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Process name: HP Digital Imaging Monitor or HP Digital Imaging Monitor (CUE) or TrayApp

Product: hp digital imaging - hp all-in-one series or HP Digital Imaging or hp digital imaging or HP Photosmart Premier or Adobe Flash Player or HP Photosmart Premier Software

Support: Help link   Update link   Uninstall tool  

Company: Hewlett-Packard Co (hp.com) or Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P (hp.com) or Hewlett-Packard (hp.com)

File: hpqtra08.exe

hpqtra08.exe (Hewlett Packard Tray 08) is the Hewlett Packard Digital Imaging Monitor task installed along with the drivers of any of the HP imaging products including, All-In-Ones, PhotoSmart printers and digital cameras. This process starts along with the Operating System and stays in the System Tray. It continuously monitors and indicates the status of the connectivity with any recognizable HP product in addition to intelligently starting the relevant application from the installed HP suite based on User’s needs.www.neuber.com/taskmanager/process/hpqtra08.exe.html 

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  • 1862 users ask for this file. 29 users rated it as not dangerous. 13 users rated it as not so dangerous. 27 users rated it as neutral. 28 users rated it as little bit dangerous. 12 users rated it as dangerous. 22 users didn't rate it ("don't know").

All comments about hpqtra08.exe:
Part o HP All in one series package
This is a non-essential process. Disabling or enabling this is down to user preference Ghostmkr
This is a driver for the HP all-in-one printer. John V.
its for hp machines ass
Non essential Lapalissiano
tray icon. dont want icon at startup then disable it DzNutzz
have a HP all-in-one imaging device Phil
it won't delete John
This is a legitimate system file for HP. It monitors a HP scanner Fergus
Installed with my HP PhotoSmart 3310 All-in-One, this program uses 99% CPU for 15+ minutes straight on startup. Jon W.
It interferes with a wide variety of 3rd party software (from screen readers to ActiveSync) MK
hpqtra08.exe is a pain. It constantly crashes in the background makeing it hard to exit windows. HP has a utility for disabling it for many printers. It didn't cover my printer. I think HP should ask before forcing software like this on us. Glen Broderick
HP All In One diagnostics. It may send some computer info back to HP. (Triggers some firewall/spyware notices.) Non-essential. Provides tray icon for user access to printer features, as said above.  See also: Link pauljs75
Had problems with CPU usage alternating between 0-60%. Ended the process on this file and eliminated the problem. Alaric
Can causes lots of hard drive activity while running... Kefka
this slows the computer down considerably, although it is not malicious. it is not nesessary for printing. chris
its needed for the functionkeys on hp All in One Printer
Installs with your hp printer/scanner -- when I installed it with my hpDeskjet F335 all-in-one it slowed my computer to a crawl Gerri
I appeared after I installed the drives for my HP wireless printer at home. When I am not at home, I sometimes see evidence that this exe has trouble stopping when I shutdown my PC and once got an error that this exe had problems and aborted. I have been going into task manager and killing this process when I won't be using the printer. Bob Jung
Used up all processor power and froze my clients computer. Came with his HP Printer drivers. Nils Mĺsén
it ties up my processor by 98% for no reason even if my HP printer scanner is off. Bry
it actually didnt do much to my pc at all. but it helps my ping on games :) swazzy
Installed as part of the drivers for my HP all-in-one 7400 series Dave Myers
For 8 month TrayApp want's to install at startup and can't find the file windows installer goes mad over it. Lately has come up as HP Document viewer, I located a file TrayApp deleted it no change. It even tries to install when I use other pograms. Security Task Manager mite help get rid of it Bruce
Hp all-in-one printer software - according to ms bugtrace, it is the cause of constant full black screen crashes in my system Clancy
Part of HP Photosmart All-In-One printer software pkg. It is involved in automatically launching software to receive a scanned document sent to the computer via the printer front panel buttons. geekno9
Pain the neck - continuously halts shutdown of XP Gary
HP Process File Zzzzack
hpqtra08.exe was a mega pain. After many many weeks of my HP Laptop freezing after 3-4 hours whether I did anything or not, I fixed the problem by quarantining this file. Now my laptop is running continuously with no problems at all. I have only shut it down once in the last 60 hours. What a relief. Steve G-E
I have run into the issue of hpqtra08.exe running and not knowing it. I use Task Manager - Processes window to view the CPU usage. this bugger will lock up your CPU at 100%. I just 'end process' and the computer begins working well again. Tomcat
