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Process name: Cyberlink MediaLibrary NT Service

Product: Cyberlink MediaLibrary NT Service or HLPIndex or Napster

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Company: Cyberlink (gocyberlink.com)

File: CLMLService.exe

CLMLService.exe comes bundled with PowerDVD and PowerCinema software suites and is the media library service from the OEM. It stays connected to the main server and keeps its information updated depending on the Userís choice of the type of movies in addition to assisting to obtain all available information on the title.www.neuber.com/taskmanager/process/clmlservice.exe.html 

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All comments about CLMLService.exe:
Seems to be the resident part of the Cyberlink Power cinema platform. In my case preinstalled with the OEM set of applications on a new system.  See also: Link Alexander Boelen
It's a power cinema service or also know as DVD player
It caused massive amounts of UDP connections to be opened (observed with SysInternals' TCPView), possibly flooding my connection limit and thus causing "weird" cannot connect errors in other programs. Niels Huylebroeck
It appears to be part of Cyberlink software as supplied with Mesh computers. Mesh are unable to assist regarding its habbit of grabbing the WHOLE of the CPU time. Clear it from the startup boc via msconfig. Baz
is part of power dvd safe to remove just want update online libary
It's certainly Cyberlinks "Power Suite" if it loads at startup and you have the shortcut menu bar tower loading on your desktop it will gobble up all your processor power. If your machine is running slow check "running processes" in Win Task Manager, If CLMLservice is there you can bet its gobbling 90% of your CPU. Dump it and install a kinder program or at least dont let it start with windows. Steve Rickman
Cyberlink Media Library Service
As stated by Mr. Boelen this is part of Cyberlink Power Cinema for example. It seems the port it listens to is used to look for other Cyberlink installations. Check CLMLServer.exe and CLCapSvc.exe (Capture Service for Video...), as well. You have to decide if you need this feature (Media Server streams), if not you may deactivate them via msconfig. thg
Niels Huylebroeck's description above rings most true. Task Manager doesn't show CPU or RAM use to be the root of the problem - it is CONNECTIONS. Spainy53
Commonly part of the collection of pre-packaged OEM software deployed on laptops from companies like Gateway, HP, etc. In Windows "Startup" by default and can be disabled in MSCONFIG. Used for managing webcam, audio, video, and other media. jwr
Eats lots of CPU during compiling MV
It uses a lot of system resources and internet connections but does not seem to provided any user benefit in return, probably collecting personal info and sending it back to cyberlink. It supposedly collects info on the movies you watch but does not say how this is supposed to be any benefit to you. Warnebald
6th post down by Steve Rickman, is spot on; paraphrasing, don't let it start-up w/ Windows upon booting up. William
Uses very much CPU

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