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Process name: IPS Core Service

Product: Away Manager or IPS Core Service or Maintenance Manager or IPS-Basisservice

Company: Lenovo Group (lenovo.com) or Lenovo (lenovo.com)

File: ipssvc.exe

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All comments about ipssvc.exe:
I could have been loaded when I added the new ibm update program.......when I looked in properties it showed a strange user (string of numbers and letters) and as i was looking at it it disapeared Jerry
This appears to be a file used by Lenovo in their IBM computers 'enhancement' (spyware). I read recently that the US gov. was investigating the spyware they have included with the operating systems. Lenovo claims this is to allow them to provide better service to users, but it still sends user information and activity info to Lenovo. After battling issues for 1/2 a week on several Lenovo computers, I did a complete disk reformat and installed windows xp OEM. Downloading the drivers was a pain, though.  See also: Link Rick
The IPS Core Service causes Symantec 10.1 to have Tamper Protection Alerts Continuously. Disabling that service stopped the Tamper errors. No idea the purpose of the service. I have an IBM Thinkpad X40. Saw this service on other X40 models, but no other models. AgBlue
Part of the Away Manager at my Tinkpad
My TP seemed to stall once in a while. The process took a lot of CPU ressources while running. The process was easily killed and the file could be renamed to .ex_ without a problem. Michael
vpn client pre-installed on Lenovo to connect to LanCom networks Chris
Found it on a X41 as well. On my system I found that IPS Core Services caused Symantec 9.X to max out CPU usage. DiZzY D
This is part of Lenovo's "Maintenance Manager" software. It can be disabled without harm to the system. To remove it completely, uninstall "Maintenance Manager," using Add/Remove Programs in XP or Programs and Features in Vista. Brandon
ibm piece o information for secure connections h-man
I was tweaking my Internet settings on my ThinkPad T61, using Lenovo's Access Connections module. I went to "Edit Profile" and then "Additional Settings." I attempting to "Enable a VPN Connection." It asks for what program do you want to use. By process of elimination, I used C:\drivers\WIN\WLANINT\XP\x32\Drivers\dpinst32.exe. After that, my wireless corrupted. I looked at my Event Viewer and found the following error: IPS Core Service depends upon the following non-existent service PROCDD. I logged out and had to restart my computer twice, but was able to recover my wireless.
In my case, it was our VPN connection using it for remote connection, so cannot really disable it Arun
Part of the Away Manager at my Thinkpad matte
FIX: Open Away manager, in the configuration tab, disable whisper mode off. My CPU usage dropped instantly and Symantec stopped writing to the log instantly. No more clogging the drive traffic and 200MB logs. Stopped my issues. Ted
Absolutely harmless: Ipssvc.exe is part of the Lenovo IPS Core Service, Maintenance Manager software or LANCOM VPN Client Service and comes bundled with ThinkPad PCs. This process is used when users create private connections over a public network, commonly known as the VPN or Virtual Private Network. paul

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