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Process name: DNA

Product: DNA or BitTorrent DNA or Internet TRiLOGI or My Book Device Driver or Alphabet

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Company: BitTorrent (bittorrent.com)

File: btdna.exe

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Users Opinions

Average user rating of btdna.exe: based on 18 votes. Read also the 19 reviews.

  • 3263 users ask for this file. One user rated it as not dangerous. 10 users rated it as neutral. 4 users rated it as little bit dangerous. 3 users rated it as dangerous. 4 users didn't rate it ("don't know").

All comments about btdna.exe:
Part of Bittoernt  See also: Link tim mcgee
BTDNA does have a visible window via its Control Panel applet. If it's not in the Control Panel, go to C:\Program Files\DNA and look for a file with a *.CPL extension. Double clicking on this file will open an information box.  See also: Link citib0y
BitTorent Background Pocess  See also: Link Ivan Josiah Lapis
Constantly uses internet connection to connect to its peers and is a very aggresive program and behaves like a virus for the most part it is not going to ruin your computer but it might dampen your experience  See also: Link Michael Benesch
it occured after installing BitTorrent Wouter
it stays on pc even......after uninstalling bittorrent! get rid of it sharptooth53
This file is a component of BitTorrent client. Don't worry, it is not harmful at all.  See also: Link Eimantas
it keeps popping saying a remote system is trying to access your system... a person
the online game WolfTeam seems to use this program. Still, it kept asking my firewall permission, even if the game hadn't been started, thus caution about btdna.exe Joby Reynolds
Although BTDNA can simply be a bittorrent client, there is also a virus that has this process name. If you're seeing mysteriously high ping times (1200+) on the first hop to your provider, and this process is running on any PC on your network, try removing the EXE - it infected 2 PC's in our household (not those with AVG, but other virus checkers) and we saw terrible DSL performance until we removed the process from the 2 machines. Razza
I have this (virus) and i have to say its very harmful. it shutdown internet gains acess from virus protection and u cant delete it. ive even tried changing it to a txt file and deleting all the commands inside but yet i cant save it. it just keeps coming back. but i have learnt that if u get avg free it does find it and delete it, i cant update avg cause net is disabled but if u can then it will work. Tyler
Just a bandwidth eater - A easy Solution. Easy steps to deal with btdna.exe: do a normal windows search for the file. Delete it. Bittorrent can function just as well without btdna.exe Arjun Chawla
I just got it and my pc was freezed totally all the time...very uber annoying..and cpu levels were normal..just freezed everything very slow...
This is part of the bittorrent application, i found that even after uninstalling Bittorrent, BtDNA.EXE would still appear in my Proccess list. I would reccomend removal if you don't use Bittorrent, but it's no big threat (Takes up alot of CPU) Wasdeq
It seems to be used by asus online storage for uploading your files also they offer P2P download for software updates. If it's hanging online it can be vulnerability. Seeker
ASUS installs this bittorrent downloader when you download drivers from the official Asus website using their own downloader tool, DNA. It has no option to disable automatic loading of it with Windows, once use have used it, you can "uninstall" only by removing it from the applications startup list by hand. It is not dangerous, but can slow down your internet with the 7/24 uploading it offers in the background. One more negative: no icon is showed on the taskbar when it is running.  See also: Link The Lazy (from Hungary)
Have removed it using Control Panel ketsal
Is installed with bittorrent but not necessary to run bittorrent. Looks as if it helps mainly the content providers. I see no value for me in it. De-Install  See also: Link Titule
Poorly designed software, can cause excessive TCP connections which contributes to network issues. No GUI to configure from what I can tell. Probably not malicious, but if you don't know what it is, get rid of it. Joe

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