This is an important component of HP AiO Program. If you disable this program, HP AiO can't see computer. GV
trouble when shutting-down Windows XP zwoggl
On Vista 64, just noticed that it started using between 0-35% of my Pentium Extreme Edition (840) CPU. This behavior seemed to occur after I installed MS Office 2007! Jason A.
It creates humongous numbers of ver###.tmp files in ...%user%\AppData\Local\Temp under Windows Vista Home Premium. The files are created at the rate of approx. one every three seconds. I deleted (with difficulty) ~36,000 files, disabled hpqtra08.exe and the problem disappeared. Ernst
This file, self executing, causes PC instablity. Search and find the file on the computer, then open task master, kill the damn thing on task master, then erase the file that "Search" found. It is not necessary for printing. It is a recent download Ed
It uses huge amount of CPU time on my new Vista PC. Filesize 210520 bytes Liam Roche
It tries up my precessor by 98 percent Randy
As far as I can tell, it's an executable file used to launch HP Installation Package for a periphrial device. This file is setup to lauch upon boot. If you are being bothered by this error message every time you boot, you can easily disable the executable by altering the Startup Items for the computer. Start Run. In the Run box type "msconfig" and hit enter. This will launch the systems Configuration Utility. Click on the Startup Tab, expand the "command" column by double clicking or draging the separator. Find the file that ends with "hpqtra08.exe". Uncheck boxes. Apply, Reset. iLOVEspam
this exe has trouble stopping when I shutdown my PC pippo
Did get it with an HP Photosmart printer. Pushes my processor to 100% all the time Derk
It slows down the PC, becomes unstable and needs to be terminated at shutdown and is complete, COMPLETELY, un imobius
Came with my HP printer. Has caused my laptop to run hot because of its constant activity. Ended the process and the laptop immediately went back to its normal processes and fan usage. Jessica
If you cant delete the file, use and old Norton Commander, it works together with XP. Try a more than twice and you will succed. Arne Nielsen
it was installed when the wireless printer was added to my 3 computer network but doesn't run properly with my other software jrk
that it is taking 90+% of CPU time, when it should not . Dr Jim
generic Host Problem Arnab Banerjee
It appears each time I shut down, and can,t log off until I have manually ended.the file.. Anne Sayers
i believe the high cpu usage stops by the time you stop participate in that hp survey about printer-usage. (you certainly have been asked during the installation). At least to stop allowing the programm sending that information worked in my case.. Jelleton
when this application is running, I cannot get on the internet. If I ctrl alt delete then stop the application, everything is fine. mikie
This program, provided by HP, causes very severe problems. 100% CPU/core usage is common, and a window flashes every 1 second on Windows Vista. HP are well aware of the problems appear to be unconcerned about any damage done to customers. Liam Roche
It always cause problems when I shut down my computer. David Barnes
this file has been producing fragmented filed on my computer up to 42% twice per day. I personaly think it is a virus. i got it when asking HP online for help (totally useless) sam
There is a patch on HP's web site not mentioned under QTR008: use the following link and install the patch. This corrects the problem if your printer is connected by LAN:http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/softwareDownloadIndes?lc=en&lang=en&cc=us&os=228&softwareitem=oj-27722-1 I don't know if it fixes USB or not, but it didn't affect the functions of HP director at all, but it did fix the problem!  See also: Link Gary
This is sitting in the Startup Menu, but has an error when trying to load during Startup, and shuts down with a "send Error" Prompt. It doesn't actually load so it never causes a problem. I'm just not sure of the best way to get rid of it. VeMan
End Task warning window pops up when shutting down, and has to be manually ended. Not sure if it hurts anything, but totally confuses my 89 yr old mother who surfs the web. Lind
Appeared when installing HP Printer 7280 drivers/services; causing Device I/O error/message upon shutdown; caused CPU tasking monopolization; removed from Startup folder and stopped CPU and shutdown error messages Jim R
Stops Windows XP from shutting down - it is a pain. John D
hpqtra08.exe is a pain. Part of HP scanners and printers. It slows down the computer, it opened tons of stupid pop-ups warning me about my colour ink cartridge [that I never use as I print text only]. I found no other way than renaming it [removing the .exe] to get rid of this stupid thing [I didn't wanted to delete it, just in case...]. Since then I can print with no stupid warnings slowing down the PC and forbiding me to access other softwares and the PC is acting normal. cdrk
