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Process name: NVIDIA Media Center Library

Product: NVIDIA Media Center Library or Microsoft Data Access

Company: NVIDIA (nvidia.com)

File: NvMcTray.dll

This program implements a system tray icon for Nvidia graphics cards. It runs at boot time to load your default video profile, and then remains in the system tray to provide quick access to the Nvidia Media Center so you can change a variety of configuration options. This is not part of the Nvidia drivers and isn't required for proper operation of the graphics subsystem.www.neuber.com/taskmanager/process/nvmctray.dll.html 

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Users Opinions

Average user rating of NvMcTray.dll: based on 57 votes. Read also the 41 reviews.

  • 986 users ask for this file. 45 users rated it as not dangerous. 3 users rated it as not so dangerous. One user rated it as neutral. 2 users rated it as little bit dangerous. 6 users rated it as dangerous. 2 users didn't rate it ("don't know").

All comments about NvMcTray.dll:
NVidia Display Driver Peter
Nvidia Tray dll. Loads your default video profile upon exec and remains doing nothing. Sebastian Muņiz.
NVIDIA Corporation Pascal
part of nvidia driver suite  See also: Link Georg
Nvidia System Tray process. Loads your default video profile upon startup. Jonathan
It puts an icon in your system tray so you have quick access to your saved profiles and display properties Dustman
nVidia Driver Snake
for nvidia sorted if you use it pcboob
Makes Nvidia graphics card run. Completely safe.
Nvidia options icon jerm
Part of nVidia GPU Drivers Steven
part of nVidia drivers fotis
Loads your video display profile, sticks an icon in your system tray then just sits there ACEBRAVO
runs in system tray, and gives you quick access to display settings. kreator
System tray icon for easy access to your nVidia graphic card options and setup. I am not sure though if it is necessary for normal operation of the graphic card. Praetorian
it is a Nvidia display driver helper that pcpitstop says is not needed on startup and I was reccomended to disable it. How i do that I dont know. Jake
Most of these entries are incorrect. This nVidia file is NOT part of the drivers and is not required. It only acts as a shortcut to nVidia control panel. I always uncheck it in msconfig. McFly
Part of nVidia's driver dll. Lith
Once again, just an NVIDIA application. Make sure that this file is labeled as a .dll. If it's .exe delete it. And of course like all the other NVIDIA .exe's and .dll's there will be NO network traffic, if there is you got yourself a virus or spyware. Howard D.
Nvidia graphics driver pard of video card installation Moko
error loading c:windows/NVMCTRAY.dll and c:/sys32/NVCPL.dll when doing a clean boot unable to delete or rename this file but able to as administrator but doing so might make the computer go to sleep mode and wake up automatically . hapens with NVIDIA GeForce fx5200 this is a bug if you have not updated your driver if still getting the same then look for it under non plug and play devices in device manager and remove it Roxio
NVIDIA Media Center Tray Icon. Safe, but unneeded. syeager
Loads settings on startup, then exits. This program should not stay running in your Task Manager. nVidia Guy
Nvidia's tray icon/ Steve
Nvidia Media Library is not dangerous. I give it a level 2 because it is a program that is not necessary. The Nvidia tray has no real purpose since you can right click anywhere on the empty part of the screen to gain access. Recommendation, go to you msconfig and uncheck the box. It is not needed and takes up resources.  See also: Link Trevor Goble
This file is the NVIDIA Media Center Library so... it isn't dangerous at all Berith
It only acts as a shortcut to nVidia control panel. Nvidia should disable it by default and others should fallow. Keeping youre system clean from unneccesary processes is the key for fast performance. Just like youre toilet youre OS will crap up at one point. yokohama
Its nvidia's driver, do not fear it ;p BB
nvidia control pannel taskbar icon theelous3
Not vital, can be disabled. Part of Nvidia display service in taskbar. Moo
Windows Defender alerted me.That there is a change. Check it out. It starts when windows start, So I think you don't need it, as I saw this change after running windows for months.
Was installed with my Video PC Card. Seems to have valid signature allende.nl.mx
Windows vista/xp/me Startup Initialization file
most ppl say its an nvidia tray icon. i had it but i didnt see any tray icon. mik
It looks like an Nvidia legit file, but is in fact the running part of a fake Windows Security alert scareware. Turns off Malware Malwarebytes, just delete it from system32 and registry run. Mark K
Nvidia tray process  See also: Link VASCAO EH NOIX
just a start up entry file Rajat
Got the nvmctray.dll missing error? Maybe my problem can help you. I was using a boot speed accelerator (soluto) which allowed me to take these two items out of startup: Nvidia driver helper service (Nvidia helper), and Nvidia display properties extension (Nvidia Prop Ext). Started getting the error. Putting them back in boot stopped the error. lawmaven
Totally safe, but unnecessary and can be disabled. Q
Automatically updated NVIDIA driver, then my IE 8 was been controlled by some advertisements, when you click on any websites, unpredictable advertisements could appear. NvMctray.dll 106KB, nvmctray.dll 106KB, nvmctray.dll 84 KB appeared in different directories, totally six times. Jerry
Just another rescource hog harmless, but unnesessary Rod

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