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Process name: Trend Micro Common Client Communication Service or Trend Micro OfficeScan Communication Service or TmListen Application or Trend Micro Client/Server Security Agent Listener

Product: Trend Micro OfficeScan Client or Trend Micro Client/Server/Messaging Security for SMB or Trend Micro OfficeScan or Trend OfficeScan WinNT or Trend Micro Worry-Free Business Security or Trend Micro Common Client

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Company: Trend Micro (trendmicro.com)

File: tmlisten.exe

This is a component of the OfficeScan antivirus product from Trend Micro, which is often used in business environments. It is charged with listening for commands or antivirus definition updates sent by the OfficeScan server and initiating the necessary response actions on client machines. It is required for proper protection of the client PCs it runs on.www.neuber.com/taskmanager/process/tmlisten.exe.html 

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All comments about tmlisten.exe:
Part of Trend Micro Virus Scanner Olli
Trend Micro Office Scan T-Virus
Listens out for new Av updates from TrendMicro AV server
It is part of the Trend Micro Office Scan
Part of Trend Micro Virus Scanner Elvenpath
antivirus scanner jf
TrendMicro Pc-Cillin or OfficeScan pocess jerry7
Trend Micro Officescan Listener  See also: Link Thomas Hansen
Update service for Trend Micro Peter
Part of Trend Micro Office Scan T D
Part of trendMicro office scan - listening on port TCP/12345 (Netbus!) MDA
It's Trend Micro Virus scanner Darren
Trend Micro Office Scan MJC
this is a trend micro file Annette
Trendmicro officescan  See also: Link k3r
Trend. Not dangerous jon
Antivirus Program Strahd
Trendmicro officescan listens to port 12345 to receive updates and administrative commands Flatline
Part of TrendMicro Office Scan  See also: Link Mort
Install was part of Trendmicro install
Trend Micro Part  See also: Link Xpert
due to memory size of paged pool and non-paged pool system crashing. mail id :- sksabir1
As system gets hang after few days that after certain memory limit server needs re-start, which may be dangerous. sk.sabiruddin
Trend micro office scan 50ul m45t3r
Trend Micro Office Scan - Virus checker - Not dangerous. Haydn
Trend Micro Office Scan
Part of Trend Micro Office Scan - Sends your web history to central server, so be careful in surfing if installed on your office computer Maratha
Trend Micro Updater  See also: Link bob
Logging what you are doing everywhere. See urlhist.txt in trend micro folder school
Yes, Trend Micro - but CPU-usage sometimes at 80% (together with NTRTSCAN.EXE and PCCNTMON.EXE) MyName
Trend Micro Office Scan eudaimonia.tk
yes it is part of Trend Micro office scan. Yes it does keep urlhist.txt. If it's an office machine you probably signed or accepted an AUP saying nothing you do on that machine is private anyways. Leave it on or risk getting a virus/malware that makes url tracking the least of your concerns norm
Trend Micro Server Protect or OfficeScan. It can use a lot of RAM (all of it) Paul

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