This program caused photoshop elements to load photos in about 45 seconds. When I figured it out and disabled it, my photos loaded in 2 seconds. Dean
destroyed vista experience of new pc. biggest problems of new PC. big mistake by HP Peter
I think it is linked to atl71.dll
It is not dangerous Bhairav
It created 65,000+ files in a Temp directory within Local Settings on a Win XP SP3 PC Ed
Disabling this application from the task manager freed nearly 50% CPU usage in my laptop. It was causing a frustration in the performance.  See also: Link Eralper
I haults my shutdown process...I'm not sure what to do with it. I do not want to mess up my HP printer, but my laptop is on the fritz.
hpqtr08 - installed by HP on their laptop (HP6720S) and when you try to remove it, and it alone from the StartUp menu, the printer driver stops functioning (HP All-in-One printers). You are forced to re-install to get connectivity via wireless. Same set up using an Acer laptop avoids the problems at start/shutdown. This suggests it's a HP "special" which so far they have refused to acknowledge. RVBr
This always causes my computer NOT to restart or shut down. Yes, my HP all-in-one needs it. This is the last time I buy an HP all-in-one. Soooo annoying. Is there a fix? I'll GLADLY pay money to fix it!!! allansplace
It will not allow Diskeeper any free Idle time so no defragging is possible while this is running. Trying to kill it in the taskbar yields a red dot & "Attempting to shut down HP..." but never gets it accomplished. (Note: I am running 64 bit XP) Remav
Slows down XP Log off and sut down tao
Stops Windows XP from shutting down - it is a pain Rick
Often it won't shut down, says shutting down for hours at a time, uses a lot of resources. I try to kill it after every reboot, also causes the system to hang. Ed
Had a chat support session with HP. HP solutions centre (copy/scan/print) will not work if you rename the file. You need to use MSCONFIG or regedit to prevent the Digital imaging monitor from running at start up. Andy
CPU works hard. I closed it with the button process in the Task mgr Bo Stjernlöf
causing multiple problems since installing bill
I noticed when my scanner was off : high CPU as it was looking for the scanner, after turning it on the usage went back to normal.... Frank Numan
It is necessary for the front panel buttons to work in conjunction with your computer. It was running my CPU up to 80% about every 10 seconds. Quite annoying. On XP, a short cut to it is installed in the All Users\startup\programs\startup folder. I took it out of there and put it on my desktop. That way I only start it when I am using my all-in-one for scanning. John O.
I have had this same problem on two networked computers with three networked HP Printers. The fix took me a long while to find but is quite sinple once you find it. 1 go to control pannel, Administrative tools then services and look for all HP Files Make sure they have the right settings. @. Next go tos "Run" ad type in "MSconfig" Click on the "Services" tag and make sure that the HP services listed are set to "Run". do this and all your problems will simply disapear. It is really that simple. Peter Downey.
I have posted a work-around on my blog. This solution will basically just make windows kill that program on shutdown, instead of hanging up and waiting for you to click "End Task" (or whatever label it might have.)  See also: Link Thom Porter
this bugger (hpqtra08) is zapping all the cpu power. I have been seeing a drag a lot lately when I try to wrtie HTML in the Aptana Studio and here and there and everywhere. I have tried stopping the service - shutting of Digital Imaging...that's what's running this service. It's possessed! I am now uninstalling the printer software "HP Photosmart" and see if that helps. Ah_hah! that shut it off...I'll just have to reinstall the effer Jerome
HP will not respond to why it comes pre-installed on their laptops. Big mistake by HP, bigger mistake by me to buy their product. braveheart
HP printer c7280 -- HP customer support have been called for numerious issues... yet HP is appeartly a problem HP not worth the money
Замедляет работу системы, потребляя 40-50% мощности процессора. belov
Have disabled mine in MSCONFIG as it stops windows shutting down and conflicts with Outlook, using 100% of CPU usage. Ant
I did a tech support chat with "Anthony" at HP about hpqtra08.exe. After I insisted that removing the program from startup was an insufficient solution the chat agent sent me on a patch hunt at Microsoft. He put me on a patch to upgrade the microsoft update agent to 3.0. This patch was 2 years old, and was included in subsequent updates by Microsoft. A completely useless snipe hunt by HP. Then, after restart HP recommended that I add a firewall exception for HP SLPSVC32.dll. Finally HP again recommended shutting down the program at the start up folder by circumventing the HP network devi  See also: Link Mike Webber
Not a problem except is a CPU hog so I just stop it. Richard Mudd CSMELI
It eats up too much CPU single core time 88 to 96% constantly. 10 minutes to print 1 page. I deleted the Process and I haven't seen any detremental effects and normal printing per page. Ernie S
