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Process name: Vimicro

Product: BIGDOG

Company: Vimicro (vimicro.com)

File: vm303_sti.exe

A set of drivers for Vimicro webcams, this application detects and installs the correct driver for your Vimicro webcam. Associated with the Vimicro BigDog software, every Vimicro webcam is supported by this file. Upon installation, the anytime the webcam is plugged in or turned on, the BigDog camera application starts automatically. Founded in China in 1999, Vimicro was started by a group of Chinese engineers who worked in Silicon Valley.www.neuber.com/taskmanager/process/vm303_sti.exe.html 
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All comments about vm303_sti.exe:
probably just some software of my web cam. it appeard after installing the driver. Wei Long
Is ran under the USB WebCAM i bought Kevin Jones
It highjacked my browser Carlos Ayala
Part of a webcam installation. - C:\WINDOWS\VM303_STI.EXE VIMICRO USB PC Camera (ZC0301PLH) Ryan
Seems to be a file from a Webcam program. L.Kwisthout
from A4 tech webcam morbid angel
Driver for Vimicro USB webcam  See also: Link smr
i agree, web cam antonyclark
anyway it takes lots of system resources YK SONG
Some kind of driver or software for webcam. In bad cases takes up to 95% of CPU time. Ali
webcam malware bran kop
I think it has something to do with webcam or PCI RAID controller card... noticed it after I installed both. However once my system goes into screen saver mode, can't get back to desktop normally and when I do VM303_STI is taking up 99 percent of processor time. Shutting it down from processes tree doesn't really effect my system that much. Haven't been able to trace its purpose and or utility. Asif Attique
Its the driver for my webby but its suppiciosuly called bigdog303 on msconfig
it hogs CPU using 99% at all times i banned process and computer faster and ebcam still works
this is a webcam installation from an a4tech usb camera Roque Maneja
It came with my webcam, but uses a lot of CPU ressources even thou my webcam is not connected? Torben Rudgaard
It only causes problems when my Webcam is unplugged - took me ages to figure out what it was Henry
VI Micro Camera Driver Watcher (TSR) Blueeyedchinese
Driver for Chinese-brand 'Vimicro' USB Webcam. Fred
Is part of WebCam installation Geo
Comes with ViMicro USB PC Camera Player One
This is still image capture interface for ZC0301PLH camera. When this small program is runing I cant have access to other USB webcams. A. Remizov
It is related to USB cam, my cam works fine, but that starts with window and report error, and after that the report crash. But my cam works fine. Goran
It is part of virtual machine for Kinstone web camera
When editing videos this file sometimes locks up cpu to 99% and consumes up to 300 MB memory. I dont know if that is a bug but it happens more often than not
Yep, cheapo webcam app Gregorious I
if you have a Leadtek Winfast TV2000XP Expert TV tuner, you may get the error "Cannot preview video stream". See the site I've listed or remove the file from startup.  See also: Link Mark Lewis
i think it indeed is dangerous... and i sure it comes from webcam... in my case too it came from USB webcam called PC camera. sameer rajimwale
I delited it and now I have no disturbing error window coming on screen alex
Comes with webcam, takes up resources of pc - therefore lags it. Bugs some applications Focius
A4 tech webcam here djaydino
The tool crashes at booting up Windows XP. Chris
from A4 tech webcam, locks up cpu to 50%, I blocked them. pipipi314
Because of this file my TV Tunner does not work! It may be a webcam driver process but I have to kill it before watching TV. nelusan
A4 tech webcam Kenneth
Came with a Webcam, Apparently its required to use it but i've been hearing things about it. I think it might be smarter just to get a webcam that doesnt give you a potentially adware/spyware application. (Also when i boot up my webcam which is now not working theres weird classical music playing for about 1-4 minutes) Donny
THE FIX !!! It's a TSR proccess called VM303_STI that is launched at startup belonging to A4 tech webcam. To stop it: start menu - run - type "msconfig" (ok) - goto Startup - search for "VM303_STI" - uncheck it - ok - restart - all done king
I haven't installed any web camera on my PC, but vm303_sti.exe is running on my PC somehow. silver
windows 7 - crashed hard drives and lags all time - Uninstall it or find better driver if it is fixed
It is web cam SW (I got this error message after installing Logitech WebCam)

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