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Process name: SNMP Service or Servicio SNMP

Product: Microsoft SNMP

Company: Microsoft (microsoft.com)

File: snmp.exe

The standard agent SNMP service for Microsoft Windows, snmp.exe is a background process that runs and manages your network status automatically. Simple Network Management Protocol manages any device attached to your computer, be it wired or wireless. Since Windows 7, the SNMP agent has been replaced by Windows Remote Management.www.neuber.com/taskmanager/process/snmp.exe.html 
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All comments about snmp.exe:
Microsoft SNMP Agent is a kind of proxy Alex
Its all gd God
SNMP means Simple Network Management Protocol.  See also: Link synt
"Simple Management Network Protocol" Management and Monitoring Tool under Windows Components usually used on Domains and company networks to keep track of company PC's, and PC information. Anthony
File snmp.exe is the Microsoft SNMP Agent service that allows you to configure and manage the SNMP (Simple Network Managament Protocol) compliant equipement in the network.  See also: Link Hercimer
When snmp.exe is active in my WinXP computer, the CPU runs at 100% and remains so, even if no application is active. To avoid overheating, I stop it without any apparent negative consequences. It seems suspicious to me. Aggrieved
there is a loophole through windows firewall when this is corte_rojo_del_pelo
You can install or remove this process by using the adding or remove windows componants part of add remove programs its in there somewhere you will have to look Dave 'Haggis' Haysom
this is a program from windows, u can remove it by going into control panel -- add remove windows components -- select management and monitoring tools -- press details and uncheck the single network management protocol box. im not sure what this file do but im testing.. i can see some improvement in the internet connection but im not sure Rivit
SNMP is a protocol for remotely administrating a computer's network behavior. Unless your computer is being remotely administrated, there is no reason to have this agent running. I would suggest disabling it.  See also: Link Mythobeast
Like any other network service, the greatest danger is not knowing how to, or just not configuring it properly. Link to Microsoft MSDN  See also: Link D
error throw during patches installation.
SNMP.exe means SNMP  See also: Link BGBLLS
SNMP.exe is Simple Network Management Protocol, and shouldn't be shut down, especially if you're on a network. Rooney
Windows system file  See also: Link John Aiya
An executable file is not used for the Simple Management Network Protocol, it is built into TCP/IP and does not require an excution by Windows. It is a rouge file. darthvader!
SNMP process. If used with raidserv.exe it can cause high CPU loads. Possible workaround is disable SNMP in Raid Manager  See also: Link Jeffrey Jones
management & monitors tools for microsoft.Not needed.Click start-all programs and go to accessories-across to-system tools then to disc cleanup.-More options and remome tick to fully stop. cacti
It always runs on startup and takes all my CPU!! Bad program, I end its task without a negative effect though.. Mike
I just found how to disable it... It is not removable since it is a Windows executable file. You can disable it by following these steps: 1. Go to Control Panel 2. Go to Administrative Tools 3. Go Services 4. In Extended Tab there is the SNMP Service and SNMP Trap Service... You have to disable them both. 5. Right Click on the Task (SNMP Service)and go Properties. 6. In General Tab go in Start up type and do Disable. 7. Press ok and close. Hope This Is Helpful. Emma
useful exe ravi

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