Disabling hpqtra08.exe (by renaming hpqtra08.exe to hpqtra08.ex-) solved the following problem: Once Firefox 3.5.2 appears in "Windows Task Manager; Processes",but the firefox window is closed, clicking on the Firefox icon, or clicking on a Firefox shortcut will not load a new window. If Firefox is removed from the "Task Manager", and the Firefox icon or shortcut is clicked, the window will load, (but after the first window has been closed a new window will not load). Norm Sussman
Required for HP Scanning, HP Scanner Diagnostic checks for it. P Grant
man ey schprecht ihr au deutsch
Status monitor for HP drivers, can be disabled (but not removed) using msconfig Topperfalkon
Deleting this DISABLES the SCAN BUTTON on your HP PhotoSmart 2575 ALL-in-one PRINTER Rasauul
Installes with HP printer drivers.. took up large portion of resources.. it stopped when i stopped "particepating" in HP's "survey" about the printer, CPU usage dropped back to zero.. I think the HP survery was recording EVERYTHING we do.. Kerry Jackson
slow down computers Frederic
USES 98% OF PROCESSOR SLOWING MY WORK. i'm throwing away my HP printer and telling friends, no more HP garbage printers cyber 1
Within hours of this appearing on my PC, my system completely shutdown and crashed. Cant even boot up anymore.
I created a shortcut on my desktop. After that both problems disappeared: the cpu usage problem of hpqtra08 and the device10 notification problem which prevents windows XP from shutting down. Jan Van Casteren
Not happy this program is squirly and uses to many resourses, poorly written code allen deiter
It's a constant pain. Mega drain on CPU and I/O hangup on shutdown. But needed to run AiO device. They never have issued a proper fix. My very LAST HP product, I can promise. mac
On restarting my computer after several weeks away hpqtra08.exe ran and ran and ran, overnight and well into the next morning, at 10 to 20% cpu. Noticing the comments here about its connection with scan, at last I had the bright idea of just turning the HPdj4280 All-in-One printer on. Doing so seemed to make hpqtra08.exe very happy; evidently all it wanted to know was whether the printer was okay after so long neglect, and it went away as soon as it did so. John
I make sue my printer is off when i bootup, then once everything up and running turn on printer, all runs fine. If not will get 100% cpu usage and everything is a drag. If you forget, turn off HP & patiently let PC shut down. Reboot again with HP off. Marianne
It is part of the HP software junkpile that is capable of totally dominating the processor cycles. HP stands for horrible printer - ssoftware is junk to me and they )HP) don't know how to fix it.. brian
anytime a .exe uses 98% CPU it's not good. john w
Whenever I log off, the program won't end by itself. I have to end the program. :P Gabe
I reorganized my user account and found this application accessing my firefox profile. I needed to load "Unlocker" to convice HP to let go off the files in my user profile, so i could delete them. stephanius
Running up 96 % of CPU. It is maybe not dangerous, but for sure a nuisance (HP!?). Marco
There is constant error about disk not found related to this error. CPU gets overly actively and forced to reboot, again. Stan Byrne
Stalls my computer when it needs to be shut down. its a nuisance, and i just kill the process w/ Revo Uninstaller's hunter mode Key
This one always fail my laptop to shutdown, very annoying ! HP did pretty bad job coding this one. I would keep only the printer drivers but unfortunately the scanner can not work without full install of the utilities. Steve
This file was using up 100% of my CPU, and other programs were hanging and not responding. I've now moved this file to my desktop so that it does not automatically load. I need it for scanning though, so install it from the desktop as I need it. As it's no longer in the original place, it's not called upon all the time, so the CPU is now happy, and so am I! Johnny Essex
It is currently using 93% of my CPU and if even one other file becomes a cpu hog also, my system slows down to the point where I can write faster than I can type. Now that is sad! Judy
it is very annoying. This pegs my computer performing I/Os. It behaves more like a virus
Comes up every time I put a blank disc in the optical drive. Says it is looking to install something from CD that is not there. Have to hit cancel repeatedly about 50 times before it finally goes away. Major nuisance. CN
cant delete and opens without permission claire
I had an hp2575 all in one that killed my dell inspiron 531 pc. hp printers are evil. mike
I hate it! It is annoying cause it slows down my computer by using way too much cpu. kate
but seems to activate at unwanted times and slows Located in HP folder. Seems to slow down opening of web pages and other functions at unwanted times. Is it monitoring usage of HP printers? Ken S.

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