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Process name: Support.com Scheduler and Command Dispatcher

Product: SupportSoft Agent Controls

Support: Help link [1][2]   Update link [1][2]   Uninstall tool  

Company: Support.com (supportsoft.com)

File: tgcmd.exe

A known spyware program, tgcmd.exe starts automatically with Windows once installed. A remote management program from Tioga Software and Support.com, it is advertised as an IT helpdesk program that allows remote access. It also tracks and logs your online activity and reports it to a remote server. In some cases it can be uninstalled using the Windows Add/Remove Programs feature, but to truly eradicate it you should use a reputable anti-spyware program.www.neuber.com/taskmanager/process/tgcmd.exe.html 
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  • 458 users ask for this file. 15 users rated it as not dangerous. 5 users rated it as not so dangerous. 22 users rated it as neutral. 8 users rated it as little bit dangerous. 8 users rated it as dangerous. 7 users didn't rate it ("don't know").

All comments about tgcmd.exe:
IBM Support executeable
Monitoring software used by Toshiba, SONY & IBM laptops for tech support. Also used by Comcast in a modified form to monitor cable modem users' browsing habits (ie.spy) and 'phone home' under the euphemism of being support software  See also: Link Negster22
Showed up after I installed Road Runner medic jason meadows
This file is pre-installed in Sony Vaio Notebooks. Valdemir
Used by tech support of various companies
My firewall keeps blocking it and it is constantly being a pain in the butt! B. Mac
Information from Support Soft, probably installed by COX for their purposes.  See also: Link R Stolzmann
It is used by McAfee to connect a user to a live technician. I had thought that the TGCMD Module was spyware or a trojan but apparently it was developed by Support.com and is sold for remote assistance. The company is now called Supportsoft.com and seems to be legitimate. They have 247 employees and are traded on the American Stock exchange.  See also: Link Glenda Hoke
this is associate with bellsouth dsl bulletin and job processing - it gets installed with the support.com folder that is in the bellsouth installation cd nina
I am not sure it is dangerous,but it drove my fire wall nuts. I took it out of my startup menu and have had no ill effects at all. I have a sony Vaio laptop with XP. To turn it off go to your start menu. Click "start", then choose "Run" In the box type in msconfig then click "ok". Go to the startup tab and click it. You will see a startup item called tgmd or "c:\programfiles\support.com\client\bin\tgcmd.exe/server. Uncheck the box next to it. Click apply and restart your computer and your done. If a window pops up onstartup about the start up change, click the box to turn off the notification. W. LaRoche
Is associated with Error report re "ordinal508-Not found"-Just talked with Bell South tek rep who said BS has no knowledge & did not install - All commands using BS DSL are answered OK but when get on with AOL all commands are reported as "Can Not Find Page" - Anyone HELP Big Jack
Sony support agent
i dont know what it is but it is always tripping my norton internet security. automaticly creates rules for it every couple mins, mostly while on lime wire lee
It was installed after I got my cable company install the cable connection and the support software (ie. pop up blocker, viruses, etc.) SoulKeeper
i have a sony vaio notebook y it comes out when i installed Zone alarm jorgluis
I keeps poping up and norton dosent seem able to block it. Joe Spencer
I've just disabled it in HKLM\.,..\Run hive. Daniyar
It's a VNC. Used by a 'trusted' isp to watch what you're doing if they feel like it. rr, cox, ibm, etc all use it. rr calls it 'Road Runner Chat Controls' Bad news if you value your privacy if you ask me.  See also: Link Rage
This is part of SupportSoft's spyware/malware scanning tool. It's a big pain because it keeps deleting VNC from my system.  See also: Link David
As stated above, pre-installed on Vaio laptops, legitimate support software. If you have problems with your firewall warning you that it is being blocked, it may be a better idea to create an exception for it, as you may have to use it for support at some point. See your firewall software's documentation for details on creating exceptions. Rig
This file is pre-installed in IBM Notebooks. Volker
Preinstalled on IBM thinkpad, never seem to have needed it. Oubliette
I have a Sony Viao using XP SP1 - after installing SP2 This file began nagging my firewall. According to the site below "This program has a companion file TGKILL.EXE and can be safely uninstalled from the start menu.Remove either "Comcast Support Software" or "Sony Vaio Support" depending upon which appears.  See also: Link perry
. No risk not spyware,adware virus or trojan. Does not use internet. Process used for support by SupportSoft used in Sony and Toshiba PC's Hubris
it is pre-installed on Sony VAIO computers to connect with their live support team during troubleshooting paul
this file is part of an ISP support tool (like Genius)
I have sony vaio, all the programs would stop responding, including the fire wall. I could not figure out what was goin on untill I uninstalled the Comcast support (TGCMD module). Now my computer is back to normal and I am relieved :) g
