few years and never noticed this file until around the time I setup my computers to network. Never had any problems with it and from what I have read here, I doubt seriously that it is spyware, virus etc. I would leave it especially if you have Lexmark printer. Paul Bajaron-Nawlins
Prevented Norton Antivirus downloading updates. Had to re-install Peter
It wanted to access the internet, but windows firewall blocked it. I dont have a printer hooked up but 2 years ago I used the free printer shipped with this laptop. Ceven
This file installed itself as a process about an year after I installed my printer. I didn't change anything in my computer so that shouldn't happen. Otilia
I have tried to change this LEXPPS.EXE to LEXPPS.EXE.OLD in windows32 and found that i couldn't print on my lexmark printer. so now i just block it with my firewall. its nothing dangerous but a pain it is. geoff
Its the main printer driver and sharing program. It shares your printers and the other printers on your LAN. Its perfectly safe, and trys to access the internet/network to search for other printers.
never a dell again however when non microsoft EXE file trys to act as s server program it makes me cautious. I know it is a printer sharing program but leaving a back door to an open port for hacks to gain acess to I.D. info to or on your wireless net even with the fire wall installed. regedit is the best way to get rid of this nasty little dell file or lexmark it's like an open marker for unfriendly visits!
The oddest thing about this file is it automatically installed when you install Windows. I have never understood the reason why? Hasn't Windows it's own driver to do this work? Seref Unal
I did have lexpps.exe in Task manager. Didn't notice if it got installed with Lexmark printer, but this the second new printer from Lexmark, and neither of them work. Tried to reinstall, but Lexmark will tell you to uninstall before you attempt to reinstall their printer. Have noticed this file appear in McAfee Personal Firewall Plus in Internet Applications. McAfee allowed it because they claim to know the apllication. Henri, Montreal
I am quite aware of the lexpps problem. I use zone alarm, and whenever i turn on my computer the lexpps is trying to act as a server. After numerous times of telling zone alarm to deny it, it still prompts for access after restart or reboot. I am going to find out how to deactivate this function, and as soon as i know how, i will share the information with the people concerned on this site. Thank you. mintofacto
If you own a Dell Printer then you will have this load up..since Lexmark makes a majority of Dell's stuff. duck
I had a message from my fire wall asking if i wanted to allow lexpps access, i denied it and removed it from my exemptions list, and then i thought about it and i didn't even put it there, suspect! and this all comes about after i get an e-mail from my own e-mail address i never sent, messed with my head, thanks for having this forum to confirm my suspicions!! Brandon
It is just a way to use your printer in a network situation. It is harmless. For you who don't agree, do a yahoo search on it and you will see. I included the link to what I found in my search. Again, it is not dangerous, as all of you who had your virus scan pop up with it know, it is a low risk. However, for you that worry, just select block all ports. You most likely aren't on a network anyway. I ranked It neutral because anything can be dangerous if you don't respond to it in the manner that is best for your computer & personal situation. Avery
Safe, but old version have been known to cause problems. This file, from what i have seen, is not very helpful. You delete it then lexmark will still work for you on your computer. Plus, uninstalling the printer will not get rid of this file. Some people say that many trojans use this file but i've seen no proof.
lexmark driver makes spooler dependant on itself, a command to fix the dependancies is given at the link as "sc config spooler depend= RPCSS"  See also: Link Ruth
My internet was compromised, and this was the only process i could find that was unusual. my facebook, myspace, and hotmail were all hacked and passwords changed. i'm wondering if it's what t3rm1n4l called it, a keylogger that someone is using to get my information. Wes
Popped up after connecting Dell A940 all in one Jeff
Lexmark is a major producer and supplier of printers to Dell. The printer driver software loaded onto Dell computers installs this driver automatically. The best advice is to let your firewall deny internet access. If you are not troubled by it, go to bed tonight and rest comfortably, Paul
The difference between Lexmark & Dell is a badge, no more than that. Do you really think that just because you've got a different badge, you've got different software? Allow me to disabuse you of this notion.
