What is newdotnet7_22.dll? Is newdotnet7_22.dll spyware or a virus?

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Process name: New.net Domains

Product: New.net Domains or Heinemann Psychology or Theme Hospital or MISource or SimNet for Office

Company: New.net (cexx.org/newnet.htm)

File: newdotnet7_22.dll

This DLL implements a browser plugin for Internet Explorer that allows the browser to access websites using simulated top-level domains implemented by the "alternate" DNS system site new.net. This process is a potential system stability and security threat, and some versions also serve popup advertising to users. Many antivirus and antispyware programs identify it as a threat to be removed. See also: newdotnet6_38.dllwww.neuber.com/taskmanager/process/newdotnet7_22.dll.html 

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  • 3 users ask for this file. One user rated it as not dangerous. 2 users rated it as neutral. 6 users rated it as little bit dangerous. 7 users rated it as dangerous.

All comments about newdotnet7_22.dll:
i cannot remove it under windows xp home sp2 donald smouse
Couldnt be removed, dunno help me w00t
Spyware -
This file cannot be removed with a delete DLL upon reboot, however it does seem to be seen by spybot search and destroy, however something on my pc is blocking spybots automated updates, I had to manually dl their updates on their website to get access. Michael
You have to go at Start/Systemsteuerung/software and you have to remove it froum your PC! then restart your computer Andreas
this file lets u connect to the internet. Trust me i struggled with it and I finally got it to go away...but then i could not connect to the internet (missing file) so just leave it there and if your virus program hassles u just set it to not scan that file. thats all i know. Alecks
I couldn't delete it even while in safe mode, tried many antispywares and antiviruses but didn't manage to get rid of it serg
can not remove eva
This virus is partly dangerous. It connects to their own DNS system, as you may see on the description. But do not get fooled! It poses a potential security threat by popping up pop-ups, and other surprise spyware effects. Deleting the virus is almost impossible.

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