came with qwest dsl had program on a disk  See also: Link wildcardej
Part 1 of 2: Installment of SP2 on a Sony Vaio desktop running XP PRO has blocked "tgcmd Module" by "Support.com, Inc." . I've just spent an hour searching sites including THIS one searchin for an explanation of this file, since the SP2 warning box offers NO explanations of WHAT it IS, DOES, WHY it’s THERE in the FIRST PLACE, and. WHAT ‘PROGAM’ is it a part of, since it does NOT show up in a FILE search! PLEASE ANSWER THOSE '4' questions in detail, unlike the stupid sites that offer the most ridiculous of comments while telling you NOTHING of ‘what it is, why it's there, or what it does, or TOM
I have always had it on my sony vaio laptop but it has never popped up until here recently....I don't think it is dangerous..........BUT IT IS A BIG PAIN IN THE BUTT!!! I agree with Rigs about creating an exception on your firewall!!!! Samantha
This file was installed when I installed Comcast Internet, tdcmd.exe started using about 50% of CPU time only when i blocked it. I just uninstalled Comcast Support software. Atleast CPU is not working fine. Vikas Sabharwal
Doesn't seem to hurt anything and montioring it shows no contact over internet connection jc
Installed with Road Runner Medic. ZoneAlarm shows a warning that it wants to monitor keystrokes, etc.. Some searches on Google say it's spyware. I am going to contact Road Runner about it. For now I block it with my firewall. It lists all of your favorites urls and visited sites among other things. I can turn it on in the firewall if neede for RR tech support. Angus49
This started happening to me shortly after I clicked on the link for the new version of "http://frontier.myway.com/V2". It's a new portal for their webtools, etc. Don't know if it's related but sure seems suspicious. Nothing else new added to this Vaio Desktop. Will probably try to disable it in the way shown above by W.LaRoche. This is happening approx. every 10-15 seconds. M. Young
Keeps popping up through Norton Internet Security, and I can't get it to go away. Dinky
This is part of Sony Vaio support as it applies to my particular situation. After several visits to MS updates it is still noted as a Malicious script. Either you can authorize it and be informed of updates or disable it. Although the later may not be much better, being that any critical updates will have to be manually searched and installed. In my opinion Sony don't have need, cause, or time to be probing all our miniscule PCs with spyware. Just be sure of the source. I have heard of an instance of association with a virus. Thus the warning some Antivirus programs prompt action. Gr82Bstr8
The file appeared in my system tray the next day, after I had a cable modem installed by Adelphia, now merged with ComCast Cable. I don't know how it can help me considering I've already clicked nearly every option available in the pop up menu. It sucks because if you can't communicate with anyone, then the process is simply designed to watch what I'm doing. Welcome to the 21st century. Virtually everyting is permissable and virtually nothing can be escaped! TonyS
Found this file on an XP computer I was running. NMAP successfuly connected to it through SSL, runs tgcmd.exe on port 641, SSL certificate is issued to "Tioga Systems" by "RSA Data Security, Inc. (a legitimate company". Looks like Tioga provides software that monitors applications on the client computer. If you trust your ISP (in the case of the computer I was working on, Comcast), then you trust this app. I do not trust it, or comcast. ChrisJohnson
Its part of a package the company I work for installed on all pcs. I think its used by IT securiy to monitor what people are doing. bigb
bothersome, zone alarm detects it  See also: Link cynical lyrical whimsy of a gal
I had difficulty activating Windows Live One Care security software. I contacted a Microsoft tech who tried to do a remote diagnosis. After we were finished, the tgcmd.exe warning started appearing every time I booted.
SupportSoft Updater tgmcmd.exe This file is used to update many selfhelp tools from OEMs and ISPs such as Sony. It can usually be found in C:\Programs\Support.com. It is not a spyware, but simply checks for update to the SupportSoft Software, often named something else such as Comcast Desktop Doctor. R. Janes
It came with my Thinkpad and according to the documentation it is a Software update and Remote Connector for Thinkpad -Software and therefore not a threat. I deinstalled it anyway. Dirk
This is part of the installed utilities from Comcast to assist in remote support. While it is harmless in itself, the people that have access to it... are another story. todd_beedy
Prevented my IBM from shutting down, thus remaining in "SAVINTG SETTINGS". Once I removed it from my system configuration start up settings i was able to shut down.
Now that the tgcmd module has finally arrived to my msdownloader and by reading these shared knowledge its simply just another "byref." avenger20x
This is Qwest DSL QuickCare, for my Qwest ISP service. It performs a lot of I/O to the hard drive. When I closed the "Qwest DSL QuickCare" icon in the system tray, tgcmd.exe disappeared from the task manager list of running processes. MikeB

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