I know if I delete it that I can't print anything. I have an HP Pavilion dv4000 running XP. I use OKI, HP and Panasonic printers - no Lexmark or Dell - but my system needs this file or the other printers won't work DBPbear
Don't know much about the file. I do have a Lexmark printer Z715; however this printer has been installed for about a year and just now is when I get this message from Windows Firewall asking about this file. Doesn't make much sense to me, so I asked the Firewall to block it. DC
This isn't a viurs if you search, it will come up with your printers driver. Its harmless, my printer wouldn't work without it. B
This is affiliated with dell and lexmark printers. Its nothing to worry about. If you allow access it may leave your computer vulnerable, but you are mostly safe. superdude
Associated with Lexmark. Alert pops up from AVG Firewall. Why would a printer ask for a connection to the internet (I asked myself). So I denied it. Always following comes an alert for "TCP/IP" asking for access. I allowed that. Not sure if I'm wrong but I know a Trojon Virus can jump from program to program, hiding it's location!!! Nick
not much; but I do not like this type of uncontrolled files Mario
think its from my dell freebe printer, its not a network printer so it is useless, im just gonna block it, you never know about that damn spyware
Probably utilized for law enforcement or data mining by lexmark... Kevin
DONT UNINSTALL!! printer file Pink Panther
Dell AIO printer-scanner IS a Lexmark (can't speak for other models). However, blocking this files access to the 'net is a good idea, since there's no reason on earth it NEEDS access. You can shut it down if you won't be printing during your computer session. Paxmeri
this allows others to acess your computer through the power lines. zone alarm shows it to be active with no internet connection. sets alerts, shows use, and time stamp. it is alive with no internet connection. it uses ethernet connection. i have trace route back to 4 users on my machine, ip's are blocked. this would be nice if it would let you get out. but its a 1 way street. you would not now its there, except for zone alarm.. try disconnecting you internet line cord &
Perfectly normal part of a Lexmark product, but I can't make Zone Alarm rememaber it; each time I boot it asks for permission, although I've never noticed that it mattered one way or the other. AlanK
LEXPPS.EXE and another piece of software related to the Dell ATO printer that has recently been popping up on my computer when I log on, I am absolutely sure has the function of telling Dell if you are using ink cartridges that you did not buy from Dell, but from other manufacturers. Dell and other hardware suppliers are using a loophole in the DRM legislation passed by the US Congress after heavy lobbying by RIAA and Hollywood studios, to stifle competition in the printer ink business. If I buy a pot at Wal-Mart, would I have to buy all the food I cook in it from Wal-Mart? Same thing. Alexis Savanarola
Some lexmark printer thing, which is weird because I haven't had a printer on this computer for a while OMNOMNOM
LexPPS.exe: I've worked on many computers and noticed that this program sometimes interferes. It comes with some printers and probably has to do with networking (and accessing the Internet) only. I've heard that this program is sometimes hijacked. I tend to always delete from the registry (RegEdit) and remove this file and any references. I never see any negative effects (sometimes positive), but I've yet to know someone networking these printers (possible adverse effect if deleted). If you're not sharing this on a network, at least block it from the Internet (FUTURE: "The GRID"). Ralph A. López (Marrero)
Causes ten year old Windows 98SE computer to randonly lockup. I dumped my Lexmark printer for a duplex Cannon inkjet. I started getting random lockups and eventually had to reboot system. Until I realised, I had to frequently save files I was editing. By trial and error I found it was the Lexpps file causing the problem. I simply use Cntl/Alt/Delete command to show open programs and end Lexpps. Andy Hamilton
My security software set to block outbound access CShell (no printer sharing here)
The file Lexpps.exe is used for peer-to-peer networking support for our inkjet products. If you do not want peer-to-peer support, you can simply delete lexpps.exe and lexp2p32.dll. To remove these files: 1. Search for the files LEXPPS and LEXP2P32. 2. Delete all copies that are retrieved. 3. Once the files have been removed, you will need to restart the PC before the peer-to-peer service can be disabled. You might still receive some warnings from the BCE server. 4. To prevent this, you can use a system driver that does not install the BCE server; this driver is available for Win  See also: Link Alex
It strangely appeared a few days ago. I had a Lexmark Printer a long time ago but uninstalled all the software when I got a new printer. The person who created the virus must have named the virus after required system files. If you have a Lexmark keep it otherwise delete it or disable it in msconfig Elliott
Lexmark printer driver. Look in same folder (eg Windows\System32) for related "Lex" files. If not longer needed use Lexunst1.exe to remove all the files. Does NOT show on installed program list under Lexmark or MarkVision. Also look for "extras" components such as c:\LXKZ32\ folder, also not shown on installed program list.  See also: Link Jon
I just spotted it today and myLexmark printer t hat came with my computer hasnt worked for a long time, I think it is very bad... Blublossom
My HP printer woin't work if I stop process; Dell Demension 9100, XP sp3 Robert Benignus

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